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Film and filming ideas


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Film and filming ideas

  2. 2. INITIAL IDEAS • We want to create a thriller/suspense and our aim is to create the best thriller ever done by a A2 student. We believe that our idea is completely different, exciting and has lots of twists and turns. • PLOT SUMMARY: • A woman breaks up with her obsessed husband and he suddenly vanishes. Ten years later his back on a cat and mouse game to haunt the past. • PLOT KEYWORDS: obsessed, hunt, vanish, break, husband, game, haunt, past, ten years, back, • GENRE: Thriller, Suspense • ICONOGRHAPY WITHIN THE GENRE • doors, windows, mirrors, night, knife, lights, phone, blood, trapped, binoculars, teddy bear, roses, presents, the past , presents, chain.
  3. 3. SYNOPSIS • A young woman is living an any ordinary life with the perfect husband and a dream daughter with any ordinary dreams in a small town in London. She has finally moved on from her last husband ten years ago and has now had a fresh start with her new family, who moved house and has now settled in a small quite town. • But things will start to get from good to worse for her and her family as the last thing she want is suddenly back to haunt the past and make her life a misery. The unwanted guest starts spying on her, torments her life and watches every move she makes. He then gives her an ultimatum of reuniting with him again or his going to kill her husband and child.
  4. 4. LOCATION • Houses (typical thriller as most scenes are set in a house e.g.. 'The Stepfather'), Alleyways (highlight the sense of danger and isolation) ,City and Country side ( to evoke the atmosphere of isolation) • High Barnet, London Bridge (may represent the city), Brent Cross ( alleyways for more darker scenes which also adds loneliness), Heath (the trees and grass adds to the sense of isolation) • The typical setting of a thriller is in an urban area and sometimes in a quite country villages. Generally the main colours used would be subtle but mainly grey, black ( if set in a city, showing how mundane and normal life is) and white to emphasize the helplessness and innocence of the first character introduced. Blue represents someone has or is going to die and red is subtly used to warn and symbolize danger and violence. • We want to consider and incorporate the above points in our film.
  5. 5. COSTUMES & PROPS • Typically, the colours and style of clothing worn by the characters draw parallels to their personalities: Villains (antagonists) appear to wear black or dark colours whilst protagonists (hero or innocent characters) appear to wear white or pastel colours highlighting their vulnerability and innocence. • Sarah Hill /Protagonist: will wear white or orange to show her happiness as she just had a new family and started fresh. • Seth Payne the Villain/Antagonist: wears dark clothes like black, blue and burgundy or brown and a special chain that his wife gave her. • Nigel Coward the husband: smartly dressed showing his wealth and implying his a serious man • Lucy the daughter: Bright happy young girl who wears colourful clothes showing youth and innocence • •
  6. 6. TITLE IDEAS AND TYPOGRAPHY • The Coming • The Visit • Unwanted • The Arrival • Overturn • Stranger In The House • The Man Who Arrived • Disturbed
  7. 7. FILMING TECHNIQUES: SOUND & EDITING • The trailer is going start slowly for at least 10 or 20 seconds and then an equilibrium will be broken and tension will rise matching the scene and near the end the trailer gathers more speed and therefore increasing the amount of cuts into fast cuts. This is typical of a thriller trailer. • We want orchestral music at the start of the trailer ( slow) then gathers pace building tension near the end.
  8. 8. FILMING TECHNIQUES: SHOTS • Typically in a Thriller, the camera shots are either steady (dialogue) or move around a lot ( action scene is taking place) • More camera movements are also used to show a sense of vulnerability and or something bad or wrong has happened – increasing the suspense. • CLOSE UP – to highlight the characters expressions and emotions • MEDIUM CU – Shows characters body languages • LONG SHOT – generally shows the killer or antagonist watching or spying • PANNING – chase scenes and centre of action • HIGH/LOW ANGLE – differitantes characters statuses
  9. 9. FILMING TECHNIQUES: LIGHTING • Often in a thriller, the lighting is dim and hides parts of the environment or the characters, which makes the audience think that there's more to the character ( split- personality) • If the antagonist is shown then generally they’re shown in low light, emphasizing its mystery or suspense. • The trailer will begin at day time and bright then after the equilibrium is broken, things will get darker.