TeenLife Washington, DC: 2011-2012 School Year Edition


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TeenLife Washington, DC: 2011-2012 School Year Edition

  1. 1. Metro DC 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR EDITION Options for Teens to Study Away from Home Spotlight on Sports Things to Do this Year A T E E N L I F E M E D I A P U B L I C AT I O N W W W. T E E N L I F E . C O MFREE
  2. 2. Finally! A resourcefor families with teens. Not little kids. Teens. Find meaningful programs, services, and opportunities for students, in grades 7-12. Independent Day & Boarding Schools Semester Schools Overnight Summer Programs Gap Year Programs College Admissions Resources Activities, Events, and Volunteer Opportunities Join at TeenLife.com. It’s free!BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN TEENS
  3. 3. Introducing theTeenLife Metro DC: School Year EditionThe only free comprehensive resource of its kind. e know that area In addition, we take a deep dive into the parents and teens, like benefits of sports and where students can find you, are just getting exactly what they are looking for in terms of fulfill- back into the swing of things. By ing activities. Yes, you can think beyond your alma now students have gotten their mater for fun! Look for a full list of options at supplies and classroom assign- www.TeenLife.com/metrodc.ments, but may still be anxious about the start ofschool, their academic goals for the year, and about We also have a student profile featuring a localwhat activities or sports they might pursue. teen highlighting how her past summer internship shaped what she may want to study in college. But trust me, as a parent of two teens (now both incollege), everything quickly falls into place. Especially, I encourage you to frequent our site—andwhen you have a trusted resource like TeenLife on read our printed and digital guides, blogs, andyour side. newsletters on a regular basis—as TeenLife continually adds new content and resources to Whether its an after school club, a sport outside make your job as a parent or student easier.of school, or volunteer group that suits your interests,our goal at TeenLife is to provide information and We have lots of fresh ideas brewing. And ifideas on what students can do to complement their you can believe it, we are already working onstudies all year long. There are hundreds of summer programs for next year!opportunities in and around Washington, DC alone. In this guide—TeenLife Metro DC: School YearEdition—you’ll find a feature about the different Marie Schwartz, President & Founderoptions for residential schooling, including semester TeenLife Media, LLCschools and study abroad programs, that parents andstudents may want to consider.
  4. 4. open house sunday, november 6, 2011 2:30 to 5 p.m. 7303 River Road | Bethesda, MD 20817 www.holton-arms.edu Inspiring young women to lead lives of positive influenceolton_open_house_2011_teen_life.indd 1 8/24/2011 3:48:17 PM Check out HOLTON-ARMS SCHOOL welcomes more than 600 WWW.TEENLIFE.COM students from as many as 50 different countries. See ad on this page and listing on page 17. for information on: Summer and TEENLIFE METRO DC: Gap Year Programs 2011-2012 School Year Edition Community Service PUBLISHED BY TeenLife Media, LLC 1330 Beacon St., Suite 268 College Admissions Brookline, MA 02446 www.teenlife.com Copyright © 2011 by TeenLife Media, LLC, Independent Schools Brookline, Massachusetts Published by TeenLife Media, LLC, Brookline, Massachusetts Jobs & Internships V.P., Marketing and Business Development: Cara Ferragamo Murray Managing Editor: Camille Heidebrecht Graphic Design: Kathryn Tilton TeenLife Local LIMIT OF LIABILITY This publication, produced by TeenLife Media (TL), is intended as a general guide only. While this guide contains articles with general advice, readers are advised to obtain independent advice, undertake their own investigations, obtain references, and come to their own conclusions before making any commitments. TL is not familiar with all of the businesses and institutions listed, and is therefore not responsible for the accuracy of any description, or for mistakes, errors or omissions. TL is not responsible for any costs, damages, or other matters that occur as a result of reliance on the material contained herein. The opinions expressed herein BRINGING are not necessarily those of TL. OUT THE BEST Trademarks: TeenLife Media, LLC and related trade dress are trademarks IN TEENS or registered trademarks of TeenLife and/or its affiliates in the United States and may not be used without written permission.
  5. 5. Table of Contents 36 SPORTS & FITNESS 4 HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SCHOOLING AWAY FROM HOME? 36 Archery 36 Baseball 40 Lacrosse 40 Martial Arts 8 37 Basketball 40 Multi-sport FOR LOVE OF THE GAME 37 Cheerleading 40 Sailing 37 Fencing 40 Soccer 37 Fitness10 STUDENT PROFILE 41 Swimming Caitlin Montgomery shares what inspired 37 Gymnastics 41 Tennis her most during her summer internship. 39 Horseback Riding 42 10 THINGS YOU AND YOUR TEEN11 SHOULD DO THIS SCHOOL YEAR TUTORING & TEST PREP12 PRIVATE SCHOOLS 12 Day Schools 22 Boarding School 43 VACATION WEEK CAMPS 44 22 Semester Schools ABOUT TEENLIFE: Find out more about what we offer and how to register on our site.24 INDEPENDENT ADVISORS 24 College 29 Financial 29 Gap Year 46 TEENLIFE.COM: A Resource for Families with Teens 29 Secondary School 47 29 Summer Program INDEX 47 Advertisers29 CLASSES & INSTRUCTION 29 Academic – Enrichment 29 Academic – Language Arts 47 Listings by Name 30 Animals/Nature 33 Jewish Culture 30 Computers & Technology 33 Language 30 Cooking & Baking 33 Leadership Training 30 Dance 33 Music 32 Driving 35 Sewing 32 Interfaith Relations 35 Theatre Arts 32 Internships 35 Visual Arts
  6. 6. Have you consideredschooling away from home?Residential and Study Abroad Programs for Teens in High School. by Hilary Dobel igh school is a wonderful time to expand your horizons, but most students stick close to home. However, with an increasing number of educational programs offering residential and travel options, teens today can learn and grow by studying away from home before ever setting foot on a college campus. Boarding schools, semester schools, study abroad programs, and post-graduate years provide an exciting range of academic and geographic options, from exotic homestays in Vietnam to traditional boarding programs all across the United States. TRADITIONAL BOARDING SCHOOLS Students can attend traditional board- ing schools as early as fourth grade, though most start in sixth or ninth. David Grossman, a graduate of Philips Exeter who went on to attend Princeton University, remembers be- ing attracted by the idea of boarding because he loved “being able to bond with my friends every night all summer long” at camp. This Teens experiencing high school at sea with dorm-like experience ended up being his OCEAN CLASSROOM. See listing page 23. favorite thing about Exeter. Grossman also
  7. 7. cites the Harkness Plan, which employed an intimate and STUDY ABROADrigorous classroom style of very small, discussion-based Study abroad programs are also increasingly popular, andclasses “with no ‘back row’ in which to hide.” Indeed, some schools even have their own exchange programs.many students have noted the rigor of boarding academ- Noble and Greenough School, a Boston-area day and board-ics. A recent graduate of Groton School says that her ing school, runs its own travel and experiential learningfriends who attended day school had “more carefree” programs in locations as diverse as New Orleans and Viet-lives, but she continues to be grateful for the “fantastic nam. The school also encourages students to travel, and thepressure cooker” of boarding life: “It’s an amazingly website notes that ten to fifteen students study off-campusvaluable experience to have had, the certainty that...I for a year or semester annually. In Philadelphia, the Friends’can handle just about anything.” Boarding is a wonderful Central School offers exchanges every other year “to Madridoption for students with learning differences, too; there and Paris, over spring break for about two weeks,” saysare many programs that specialize in preparing students Assistant Director of Admission Ross Trachtenberg. Studentswith dyslexia or ADD/ADHD for the return to traditional in the Latin program can also go on “an archaeological trip”classrooms. For more information on accredited boarding to Italy. Such programs aren’t just about personal enrich-schools, check out The Association of Boarding Schools at ment, though. Melissa Brown, Director of Global Education atwww.boardingschools.com. the Holton-Arms School outside Washington, DC, notes that Boarding School is an amazingly valuable experience to have had. I now know that I can handle just about anything.SEMESTER SCHOOLS “educating [our students] about global cultures, environ- Semester schools give students the chance to get ments, economies, and political systems both inside anda taste of boarding life for a single academic term, com- outside the classroom” through travel will help to fostermonly during a student’s junior year. These programs are “lasting relationships and mutual understanding” amongalso great for special interests; students who don’t have different countries.the opportunity to pursue their passions in traditional day As with semester programs, summer study abroad offers aschools might appreciate these specialized programs. fantastic opportunity for foreign language immersion, as wellOcean Classroom, for example, is an experiential educa- as community service and a chance for a unique encoun-tion program that takes place at sea! The Oxbow School, ter with another nation’s culture. Some involve a studentmeanwhile, has an arts focus, while others emphasize exchange, where American students live with families incommunity service or politics. Many semester schools another country, while others are based around institutions,take advantage of the natural beauty of their surround- usually secondary schools or universities abroad.ings to offer an environmental bent with lots of time spent For students who can’t get enough world travel, Schooloutdoors. International semester schools are also avail- Year Abroad, founded at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA,able, often with a chance for intensive study of a language is a one-of-a-kind program that allows American studentsor cultural immersion. And there’s no need to worry about to spend their junior or senior year of high school in China,falling behind in a student’s regular studies. These pro- France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, or Japan. Like semestergrams are designed for students currently enrolled in schools, School Year Abroad matches up with standardday or public schools and generally match the standard high school curricula, so students don’t fall behind in theirhigh school curriculum. For more information go to coursework during their exciting explorations.www.semesterschools.net. TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 5
  8. 8. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED SCHOOLING AWAY FROM HOME? POST-GRADUATE YEAR benefit from an extra year to improve their study habits or to prepare themselves for the intensity of college academics. The post-graduate or “PG” year may be the least familiar of these options. Many boarding (and some private day) schools offer an additional year of study Studying away from home can be a great experience for a for students who’ve graduated from high school but, wide variety of teens. Students who want an exciting change for whatever reason, feel the need for additional time of pace will appreciate being in a new place with new people. before college. Athletes or those pursuing admis- Those who might be more independent-minded or who want sion to an extremely competitive university may need to become more independent will learn to care for themselves an extra year to bolster their resume or improve and set their own schedules. And students seeking a unique and academic performance to become more attractive often demanding preparation for college will enjoy more time candidates. Others might have had a successful high and space to focus on their academics. Residential programs school career but feel emotionally unprepared for col- aren’t for everyone, but for some students, they can make all the lege due to their own maturity level or to a traumatic difference in the world. event such as illness or a death in the family. In these cases, a PG year is a chance for them to live away For more information about any of these program types, from home in a safe, well-monitored environment visit TeenLife.com to see extensive listings of boarding schools, before taking the next step. As with boarding schools, semester schools, study abroad programs, and PG years all students with ADD or learning differences may also across the United States and the world. Now in its third year, the Global Education program at6 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 HOLTON-ARMS SCHOOL includes an immersion trip to countries such as Costa Rica, India, Spain, or Senegal. See ad on page 2 and listing on page 17.
  9. 9. Finally… a resource for families with teens.Not babies. Not little kids. Teens.Register now and get these free member benefits: • Full access to thousands of local, national and international listings • A monthly newsletter featuring an upcoming calendar and articles tailored to families with teens • Special offers from our partners • Access to “Teen Help-Wanted” listingsTeenLife features activities that families with teens care about, including: Summer Community Gap Year College Independent Jobs & Local Programs Service Programs Admissions Schools Internships Resources www.teenlife.comREGISTER NOW! GO TO WWW.TEENLIFE.COM AND CLICK ON “REGISTER.”
  10. 10. For Love of the Game by Hilary Dobel he benefits of participating in a sport are numerous. A report from Iowa State University shows that many student-athletes display superior time-management and orga- nizational skills, as well as a lower incidence of depressive symptoms. Women and girls who play sports demonstrate higher levels of self- esteem and well-being. Sports can offer teens a healthy attitude towards competition, self- discipline, and personal achievement, as well as a unique camaraderie with their teammates. As students get older and sports become more competitive, sometimes a day comes when a player’s skill set doesn’t match up with the expectations of a school’s team. It can be tough to realize that not everyone gets to be an all-star, but fortunately there are plenty of options to continue pursuing sports outside of school. Students don’t have to be starters on the varsity squad to keep playing the sports they love. There are so many opportunities to stay with their favorite sport in settings outside of school, that everyone can pursue some form of athletics. Holton-Arms offers fifteen different sports, many at the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school levels. See ad on page 2. Listing on page 17.8 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  11. 11. As we’ve said, participating in athletics is incred- Team sports aren’t everyone’s thing—and that’s ok.ibly beneficial—physically, emotionally, and mentally. To Some students might prefer an activity that’s a little morecontinue reaping those rewards, teens can check out their solitary, or maybe they just aren’t into competition. Theylocal parks and recreation website; many cities offer a can pick and choose the aspects of athletics that they dohuge array of teams for all ages and skill levels. Joining enjoy to find an activity that’s right for them. Prefer notthese teams is free or reasonably priced, and they often to compete? Try dance, weightlifting, or yoga. Or, take uppractice and play close to home. skating, running, or swimming, which can be done solo or as part of a team. For students who like to compete but prefer things one-on-one, tennis, golf, skiing, or martial If busy students want something less formal, many arts might be a good fit. Everyone can still experience thegyms and community centers host casual pickup games, physical and mental benefits of the activity, not to mentionwhich are great if a teen’s schedule is too packed for a great personal habits that last a lifetime.bigger commitment. Another way to stay involved with afavorite sport is to coach a kids’ team—teens get to keeptheir skills sharp, and they get the satisfaction of helping Any teen can find a way toothers and sharing their passion. It’s a completely differ- approach his sport in a wayent way to experience the game! that makes sense for his lifestyle and priorities. Of course, making the team is the least of their There are also great options for teens that just aren’tconcerns if their school doesn’t offer the sport they want feeling this whole sports business. Lots of different socialto play. If their school doesn’t offer water polo or a swim activities can give them that great sense of community ateam, for example, check with the local pool. The same team provides. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts aren’t just forgoes for ice hockey and skating rinks. Private club teams kids—high school students can participate in scoutingare great options, too. Although they cost money, clubs until they’re eighteen. Youth groups at a local communityprovide opportunities for travel and exciting tournaments. center or place of worship are also great places to hangMany of them run during the summer, too, which is great out and make new friends. Signing up for a recurringif teens want to be able to play year-round. community service obligation can also introduce teens to other students who share their interests. And at school, For other students, the big question is what kind of there’s everything from writing for the newspaper totime they want to spend on athletics. For some, part of auditioning for plays.the fun is playing at the very highest level of skill andcompetition possible—which can require a tremendous What matters most is that teens are enrichingamount of dedication. Many scholar-athletes find, though, themselves with new experiences and forming friendshipsthat the fun of the sport itself and the social aspect of that’ll last for many years to come.spending time with the team are what make it worthwhile.Any teen can find a way to approach his sport in a way thatmakes sense for his lifestyle and priorities. If a school’sfield hockey team is legendarily cutthroat, a student witha more laid-back personality might prefer a similar sportwith a less-intense team, like track or soccer. TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 9
  12. 12. STUDENT PROFILEIn Her Own WordsWhere did you do your summer internship? It sounds like you gained a tremendousI worked in a lab for nine weeks at the Uniformed Services amount of experience with this internship.University of the Health Sciences. It is located across from Can you expand?the National Institute of Health (NIH), which is an agency of I was actually surprised at the amount ofthe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. responsibility my mentor gave me this summer. I basically had my own experimentWhat were your responsibilities? where I wrote “protocols” (directions) and also took care of the mice I had to examine. I didI worked on one particular experiment—a novel animal not expect to do this much real work experi-model researching mild traumatic brain injury using high- ence with my internship. It was extremelyintensity focused ultra-sound (HIFU). Basically, I sliced interesting.brain tissue from mice that had been injured by HIFU thatmimicked a blast that soldiers might face in combat. Then,I performed a process called immunocytochemistry. After I What did you learn from it?stained the tissue with four different antibodies, I put it on My true experiment only took about 2-3 weeks,slides in order to view any inflammation of the brain tissue. and the rest of the time was spent perfectingI observed everything under a light microscope and took my processes. I learned that you have to bepictures for examination. patient while doing research work, because experiments are perpetual projects—and mis- takes are inevitable. I learned from them too.“ I know that I want to make a more direct impact on helping people. My What would you recommend to students when internship helped me figure that out. ” doing an internship? I would recommend them to ask as many questions as needed about the projects they are working on for clear direction and clarification. Plus students should write down all procedural steps and facts they learn in a notebook for reference purposes during and after their internship. How did this internship impact your career goals going into college and beyond? I used to think that I wanted to become a researcher. But after my internship I discovered that research involves a long process to get results. I think medical school might still be in the picture, but I know that I want to make a more direct impact on helping people. My internship helped me figure that out. CAITLIN MONTGOMERY Senior at Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD.
  13. 13. Things You and Your Teen Should Do This School YearTHE BUCKET LIST FOR TEENS THE BUCKET LIST FOR PARENTSHeadgear Headgear 1. Be a role model 1. Be a mentor Lend your knowledge to help someone else. Guide your student to academic and personal success. 2. Get a job Make some money, and learn some skills. 2. Network with colleaguesHeadgear Talk to everyone who might need interns. 3. Volunteer Headgear Spend some time on a cause you like. 3. Join the causeHeadgear Two volunteers are better than one. 4. Learn a new skill Headgear Glass blowing or martial arts? Try a new hobby. 4. Encourage your child to try something new 5. Freshen up your resume Could fencing or water polo be their new sport? Keep it updated with all that’s new.Headgear 5. Edit their resume 6. Camp out with your friends Always useful to take a peek. Bond with classmates outside of class. 6. Camp out with your kids 7. Start your own blog Its a fun bonding experience. Share your personal experiences with other teens. 7. Blog for a teen-parenting site 8. Spread the word about TeenLife It’s nice to share parent perspective. Join our Student Advisory Board at www.teenlife.com/studentadvisoryboard 8. Spread the word about TeenLifeHeadgear Join our Parent Advisory Board at 9. Make a collage www.teenlife.com/parentadvisoryboard Doc the year with memories and friends. 9. Make a photo album 10. Check everything Create long-lasting memories. off this list! 10. Check everything off this list! TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 11
  14. 14. Schools, Activities, and Advisors for Metro DC TeensWashington DC offers so many great resources and opportunities for active parents andteens in this area—many of which are featured in this edition of TeenLife Metro DC. Asyou scroll through its pages, you’ll find a plethora of information on everything fromafter-school and vacation-week programs to specialized advisors and tutoring services. PRIVATE SCHOOLS Day Schools THE BARNESVILLE SCHOOL 21830 Peach Tree Road Barnesville, MD 20838 ACADEMY OF THE HOLY CROSS (301) 972-0341 4920 Strathmore Avenue www.barnesvilleschool.org Kensington, MD 20895 (301) 942-2100 www.academyoftheholycross.org THE BARRIE SCHOOL 13500 Layhill Road Silver Spring, MD 20906 ALEXANDRIA COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL (301) 576-2800 2400 Russell Road www.barrie.org Alexandria, VA 22301 (703) 548-4804 www.acdsnet.org THE BOYS LATIN SCHOOL OF MARYLAND 822 West Lake Avenue Baltimore, MD 21210 (410) 377-4312 www.boyslatinmd.com12 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  15. 15. PRIVATE SCHOOLSBROADWATER ACADEMY THE CALVERTON SCHOOL3500 Broadwater Road 300 Calverton School RoadP.O. Box 546 Huntingtown, MD 20639Exmore, VA 23350 (410) 535-0216(757) 442-9041 x125 www.calvertonschool.orgwww.broadwateracademy.org CAPE HENRY COLLEGIATE SCHOOLBROWNE ACADEMY 1320 Mill Dam Road5917 Telegraph Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454Alexandria, VA 22310 (757) 963-8205(703) 960-7325 www.capehenrycollegiate.orgwww.browneacademy.orgTHE BRYN MAWR SCHOOL109 West Melrose AvenueBaltimore, MD 21210(410) 323-8800www.brynmawrschool.orgBULLIS SCHOOL10601 Falls RoadPotomac, MD 2www.bullis.orgBURGUNDY FARM COUNTRYDAY SCHOOL3700 Burgundy RoadAlexandria, VA 22303(703) 960-3431www.burgundyfarm.orgBUTLER SCHOOL15951 Germantown RoadDarnestown, MD 20874(301) 977-6600www.butlerschool.org Student conducting research with OCEAN CLASSROOM. See listing page 23. TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 13
  16. 16. PRIVATE SCHOOLS COASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLS students in the field collect samples on Quadrants Beach, ME. See listing and ad on page 23. CHELSEA SCHOOL 711 Pershing Drive Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301) 585-1430 www.chelseaschool.edu CAPITOL HILL DAY SCHOOL 210 South Carolina Avenue SE CHESAPEAKE BAY ACADEMY Washington, DC 20003 821 Baker Road (205) 547-2244 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 www.chds.org (757) 497-6200 www.cba-va.org CHARLES E. SMITH JEWISH DAY SCHOOL 1901 East Jefferson Street CHRIST EPISCOPAL SCHOOL Rockville, MD 20852 109 South Washington Street (301) 881-1400 Rockville, MD 20850 www.cesjds.org (301) 424-6550 www.ces-rockville.org14 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  17. 17. PRIVATE SCHOOLSCOMMONWEALTH ACADEMY FREDERICKSBURG ACADEMY1321 Leslie Avenue 10800 Academy DriveAlexandria, VA 22301 Fredericksburg, VA 22408(703) 548-6912 (540) 898-0020 x221www.CommonwealthAcademy.org www.fredericksburgacademy.orgCONGRESSIONAL SCHOOLS OF VIRGINIA FRENCH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL3229 Sleepy Hollow Road 9600 Forest RoadFalls Church, VA 22042 Bethesda, MD 20814(703) 533-9711 (301) 530-8260www.congressionalschools.org www.rochambeau.orgCONNELLY SCHOOL OF THE HOLY CHILD FRIENDS MEETING SCHOOL9029 Bradley Boulevard 3232 Green Valley RoadPotomac, MD 20854 Ijamsville, MD 21754(301) 365-0955 (301) 798-0288www.holychild.org www.friendsmeetingschool.orgDEMATHA CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS SCHOOL OF BALTIMORE4313 Madison Street 5114 North Charles StreetHyattsville, MD 20781 Baltimore, MD 21210(240) 764-2200 (410) 649-3200www.dematha.org www.friendsbalt.orgEDMUND BURKE SCHOOL GEORGETOWN DAY SCHOOL4101 Connecticut Avenue NW 4530 MacArthur Boulevard NWWashington, DC 20008 Washington, DC 20007(202) 362-8882 (202) 274-3200www.eburke.org www.gds.orgTHE FIELD SCHOOL GEORGETOWN VISITATION2301 Foxhall Road NW PREPARATORY SCHOOLWashington, DC 20007 1524 35th Street NW(202) 295-5800 Washington, DC 20007www.fieldschool.org (202) 337-3350 www.visi.orgFLINT HILL SCHOOL3320 Jermatown Road GERMAN SCHOOL WASHINGTON, D.C.Oakton, VA 22124 8617 Chateau Drive(703) 584-2300 Potomac, MD 20854www.flinthill.org (301) 365-4400 www.dswashington.org TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 15
  18. 18. PRIVATE SCHOOLS Students enjoy campus life at HOLTON-ARMS SCHOOL. See ad on page 2 and listing on opposite page. GESHER JEWISH DAY SCHOOL OF GRACE EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL NORTHERN VIRGINIA 9411 Connecticut Avenue 4700 Shirley Gate Road Kensington, MD 20895 Fairfax, VA 22030(703) 978-2668 (301) 949-5860 www.gesher-jds.org www.geds.org GILMAN SCHOOL GREEN ACRES SCHOOL 5407 Roland Avenue 11701 Danville Drive Baltimore, MD 21210 Rockville, MD 20852 (410) 323-3800 (301) 881-4100 www.gilman.edu www.greenacres.org GLENELG COUNTRY SCHOOL GREEN HEDGES SCHOOL 12793 Folly Quarter Road 415 Windover Avenue NW Ellicott City, MD 21042 Vienna, VA 22180 (410) 531-8600 (703) 938-8323 www.glenelg.org www.greenhedges.org GONZAGA COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY 19 Eye Street NW 739 Academy Lane Washington, DC 20001 Newport News, VA 23602 (202) 336-7100 (757) 884-9150 www.gonzaga.org www.hra.org16 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  19. 19. PRIVATE SCHOOLSTHE HEIGHTS SCHOOL KATHERINE THOMAS SCHOOL10400 Seven Locks Road 9975 Medical Center DrivePotomac, MD 20854 Rockville, MD 20850(301) 365-4300 (301) 738-9691www.heights.edu www.ttlc.orgHIGHLAND SCHOOL THE KEY SCHOOL597 Broadview Avenue 534 Hillsmere DriveWarrenton, VA 20186 Annapolis, MD 21403(540) 878-2700 (410) 263-9231www.highlandschool.org www.keyschool.orgTHE HILL SCHOOL THE KINGSBURY DAY SCHOOL130 South Madison Street 5000 14th Street NWMiddleburg, VA 20118 Washington, DC 20011(540) 687-5897 (202) 722-5555www.thehillschool.org www.kingsbury.orgHOLTON-ARMS SCHOOL LAB SCHOOL OF WASHINGTONFounded in 1901, Holton-Arms is a college-preparatory 4759 Reservoir Road NWschool for girls grades three through 12 dedicated to the Washington, DC 20007“education not only of the mind, but of the soul and spirit.” (202) 965-6600The school provides rigorous, dynamic programs in www.labschool.orgtraditional academic areas, fine and performing arts,and athletics—and inspires THE LAB SCHOOL OF WASHINGTONLocation(s): Bethesda, Maryland 4759 Reservoir Road NWContact: Sharron Rodgers, Washington, DC 20007Director of Enrollment and Marketing (202) 965-6600Phone: (301) 365-6013 www.labschool.orgEmail: admit@holton-arms.eduAddress: 7303 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817Website: www.holton-arms.edu LANDON SCHOOL 6101 Wilson Lane Bethesda, MD 20817INDIAN CREEK SCHOOL (301) 320-32001130 Anne Chambris Way www.landon.netCrownsville, MD 21032(410) 849-5153www.indiancreekschool.com THE LANGLEY SCHOOL 1411 Balls Hill Road McLean, VA 22101JEMICY SCHOOL (703) 356-192011 Celadon Road www.langleyschool.orgOwings Mills, MD 21117(410) 653-2700www.jemicyschool.org TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 17
  20. 20. PRIVATE SCHOOLS LOUDOUN COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL MCLEAN SCHOOL OF MARYLAND 20600 Red Cedar Drive 8224 Lochinver Lane Leesburg, VA 20175 Potomac, MD 20854 (703) 777-3841 (301) 299-1639 www.lcds.org www.mcleanschool.org NANSEMOND-SUFFOLK ACADEMY MARET SCHOOL 3373 Pruden Boulevard 3000 Cathedral Avenue NW Suffolk, VA 23434 Washington, DC 20008 (757) 539-8789 x3339 (202) 939-8800 www.nsacademy.org www.maret.org NATIONAL CATHEDRAL SCHOOL MARYVALE PREPARATORY SCHOOL 3612 Woodley Road NW 11300 Falls Road Washington, DC 20016 Brooklandville, MD 21022 (202) 537-6300 (410) 252-3366 www.ncs.cathedral.org www.maryvale.com MATER DEI SCHOOL Year-round sports, drama and musical 9600 Seven Locks Road programs foster friendships across all Bethesda, MD 20817 grade levels at OAKCREST SCHOOL. (301) 365-2700 See listing on page 19. www.materdeischool.net18 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  21. 21. PRIVATE SCHOOLSTHE NEW COMMUNITY SCHOOL NOTRE DAME ACADEMY4211 Hermitage Road 35321 Notre Dame LaneRichmond, VA 23227 Middleburg, VA 20117(804) 266-2494 (540) 687-5581www.tncs.org www.middleburgacademy.orgNEW HOPE ACADEMY NOTRE DAME PREPARATORY SCHOOL7009 Varnum Street 815 Hampton LaneLandover Hills, MD 20784 Towson, MD 21286(301) 459-7311 (410) 825-6202 x1004www.newhopeacademy.org www.notredameprep.comTHE NORA SCHOOL OAKCREST SCHOOL955 Sligo Avenue 850 Balls Hill RoadSilver Spring, MD 20910 McLean, VA 22101(301) 495-6672 (703) 790-5450www.nora-school.org www.oakcrest.orgNORFOLK ACADEMY OAKWOOD SCHOOL1585 Wesleyan Drive 7210 Braddock RoadNorfolk, VA 23502 Annandale, VA 22003(757) 461-6236 (703) 941-4186www.norfolkacademy.org www.oakwoodschool.comNORFOLK COLLEGIATE SCHOOL THE PARK SCHOOL OF BALTIMORE7336 Granby Street P.O. Box 8200Norfolk, VA 23505 Brooklandville, MD 21022(757) 480-2885 (410) 339-7070www.norfolkcollegiate.org www.parkschool.netNORTH CROSS SCHOOL PARKMONT SCHOOL4254 Colonial Avenue 4842 16th Street NWRoanoke, VA 24018 Washington, DC 20011(540) 989-6641 (202) 726-0740www.northcross.org www.parkmont.orgNORWOOD SCHOOL PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL8821 River Road 10675 Fairfax BoulevardBethesda, MD 20817 Fairfax, VA 22030(301) 365-2595 (703) 352-0925www.norwoodschool.org www.paulvi.net TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 19
  22. 22. PRIVATE SCHOOLS THE POTOMAC SCHOOL SEVERN SCHOOL 1301 Potomac School Road 201 Water Street McLean, VA 22101 Severna Park, MD 21146 (703) 356-4101 (410) 647-7700 www.potomacschool.org www.severnschool.com QUEEN ANNE SCHOOL SHERIDAN SCHOOL 14111 Oak Grove Road 4400 36th Street NW Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Washington, DC 20008 (301) 249-5000 (202) 362-7900 www.queenanne.org www.sheridanschool.org RICHARD MILBURN HIGH SCHOOL, INC. SIDWELL FRIENDS SCHOOL 5265 Providence Road, Suite 502 3825 Wisconsin Avenue NW Virginia Beach, VA 23464 Washington, DC 20016 (757) 467-6800 (202) 537-8100 www.milburnschools.org/articles/ www.sidwell.edu richard_milburn_high_school THE SIENA SCHOOL ROLAND PARK COUNTRY SCHOOL 9727 Georgia Avenue 5204 Roland Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 Baltimore, MD 21210 (301) 592-0567 (410) 323-5500 www.thesienaschool.org www.rpcs.org ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL SCHOOL THE SALISBURY SCHOOL 8804 Postoak Road 6279 Hobbs Road Potomac, MD 20854 Salisbury, MD 21804 (301) 983-5200 (410) 742-9875 www.saes.org www.thesalisburyschool.org ST. ANSELMS ABBEY SCHOOL SANFORD SCHOOL 4501 South Dakota Avenue NE 6900 Lancaster Pike Washington, DC 20017 Hockessin, DE 19707 (202) 269-2350 (302) 239-5263 x260 www.saintanselms.org www.sanfordschool.org ST. CATHERINES SCHOOL 6001 Grove Avenue Richmond, VA 23226 (804) 288-2804 x3051 www.st.catherines.org20 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  23. 23. PRIVATE SCHOOLSST. CHRISTOPHERS SCHOOL THE STEWARD SCHOOL711 Saint Christophers Road 11600 Gayton RoadRichmond, VA 23226 Richmond, VA 23238(804) 282-3185 x5310 (804) 740-3394www.stchristophers.com www.stewardschool.orgST. JOHNS COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL STONE RIDGE SCHOOL OF THE SACRED HEART2607 Military Road NW 9101 Rockville PikeWashington, DC 20015 Bethesda, MD 20814(202) 363-2316 (301) 657-4322www.stjohns-chs.org www.stoneridgeschool.orgST. JOHNS EPISCOPAL SCHOOL TANDEM FRIENDS SCHOOL3427 Olney-Laytonsville Road 279 Tandem LaneOlney, MD 20832 Charlottesville, VA 22902(301) 774-6804 (434) 296-1303www.stjes.com www.tandemfs.orgST. PATRICKS EPISCOPAL DAY SCHOOL THE TATNALL SCHOOL4700 Whitehaven Parkway NW 1501 Barley Mill RoadWashington, DC 20007 Wilmington, DE 19807(202) 342-2805 (302) 892-4333www.stpatsdc.org www.tatnall.orgST. PAULS SCHOOL FOR BOYS TOWER HILL SCHOOL11152 Falls Road 2813 West 17th StreetBrooklandville, MD 21022 Wilmington, DE 19806(410) 825-4400 (302) 575-0550www.stpaulsschool.org www.towerhill.orgST. PAULS SCHOOL FOR GIRLS VIRGINIA BEACH FRIENDS SCHOOL11232 Falls Road 1537 Laskin RoadBrooklandville, MD 21022 Virginia Beach, VA 23451(410) 823-6323 (757) 428-7534www.spsfg.org www.friends-school.orgST. STEPHENS & ST. AGNES SCHOOL WAKEFIELD SCHOOL400 Fontaine Street 4439 Old Tavern RoadAlexandria, VA 22302 The Plains, VA 20198(703) 751-2700 (540) 253-7500www.sssas.org www.wakefieldschool.org TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 21
  24. 24. PRIVATE SCHOOLS WASHINGTON EPISCOPAL SCHOOL WORCESTER PREPARATORY SCHOOL 5600 Little Falls Parkway P. O. Box 1006 Bethesda, MD 20816 Berlin, MD 21811 (301) 652-7878 (410) 641-3575 www.w-e-s.org www.worcesterprep.org WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL 3100 Macomb Street NW Boarding School Washington, DC 20008 (202) 243-1800 www.wis.edu RIVERSIDE MILITARY ACADEMY (RMA) For over 100 years, Riverside Military Academy has WASHINGTON JESUIT ACADEMY produced young men of purpose, integrity, and char- 900 Varnum Street NE acter. RMA is easily accessible and located one hour Washington, DC 20017 north of Atlanta’s International Airport. (202) 832-7679 Location(s): Gainesville, Georgia www.wjacademy.org Phone: (800) 462-2338 Email: apply@riversidemilitary.com Address: 2001 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501 WASHINGTON MIDDLE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Website: www.riversidemilitary.com 2683 Douglass Road SE Washington, DC 20020 (202) 678-1113 www.washingtonmiddleschoolforgirls.org Semester Schools WASHINGTON WALDORF SCHOOL CENTER FOR CULTURAL INTERCHANGE: 4800 Sangamore Road HIGH SCHOOL ABROAD Bethesda, MD 20816 (301) 229-6107 A high school exchange program is an exciting www.washingtonwaldorf.org opportunity to experience life overseas. Participants live with host families and attend a local high school, living the life of a teen in their host country. Three- WESTMINSTER SCHOOL month, 3819 Gallows Road semester, and year-long programs are available. Annandale, VA 22003 Location(s): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, (703) 256-3620 Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, www.westminsterschool.com The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden Contact: Anna Kacyn THE WOODS ACADEMY Phone: (888) ABROAD1 (227-6231) 6801 Greentree Road Email: info@greenhearttravel.org Bethesda, MD 20817 Address: 746 North LaSalle Drive, (301) 365-3080 Chicago, IL 60654 www.woodsacademy.org Website: www.cci-exchange.org/travelabroad22 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  25. 25. PRIVATE SCHOOLSCONSERVE SCHOOL OCEAN CLASSROOM: DISCOVERYA semester-long immersion for high school HIGH SCHOOL SEMESTER AT SEAstudents in environmental studies and outdoor Visit new lands, gain new perspectives, build strengthactivities that deepens their love of nature, and confidence, make life-long friends, and help thereinforces their commitment to conservation, environment. Marine science, maritime history andand equips them to take meaningful action as literature, and applied math are taught as you sail aenvironmental stewards. schooner from Maine to the Caribbean.Location(s): Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin Location(s): Maine to the CaribbeanContact: Phil Delong Contact: Susan HodderPhone: (715) 547-1300 Phone: (207) 633-2750Email: admissions@conserveschool.org Email: agraham@oceanclassroom.orgAddress: 5400 North Black Oak Lake Road, Address: 1 Oak Street,Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540 Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538Website: www.conserveschool.org Website: www.oceanclassroom.orgCOASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLSCoastal Studies for Girls is the country’s firstresidential science and leadership semesterschool for 10th grade girls. Coastal Studiesgirls have a love for learning and discovery, anadventurous spirit, and a desire to challengethemselves.Location(s): Freeport, MaineContact: Whitney ConwayPhone: (207) 865-9700Email: whitney@coastalstudiesforgirls.orgAddress: 308 Wolfe’s Neck Road,Freeport, ME 04032Website: www.coastalstudiesforgirls.org Teens charting a new course canoing with COASTAL STUDIES FOR GIRLS. See listing this page. TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 23
  26. 26. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS AMG EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS INDEPENDENT ADVISORS Counseling in the college and placement field since 1988, Andrea Glovsky has successfully helped hun- dreds of students match their interests and abilities College to the most appropriate school. Andrea provides guidance to families in Massachusetts, the North- AHP EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING east, across the country, and around the world. AHP educational consultants are committed to Location(s): Prides Crossing, Massachusetts personalizing each student’s admissions process Contact: Andrea Glovsky through knowledgeable, hands-on guidance. They Phone: (978) 526-7809 help each student develop organizational and Skype: andrea.glovsky decision-making skills for a more rewarding Email: amglovsky@comcast.net admissions experience. Address: P.O. Box 44, Location(s): Sudbury, Massachusetts Prides Crossing, MA 01965 Contact: Timothy Lee Website: www.findingcolleges.com Phone: (978) 443-0055 Email: tlee@ahpnet.com Address: 490B Boston Post Road #200, Sudbury, MA 01776 Website: www.ahpeducationalconsulting.com Teen student gets one-on-one counseling from an independent advisor.24 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  27. 27. INDEPENDENT ADVISORSA SECOND OPINION COLLEGE BOUND11136 Rich Meadow Drive 128 M Street Northwest, Suite 220Great Falls, VA 22066 Washington, DC 20001(703) 406-8034 (202) 842-0858 www.collegebound.orgARTS ACCREDIT11250 Roger Bacon Drive. Suite 21 COLLEGE EXPLORATIONS, LLCReston, VA 20190 3101 Whimbrell Court(703) 437-0700 Oakton, VA 22124www.arts-accredit.org (703) 319-1232 www.collegeexplorations.comBALDWIN EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING4921 Tilden Street NW COLLEGEAPPLICATIONESSAYCOACH.COMWashington, DC 20016 Owner Mindy Pollack-Fusi works one-on-one with(202) 363-0513 students to coach them on their college applicationwww.jeanbaldwin.com essays in person and online. She helps students refine topics to best depict their unique strengths in their own passionate, polished voices.BASS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, LLC Location(s): Bedford, Massachusetts8304 Old Courthouse Road, Suite B Contact: Mindy Pollack-FusiVienna, VA 22182 Phone: (781) 275-7301(703) 462-9299 Email: mindy@theplaceforwords.comwww.basseducationalservices.com Address: The Place for Words & Workshops 200 Great Road, Suite 254A, Bedford, MA 01730CHERI BARAD EDUCATION CONSULTING Website: www.collegeapplicationessaycoach.comCheri Barad assists students navigate through thecomprehensive college admissions and matching pro- COLLEGE PLANNING SERVICE, INC.cess. One-on-one individualized, working with athletes, 6704 Pawtucket Roadinternational, learning issues, and transfers students. Bethesda, MD 20817“Finding the right match, not just admissions.” (301) 320-5311Location(s): Medfield, MassachusettsContact: Cheri BaradPhone: (508) 359-8889 COLLEGE PREP, INC.Email: gobridges@aol.com 8994 Fern Park DriveAddress: 425-1 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052 Burke, VA 22015Website: www.cheribarad.com (703) 425-7737 www.thecollegeprep.comCLARE ANDERSON CONSULTING, LLC7721 Curtis Street COLLEGE-BOUND CONSULTING, LLCChevy Chase, MD 20815 10217 Nolan Drive(202) 538-0520 Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 412-2518 www.college-bound.com TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 25
  28. 28. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS COLLEGEBOUND EQUALAPP 10224 Falls Road EqualApp is an affordable, online admissions coun- Potomac, MD 20854 seling program that connects families of high school (301) 765-7909 students with former college admissions and financial www.collegebound-md.com officers. Our counselors have helped hundreds of students get admitted to more than 125 colleges. CREATIVE COLLEGE CONNECTIONS Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts 16162 Garriland Drive Contact: Marc Zawel Leesburg, VA 20176 Phone: (855) 437-8252 (703) 597-7906 Email: marc@equalapp.com www.creativecollegeconnections.com Address: 711 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02111 Website: www.equalapp.com DUNBAR EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS, LLC Dunbar Educational Consultants helps students FAIRFAX PSYCHOLOGICAL AND maximize their strengths and present them in ways EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS that will make the difference. 10286 Johns Hollow Road Vienna, VA 22182 Location(s): Dedham, Massachusetts (703) 385-1777 Contact: Edward Bigelow Phone: (781) 329-1248 Email: nbigelow@dunbarconsultants.com GAIL H. ROSS Address: P.O. Box 248, Dedham, MA 02027 6128 Durbin Road Website: www.dunbarconsultants.com Bethesda, MD 20817 (301) 229-7005 DWELLWORKS LLC 7220 Minter Place JUDI ROBINOVITZ ASSOCIATES Takoma Park, MD 20912 EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING (202) 841-3298 Judi Robinovitz is a Certified Educational Planner www.dwellworks.com with 30+ years of experience in college counseling. Judi guides her students to develop an edge in college admissions, and more than 95% of them have been EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE SERVICE accepted to their top-choice colleges! 3006 Dent Place NW Washington, DC 20007 Contact: Judi Robinovitz (202) 342-1979 Phone: (561) 241-1610 Email: judi@scoreatthetop.com Address: 750 Park of Commerce Boulevard, Suite 120, ELLEN ARONIS HEARD, INC. Boca Raton, FL 33487 9909 Connecticut Avenue Website: www.scoreatthetop.com Kensington, MD 20895 (301) 946-1998 www.alternatives4teens.com KNOW YOUR OPTIONS 9691-B Main Street Fairfax, VA 22031 (703) 268-5886 www.knowyouroptions.net26 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  29. 29. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS KOSIEROWSKI EDUCATION GROUP MAJOR IN YOU Avoid feeling stressed, overwhelm or disorganiza- Jill helps teens who are anxious, confused, and tion. Keith is a Life Coach and Certified School overwhelmed become confident, organized, and Counselor. Specialties: reduce parent/family stress, successful in finding the right colleges. She offers ADHD, children, college admissions, student home individual and group coaching programs, workshops, organization, and anger. Complimentary print, and audio resources for teens and parents. consultations. Location(s): Airmont, New York Location(s): Hingham, Massachusetts Contact: Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D. Contact: Keith Kosierowski Phone: (877) 375-7412 or (201) 294-1828 Phone: (978) 239-2193 Email: jill@majorinyou.com Email: keithkos1@gmail.com Address: 40 Cragmere Road, Airmont, NY 10901 Address: 5 Craig Lane, Hingham, MA 02043 Website: www.majorinyou.com Website: www.gotomykeg.com ONE-ON-ONE COLLEGE CONSULTING LESLIE KENT CONSULTING One-on-One College Consulting works with 2713 Verily Court high-school students and families on the college Oakton, VA 22124 admissions process, offering services for both (703) 620-9297 individuals and groups. Our specialty area is www.lesliekentconsulting.com guiding student-athletes with the athletic- recruiting process. Location(s): Wakefield, Massachusetts LORI POTTS-DUPRE Contact: Kim Penney 8 Columbia Avenue Phone: (781) 246-4111 Takoma Park, MD 20912 Email: kimpenney@oneononecollegeconsulting.com (301) 908-4728 Address: 146 Lowell Street, Suite 300C-1, Wakefield, MA 01880 Website: www.oneononecollegeconsulting.com PATRICIA MURPHY ASSOCIATES 8724 Preston Place Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (301) 718-7790 POPP & ASSOCIATES, LLC Popp & Associates provides expert admissions guidance to college-bound students of all ages. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your college counseling needs. Location(s): Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Contact: Mindy Popp Phone: (781) 859-9116 Email: mpopp@poppandassociates.com Address: 354 Washington Street, Suite 225,Dance students attending an audition workshop Wellesley Hills, MA 02481hosted by THE ARTSBRIDGE. See listing on page 28. Website: www.poppandassociates.com
  30. 30. INDEPENDENT ADVISORS PORTFOLIOPREP START EARLY: COLLEGE & CAREER PortfolioPrep offers comprehensive college PLANNING SERVICE counseling services, specializing in providing 3816 Park Lake Drive young visual and performing artists with practical Rockville, MD 20853 info and creative mentorship to help them develop (301) 924-7027 the skills, knowledge and confidence to enter www.startearlycollege-careerplanning.com college programs. Location(s): New Fairfield, Connecticut TEDESCHI EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING, LLC Contact: Lorraine Serra 4701 Willard Avenue, Suite 227 Phone: (203) 746-0100 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Email: lorraine@portfolioprep.org (301) 951-0131 Address: 33 Dick Finn Road, Fairfield, CT 06182 www.pmtedcon.com Website: www.portfolioprep.org THE ARTSBRIDGE SCHOOL COUNSELING GROUP The ArtsBridge is an educational consulting 4725 MacArthur Boulevard Northwest firm specializing in helping high school and college Washington, DC 20007 transfer students in the performing arts navigate (202) 333-3530 through the unique college application and www.schoolcounseling.com audition process. Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts and SCHOOL SEARCH GROUP, LLC New York City, New York 502 Baltimore Avenue Contact: Jen Bewerse Towson, MD 21204 Phone: (855) 778-ARTS (2787) (410) 494-0209 Email: info@theartsedge.com www.schoolsearchgroup.com Address: 400 Hunnewell Street, Needham, MA 02494 Website: www.theartsedge.com STARR & CHAPMAN, INC. Starr & Chapman, Inc. is a full-service educational consulting company with over TOP COLLEGES 15 years of experience successfully placing 3554 Appleton Street, NW more than a thousand students at competitive Washington, DC 20008 colleges across the United States. (202) 986-9431 Location(s): Plymouth, Massachusetts www.topcolleges.com Contact: Christine Chapman Phone: (774) 413-7227 TOP TEST PREP Email: christine@starrandchapman.com 4301 East West Highway Address: 1073 Long Pond Road, Bethesda, MD 20814 Plymouth, MA 02360 (202) 386-6710 Website: www.starrandchapman.com www.toptestprep.com28 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  31. 31. CLASSES & INSTRUCTIONVINIK EDUCATIONAL PLACEMENT INDEPENDENT SCHOOL OPTIONSSERVICES, INC. 1015 North Quaker Lane6500 Seven Locks Road, Suite 218 Alexandria, VA 22302Cabin John, MD 20818 (703) 671-8316(301) 320-9711 www.independentschooloptions.comwww.vinikeps.com SCHOOL COUNSELING GROUPWALKER ADMISSIONS CONSULTING 4725 MacArthur Boulevard Northwest3453 Holmead Place Northwest, Suite B Washington, DC 20007Washington, DC 20010 (202) 333-3530(720) 881-7571 www.schoolcounseling.comwww.walkeradmissionsconsulting.com Summer ProgramFinancial ACA VIRGINIASMVP COLLEGE FUNDING (434) 996-9204MVP College Funding is dedicated to providing www.acavirginiascamps.orgyour family with the information and guidanceyou need to affordably send all of your studentsto their college of choice.Location(s): North Andover, Massachusetts CLASSES & INSTRUCTIONContact: Richard JosephPhone: (888) 315-5829Email: rjoseph@mvpcollegefunding.comAddress: 1600 Osgood Street, Suite 2-31, Academic - EnrichmentNorth Andover, MA 01845Website: www.mvpcollegefunding.net THE ENRICHMENT CENTERS: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS 6109 Broad Street Bethesda, MD 20815Gap Year Program (301) 229-8000 www.enrichmentcenters.comINTERN LADY1309 Emerson StreetWashington, DC 20011(202) 409-7441 Academic - Language Artswww.internlady.com THE WRITERS CENTER 4508 Walsh StreetSecondary School Bethesda, MD 20815 (301) 654-8664 www.writer.orgDUNBAR EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS4600 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Suite 223Washington, DC 20008(202) 364-8335www.dunbarconsultants.com TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 29
  32. 32. CLASSES & INSTRUCTION COOK Animals/Nature 44710 Cape Court, Suite 138 Ashburn, VA 20147 AUDUBON NATURALIST SOCIETY (703) 861-2387 8940 Jones Mill Road www.ssreg.com/cookisjoy Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (301) 652-9188 www.audubonnaturalist.org COOKOLOGY 21100 Dulles Town Circle Sterling, VA 20166 GLEN ECHO PARK (703) 433-1909 7300 MacArthur Boulevard www.ssreg.com/cookology Glen Echo, MD 20812 (301) 634-2222 www.glenechopark.org CULINAERIE 1131 Fourteenth Street Northwest Washington, DC 20005 NATURALIST CENTER (202) 587-5674 741 Miller Drive Southeast www.culinaerie.com Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 779-9713 www.mnh.si.edu/education/naturalistcenter.htm CULINARIA COOKING SCHOOL 110 Pleasant Street , NW Vienna, VA 22180 (703) 865-7920 Computers & Technology www.culinariacookingschool.com HEADFIRST GAMERS JUST CAKES 2440 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest 4849 Rugby Avenue Washington, DC 20007 Bethesda, MD 20814 (202) 625-1921 (301) 718-5111 www.headfirstgamers.com www.justcakes.com LACADEMIE DE CUISINE Cooking & Baking 5021 Wilson Lane Bethesda, MD 20814 CASA ITALIANA SCHOOL (301) 986-9490 595 Third Street Northwest www.lacademie.com Washington, DC 20001 (202) 638-1348 www.casaitalianaschool.org Dance ACADEMY OF THEATRICAL ARTS 1730 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20009 (202) 462-2266 www.dcdancelessons.com30 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  33. 33. CLASSES & INSTRUCTIONAMERICAN DANCE INSTITUTE CULKIN SCHOOL OF IRISH DANCE1570 East Jefferson Street P.O. Box 1866Rockville, MD 20852 Silver Spring, MD 20915(855) AM-DANCE (301) 593-9600www.americandance.org www.culkinschool.comBALLET ROYALE INSTITUTE DANCE ACADEMY OF LOUDOUNOF MARYLAND 705 East Market Street9147 D Red Branch Road Leesburg, VA 20176Columbia, MD 21045 (703) 443-1093(410) 997-8443 www.danceloudoun.comwww.balletroyale.com THE DANCE COMPANYBALLET TEATRO INTERNACIONAL 3131 Draper Drive1515 Fourteenth Street Northwest, Suite 200 Fairfax, VA 22031Washington, DC 20005 (703) 385-3535(202) 588-8282 www.thedancecompany.uswww.btidance.org DANCE FACTORYCAPITOL MOVEMENT, INC. 954 North Monroe Street315 G Street Southeast Arlington, VA 22201Washington, DC 20003 (703) 528-9770(240) 375-4505 www.dancefactory.comwww.capitolmovement.org DANCE PLACECITYDANCE 3225 8th Street, NE5301 Tuckerman Lane Washington, DC 20017North Bethesda, MD 20852 (202) 269-1600 x16(301) 581-5204 www.danceplace.orgwww.citydance.net DC DANCE COLLECTIVECLASSICAL BALLET THEATRE 4908 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest320 Victory Drive Washington, DC 20016Herndon, VA 20170 (202) 362-7244(703) 471-0750 www.dcdancecollective.comwww.cbtnva.org GLEN ECHO PARK:CONSERVATORY BALLET ACADEMY DANCE TECHNIQUE AND MOVEMENT2254-L Hunters Woods Plaza Road 7300 MacArthur BoulevardReston, VA 20191 Glen Echo, MD 20812(703) 860-4560 (301) 634-2222www.conservatoryballet.com www.glenechopark.org/dance-technique-movement-0 TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 31
  34. 34. CLASSES & INSTRUCTION JAMES SCHOOL OF DANCE ARTS 6723 Whittier Avenue Driving McLean, VA 22101 (703) 356-3800 HANKOOK DRIVING SCHOOL www.jsda-mclean.org 4320 Evergreen Lane Annandale, VA 22003 (703) 642-0121 JOY OF MOTION DANCE CENTER www.hankookdrivingschool.com 2201 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Suite C130 Washington, DC 20007 (202) 333-6801 POTOMAC DRIVING SCHOOL www.joyofmotion.org 1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 14 Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 984-6062 KIROV ACADEMY OF BALLET www.potomacdrivingschool.net 4301 Harewood Road Northeast Washington, DC 20017 (202) 832-1087 ROCK DRIVING SCHOOL www.kirovacademydc.org 430 Missouri Avenue Northwest, Suite 303 Washington, DC 20011 (202) 607-8367 MARYLAND YOUTH BALLET www.rockdrivingschool.com 926 Ellsworth Drive Silver Sping, MD 20910 (301) 608-2232 www.marylandyouthballet.org Interfaith Relations OPERATION UNDERSTANDING DC PERFECT POINTE DANCE STUDIO 3000 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Suite 335 2499 North Harrison Street, Suite LL1 Washington, DC 20008 Arlington, VA 22207 (202) 234-6832 (703) 533-8830 www.oudc.org www.perfectpointe.com POTOMAC DANCE CENTRE Internships 9812 Falls Road Potomac, MD 20854 URBAN ALLIANCE (301) 299-7504 1327 Fourteenth Street Northwest, Suite 200 www.potomacdancecentre.com Washington, DC 20005 (202) 459-4300 www.theurbanalliance.org THE WASHINGTON SCHOOL OF BALLET 3515 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20016 (202) 362-3606 www.washingtonballet.org32 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  35. 35. CLASSES & INSTRUCTIONJewish Culture Leadership TrainingB’NAI BRITH YOUTH ORGANIZATION: LATIN AMERICAN YOUTH CENTERJEWISH YOUTH LEADERSHIP NETWORK 1419 Columbia Road Northwest202 K Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009Washington, DC 20006 (202) 319-2225(202) 857-6633 www.layc-dc.orgwww.bbyo.org SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: LATINO CENTERLanguage 600 Maryland Avenue Southwest, Suite 7042 Washington, DC 20024 (202) 633-1240ALLIANCE FRANCAISE www.latino.si.edu2142 Wyoming Avenue NorthwestWashington, DC 20008(202) 234-7911www.francedc.org Music AMERICAN YOUTH PHILHARMONICBERLITZ LANGUAGE CENTER ORCHESTRA1 Thomas Circle Northwest 4026 Hummer RoadWashington, DC 20005 Annandale, VA 22003(202) 775-5863 (703) 642-8051www.berlitz.com www.aypo.orgGOETHE-INSTITUT CAPITOL HILL ARTS WORKSHOP812 Seventh Street Northwest 545 Seventh Street SoutheastWashington, DC 20001 Washington, DC 20003(202) 289-1200 (202) 547-6839www.goethe.de www.chaw.orgINTERNATIONAL CENTER THE CHILDRENS AND YOUTH CHOIRFOR LANGUAGE STUDIES OF CENTRAL VIRGINIA1133 Fifteenth Street Northwest, Suite 600 200 Boston AvenueWashington, DC 20005 Lynchburg, VA 24503(202) 639-8800 (434) 528-1138www.icls.com www.cantateva.orgINTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE INSTITUTE CHILDRENS CHORUS OF WASHINGTON1337 Connecticut Avenue Northwest 4626 Wisconsin Avenue NorthwestWashington, DC 20036 Washington, DC 20016(202) 362-2505 (202) 237-1005www.transemantics.com www.cchorus.homestead.com TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 33
  36. 36. CLASSES & INSTRUCTION DC YOUTH ORCHESTRA WASHINGTON CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC 1700 East Capitol Street Northeast 1 Westmoreland Circle Washington, DC 20003 Bethesda, MD 20816 (202) 723-1612 (301) 320-2770 www.dcyop.org www.washingtonconservatory.org INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC WASHINGTON YOUTH CHOIR 10450 Auto Park Avenue 733 Eighth Street Northwest Bethesda, MD 20817 Washington, DC 20001 (301) 365-5888 (202) 293-7508 www.ismw.org www.washingtonyouthchoir.org LEVINE SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2801 Upton Street Northwest Washington, DC 20008 (202) 686-8000 www.levineschool.org MCLEAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC 6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite L5 McLean, VA 22101 (703) 448-2743 www.mcleanmusic.com THE MUSIC SCHOOL AT JAMMIN JAVA 227 Maple Avenue Vienna, VA 22180 (703) 371-5618 www.themusicschoolonline.com MUSICAL EXPRESSIONS 10503 Redosier Court Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 530-7757 www.musicalexpressions.com OTTLEY MUSIC SCHOOL 6525 Belcrest Road, Building 3, Suite G-20 Hyattsville, MD 20782 (301) 454-0991 Dancers performing with THE WASHINGTON www.ottleymusic.org SCHOOL OF BALLET. See listing on page 32.34 | TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012
  37. 37. CLASSES & INSTRUCTION SHAKESPEARE THEATRESewing 516 Eighth Street Southeast Washington, DC 20003SEW SPECIAL STUDIO (202) 547-5688289 Garber Way www.shakespearetheatre.orgWoodbridge, VA 22192(703) 497-0384www.sewspecialstudio.com THE THEATRE LAB SCHOOL 733 Eighth Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001 (202) 824-0449Theatre Arts www.theatrelab.orgADVENTURE THEATRE WASHINGTON REVELS7300 MacArthur Boulevard 531 Dale DriveGlen Echo, MD 20812 Silver Spring, MD 20910(301) 634-2270 (301) 587-3835www.adventuretheatre.org www.revelsdc.orgARENA STAGE1101 Sixth Street Southwest Visual ArtsWashington, DC 20024(202) 554-9066 ARLINGTON ARTS CENTERwww.arenastage.org 3550 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 248-6800FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY: www.arlingtonartscenter.orgHIGH SCHOOL FELLOWS PROGRAM201 East Capitol Street SoutheastWashington, DC 20003 THE ART LEAGUE(202) 675-0395 105 North Union Streetwww.folger.edu Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 683-2323 www.theartleague.orgFOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY:SHAKESPEARES SISTERS201 East Capitol Street Southeast BLACK ROCK ARTS CENTERWashington, DC 20003 12901 Town Commons Drive(202) 675-0395 Germantown, MD 20874www.folger.edu (301) 528-2260 www.blackrockcenter.orgIMAGINATION STAGE4908 Auburn Avenue CENTER FOR THE ARTSBethesda, MD 20814 9419 Battle Street(301) 280-1660 Manassas, VA 20110www.imaginationstage.org (703) 330-2787 www.center-for-the-arts.org TEENLIFE METRO DC: SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 | 35