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Creds for linked in v2

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 1.0ABOUT
  3. 3. 46 world wide locations – Middle East, Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe Now an international organisation with offices in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, we lead the way in supporting worldwide technical and engineering talent and we work with an enviable network of clients. To date we have places 58 different nationalities across 62 different
  4. 4. Over 30 years experience in finding talent for leading energy, life science, infrastructure and technology companies We know how important people are to a business. We understand what’s needed to match highly skilled technical and engineering candidates with some of the largest organisations and engineering projects around the globe. We have supplied talent to the energy, infrastructure, life sciences and IT sectors for over 30 years and we’re incredibly proud of our reputation and
  5. 5. Over 400 industry and discipline trained consultants People are the lifeblood of our business. Our experts - recruiters, managers, leaders and specialists in their field - have been contributing to the success of NES Global Talent for more than 30 years. Whether theyre consultants building relationships with candidates and clients in their region or commercial, HR, security or payroll professionals, our people share the desire to be the best at what they
  6. 6. Search and Selection and Managed Services for Permanent, Contractor and Executive placements Whether you need 25 contractors in Angola, an excellent permanent director in Australia or you want to outsource the management of staffing an entire project in Singapore, NES Global Talent have the industry experience to support
  7. 7. Employer Branding services for clients Your business is driven by your people. HR teams must attract and retain great talent. Act now to strengthen your employer brand and contact us if you need help to do so. We can survey how your brand is perceived internally with your people and externally with potential talent. We can take this and shape a recommendation to strengthen your brand appeal for
  8. 8. Full assignment support for contractors – visas, travel, payroll and security We provide all payroll services and we offer payroll guarantees. We are passionate about fiscal compliance. We offer our talent access to tax advice, and we ensure that they comply with the relevant tax and employment
  9. 9. A global database of 400,000 candidates We look after some of the most talented and experienced ONES in this industry. Many have over 20 years experience across a breadth of disciplines. To date, we have mobilised over 58 different nationalities across 62 different countries. A total of 12,000 separate mobilisations
  10. 10. Awards and accreditations Highly commended for the Best Founder member of the Isoqar 9001 Winner of the Queen’s Member of APSCo International Recruitment REC (the Recruitment Quality Assured Award for Enterprise, 2007 (Association of Agency at the Recruiter and Emplyment Professional Staffing Awards for Excellence 2010 Confederation) Companies)Presenter’s
  11. 11. 2.0SOME OF OUR CANDIDATESWE’RE PROUD TO s glob altale
  12. 12. Some of the people we’re proud to represent Exploration GeologistsSubsea Engineer Mechanical Engineers Project Managers Structural Engineers Geoscientist HSE Cost Controllers Chemical
  13. 13. Some of the people we’re proud to represent “From the moment I stepped into the exploration industry I had a plan – chance will always favour the prepared mind.” Senior Drilling Supervisor, NES Global
  14. 14. Some of the people we’re proud to represent “Professional success is delivering a quality product safely and on time” Welding and Fabrication Engineer, NES Global
  16. 16. Wherever our clients and contractors need supportwe are therePhysical presence in 46 locations with over 400 staff deployed worldwide Globalisation and a reduction of international barriers means that we’re more dependent than ever before on our worldwide network of offices and business relationships. We aim to act in way that reflects this global mind-set so that, wherever our candidates are based, they have access to local and international
  17. 17. Permanent Solutions Finding permanent staff for your business requires a completely different mind-set than filling contract vacancies. That’s why we have specialist permanent consultants globally working on your vacancies. Our permanent consultants invest time into building strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients and they work at all levels – from graduate entrants to the market to project directors – and across all disciplines. An example: “In Sept 2010 we spotted an opportunity to design a bespoke solution for Baker Hughes in Iraq to supply and payroll expats as well as local Iraqi Nationals. Our ability to respond quickly with a credible solution led to us being awarded the contract with the result being over 100 contractors in Iraq.” Mike Chapman, Solutions Director, NES Global
  18. 18. Contract PlacementsWe’ve been working with technical, engineering and energy companies for more than 30 years andhave supported contract requirements since we were established.From sub-sea engineers in Western Australia and chemical engineers in the UK to project managers inSingapore, to project managers in Singapore and IT support staff in the Middle East; our global officeinfrastructure ensures we can help find and mobilise the right candidate at the right
  19. 19. Executive Search and SelectionWhether you’re looking for board, director or senior level appointments, you’ll need a comprehensiveheadhunting strategy, co-ordinated by reliable executive search and selection consultants who willuncover the hidden gems in the market.Our specialist team’s simple eight-stage headhunting methodology means you save time, gainexpertise and reduce
  20. 20. Managed ServicesHR teams are being stretched to the limit, so a managed recruitment service is often a welcome reliefto them. Managed services mean that our consultants become an integral part of your HR function –with a total focus on recruitment. We send a member of our workforce to your business. They becomepart of your internal HR team and they focus on hiring people. They advertise your vacancies, sourceCVs and headhunt, review and filter applications, create candidate shortlists and support you with yourongoing labour requirements. This helps to improve quality, save time and reduce
  21. 21. Mobilisation & security of candidates before, duringand post projectThings going wrong on movement and travel can have a massive impact. It is important to the smoothintegration of candidates into projects to get them up and running that we look after all the details thatcan determine retention as well as attraction to
  22. 22. “First six months in country canbe quite tough – that’s when weneed support”Mustang Contractor, NES Global Talent,
  23. 23. End to end quality people managementOur goal is the most effective identification, initiation and integration of people into your projects
  24. 24. 4.0OUR
  25. 25.
  26. 26. “We are better positioned to representclients and candidates because ourimpressive client portfolio sees us asthe preferred vendor to many of theworld’s largest operating andengineering clients.”Kenny Davies, Regional Director,
  27. 27. "A consultative approach with bothclients and candidates is imperativeto a successful placement. Theidentification, attraction and retentionof talent is what we do best.”Ian Hargrave, Regional Director,
  28. 28. "We work with some of the worldslargest companies, on some of theworlds most interesting projects,and genuinely make a difference tothe world that we live in – both nowand in the future.“Simon Coton, Managing
  29. 29. 5.0OUR CLIENTS AND OURPROMISE TO s glob altale
  30. 30. Some of our clients:Notes & quotes are Notes and quotes appearwritten in 12pt, regular, in s glob altale 30
  31. 31. Our Guarantees Placement guarantee for hiring managers We offer permanent placement guarantees that can be tailored to your business in case things don’t work out. No placement. No fee. If we don’t find you a candidate, you won’t be charged a fee. Full salary rebate. If in the first three months the candidate doesnt work out, we give a full salary rebate. We will replace this individual free of charge and we will refund our clients the full salary and all fee-related costs incurred. Payroll guarantee We have introduced a payroll guarantee to give our contractors peace of mind when they work with s glob altale
  32. 32. Our Promise: Guaranteed staffing solutions, engineered from the global talent pool by discipline specific s glob altale
  33. 33. “There has never been a timewhen our industry so needsoutstanding talent”Rex Tillerson, CEO, Exxon s glob altale
  34. 34. THANK