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Element we insluded


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Published in: Education
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Element we insluded

  1. 1. Stella putting on make-up, May be insecure, or image conscious, Like many teenagers living in this current society Elements that we included to attract our audience We included teenage relationship and the conflict that teens may have regarding their friendship. All the protagonist in our Video are teenagers therefore Our video is more likely to attract teens We included the ‘X-box’ game console this means that the male audience can relate to ‘’Kareem & Jamal’’ All these elements in which we included may relate to the target audience therefore are more likely to attract them hence they may want to watch the whole of our movie. Additionally we had earlier done some research on our target audience and what genres/movies they enjoy most and why, this helped us interact with them and gave us an insight of what they enjoy watching and we can therefore include that in our opening.