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This explores the themes and conventions of a film poster
'Shutter island'

Published in: Education
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  2. 2.
  3. 3. Primary graphics<br /><ul><li>There's a extreme close-up of DiCaprio’s face which is faded and blended onto the background and darkness ; only showing half of his face with his left side shadowed and this is shown with the light of the match ( the only clear colour of the poster which instantly catches the viewers eye) being on the right side of his face implying his mysterious and may have something to hide.
  4. 4. His facial expression builds lots of tension – he seems frightened but confused and concerned at the same time which might suggest some of the synopsis already and may link to the genre of psychological and mystery thriller because it is about the mind, emotion and feelings.</li></li></ul><li>Secondary graphics<br /><ul><li>The first thing the viewers notice is the picture of the island with mysterious white glows around it highlighting its importance. Also it is in sharper focus than other pictures again highlighting its importance and clearly matches the title ‘Island’
  5. 5. The island is created out of montages of different photos juxtaposed together. This implies a brief insight of the synopsis of the film signifying the themes of investigation, puzzle or secrets that needs to be solved or discovered</li></li></ul><li>Titles and Typography<br /><ul><li>The director, Martin Scorsese is mentioned who also directed the hit crime thriller ‘The Departed’ so already the film has a audience and interest.
  6. 6. Also the main star, Leonardo DiCaprio is promoted with his name on big bold bright white which stands out from the dark background. He is used as a USP ( unique selling point)
  7. 7. The main title of the film, is in bold red font connoting blood and danger. In addition, in terms of graphics the font looks like its faded or eroded implying old secret or treasure and there’s subtle blood smears again connoting violence. Red is a typical thriller film colour used in majority of thrillers.
  8. 8. Finally, the tagline ‘someone is missing’ is so simple and short yet so powerful and also reveals some insight to the synopsis.</li>