TeenLife 2011 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs


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This guide provides resources and information on many different overnight summer programs. Our guide can help teens and their families find an experience that matches their interests while helping build a stronger resume and college application.

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TeenLife 2011 Guide to Overnight Summer Programs

  1. 1. Finally… a resource for families with teens.Not babies. Not little kids. Teens.Register now and get these free member benefits: • Full access to thousands of local, national and international listings • A monthly newsletter featuring an upcoming calendar and articles tailored to families with teens • Special offers from our partners • Access to “Teen Help-Wanted” listingsTeenLife features activities that families with teens care about, including: Summer Community Gap Year College Independent Jobs & Local Programs Service Programs Admission Schools Internships Resources www.teenlife.comREGISTER NOW! GO TO WWW.TEENLIFE.COM AND CLICK ON “REGISTER.”
  2. 2. Maine Teen Camp is the premier overnight summer camp for teens. Elective program featuring: Rock Music | Tennis | Waterskiing | Wakeboarding Cooking | Creative Arts | Performance Arts Sports | Trips | Community Service and much more! !"#$$#%&()*+,-./0--,1/,&&#23 (456789 !"#$%&()"*"+,%-.%&/00% 1"22$#,%3,4(00,4%*256$2+% A FIVE WEEK RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM OFFERING: Pre-college experience Global Community College Counseling Over 60 challenging courses Historic New England Setting >?@A*#3/B1,,B (3+2<,1CA(@>?>@ DE?FEGDFGG@@ :::;*3+2<,1;,+0=&0--,1
  3. 3. entertaining student-tested unforgettable freedommonumental bliss fantastic epic best experience of my life excellent exhilarating enriching +,$&$-.)$!!&!"##$% fun friendships dynamite incredible indescribable phenomenal changing awesome amazinglearning parent-approved chillaction-packed laughter college creditsinteresting real insightful home !"##$%&())$*$ July 9 – August 13, 2011 www.udel.edu/summer-college
  4. 4. GET YOUR ADVENTURE ON! www.adv­bound.com Maine’s Finest Youth Adventures Whitewater Rafting Rock Climbing Ropes Course Canoe Trips Adventure Center 888.606.7238 | Caratunk, ME !"#$%&()$""*((((((((( Camp for Boys Bradford, VT Outdoor Sports, Vermont Crafts and Wilderness Trips for boys 9-16 Rock Climbing· Ropes Course Kayaking· Canoeing· Fly-Fishing· Fly- Tying· Survival· Woodwork· Blacksmith· Knifemaking· Leatherwork· Archery· Riflery· Fitness· Mt. Biking· Rafting· Orienteering· Backpack and Canoe Tripshttp://www.roaringbrookcamp.com 2/4/6 Week Sessions 800-832-4295 A fun and exciting outdoor Drs. Thayer and Candice Raines adventure
  5. 5. furmansummer scholarsexperience campus life, make friends, and havefun while learning from the bestSummer Scholars is a learning adventure where rising high school seniors and juniorsparticipate in classes and get a taste of college life on the Furman campus! Challengeyour mind with laboratory research, field trips, lectures, debates, and projects led bysome of Furman’s favorite professors.Classes for 2011 Summer Scholars include:Leadership Quest, Protest!, Mock Trial, Writing About Film, Theatre: Remember mein LIGHT!, Prehealth/Medical Career, Fit for Life, Graphic Design, Psychology, French,Japanese, Spanish, Scene Painting, Sustainability, and more.Two sessions: Sunday, July 10–16 and July 17–23, 2011Learn more about Summer Scholars online at www.engagefurman.com. Summer Scholars 3300 Poinsett Highway Greenville, SC 29613-5245
  6. 6. PROGRAMS & RESOURCESSTANFORD UNIVERSITY: HIGH SCHOOL HOLLINS UNIVERSITY: HOLLINSUMMERSUMMER COLLEGE PROGRAMA selective program for emerging scholars to take Hollinsummer, open to middle school and highStanford courses, earn course credit, and experience school girls, is full of fun and learning. You’ll takecollege life. This program for talented students will help two noncredit classes, live on campus with girls frombuild their confidence and enable them to develop all over the country, and enjoy a full program offriendships for a lifetime. extracurricular activities.Location(s): Stanford, California Location(s): Roanoke, VirginiaPhone: (650) 723-3109 Name: Nicole Johnson WilliamsEmail: summersession@stanford.edu Phone: (800) 456-9595Address: 482 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA 94305 Email: huadm@hollins.eduWebsite: www.summer.stanford.edu Address: P.O. Box 9707, Roanoke, VA 24020 Website: www.hollins.edu/summer programs/hollinsummerAcademic -College Experience JULIAN KRINSKY CAMPS & PROGRAMS (JKCP) JKCP boasts over 20 summer programs, whichBOSTON UNIVERSITY: SUMMER include tennis, golf, fitness, pre-college academicsCHALLENGE PROGRAM in multiple disciplines, arts, and enrichment, all onThe two-week Summer Challenge Program offers a college campuses, including the University ofpreview of college life and non-credit coursework in a Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford Colleges.residential setting. Students in the program concentrate Location(s): Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Philadelphia,on a high level of learning and achievement alongside all in Pennsylvaniatheir peers, without focusing on grades. Name: Julian KrinskyLocation(s): Boston, Massachusetts Phone: (866) TRY-JKCPName: Alexandra Adams Email: julian@jkcp.comPhone: (617) 353-1378 Address: 610 South Henderson Road,Email: buhssumr@bu.edu King of Prussia, PA 19406Address: 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Website: www.jkcp.comRoom 105, Boston, MA 02215Website: www.bu.edu/summer/high-school-programs NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY: COLLEGE PREP PROGRAMEMORY: PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM New academic challenges and the real collegeEmory’s summer Pre-College Program allows talented experience await, with over 300 Northwesternrising high school juniors and seniors to experience courses.Emory’s distinctive academic and residential community. Location(s): Evanston, IllinoisThe Pre-College experience can be transformational:both fun and academically focused. Phone: (847) 467-6703Location(s): Atlanta, Georgia Email: cpp@northwestern.eduName: Mollie Korski Address: 405 Church Street, Evanston, IL 60208Phone: (404) 727-0671 Website: www.scs.northwestern.edu/collegeprepEmail: summerprograms@emory.eduAddress: 637 Asbury Circle, 1st Floor, Trimble Hall,Atlanta, GA 30322Website: www.college.emory.edu/pre-college
  7. 7. C O S TA R I C A F R A N C E I R E L A N D I TA LY S PA I N INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AND STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS www.aspirebyapi.comHollinsummer 2011July 10-15, 2011Rising seventh-eighth gradersJuly 10-22, 2011Rising ninth-twelfth gradersStudents from all over the country will live on the Hollins campus inRoanoke, Virginia, take two noncredit classes, choose from seven sportsclinics and rock climbing, and enjoy other extracurricular activities. For more information: 800.456.9595 or 540.362.6401 www.hollins.edu/hollinsummer
  8. 8. !""#$%&"()*+,-!""#$%&"./%)"012112034-1567689"0 5-WEEK CREDIT PROGRAMS Animation Fiction & Magazine Writing Arts and Communication Film Writing Film Production Pre-College Programs Performance 5-WEEK STUDIO PROGRAMS Acting Studio Creative Writers Workshop Are you a high school student with a passion for Filmmakers Studio the arts or communication? Pursue your creative Musical Theatre Studio interests and develop your talents in a pre-college Stage Design Studio summer academic program at Emerson College. Studio Television Writing Five-, two-, and one-week programs and & Production summer institutes begin July 11, 2011. SUMMER INSTITUTES 2-Week Journalism Institute Apply early. Space is limited. 1-Week Political Communication- Leadership Institute Program Information/Applications: emerson.edu/ce Brochure Requests/Questions: Department of Professional Studies continuing@emerson.edu 120 Boylston Street facebook.com/ Boston, Massachusetts I 617-824-8280 emersonprecollegesummer
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
  10. 10. EUROPE • ASIA • AUSTRALIA • SOUTH AFRICA • FIJI • CENTRAL AMERICA • 13 to 18 year olds • 10 day to 8 weeks Starting at $2485 • Co-Ed COMMUNITY SERVICE CULTURAL EXPLORATION ADVENTURE LANGUAGE PROGRAMS The Only Teen Travel Program Featured on The Travel Channel WWW.TRAVELFORTEENS.COM • 1.888.457.4534 CHECK US OUT O! FACEBOOK A!D TWITTER TOO!
  11. 11. summer college SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTSExperience collegebefore you graduatefrom high school!Explore your inter-ests, sample collegemajors, build yourportfolio, and setyourself apart fromthe crowd of college GET THE EDGE!applicants! JULY 5 - AUGUST 12, 2011Summer College has something for everyonewith more than 50 credit and non-credit coursesto choose from! Attend for 2, 4, or 6 weeks. CALL 315-443-5000Visit www.summercollege.syr.edu/teenlife Follow Summer College on Facebook!
  12. 12. !"##$%$&!$()*&+*,(-&./".(& !"#$%&()$*+%#$%,$-./)0%1"$2("2)% 345)0#)$*)%,6"7#$2%8"*)9% 1#:)%,$-./)0%;(.(0)%<%="+%->%1#>)% % !01234&-567&#894&:4;<&+6==47>&+*,(-&./".(& !"#$%&$()*+, !
  13. 13. OPC$7&A207Q27&24<2M892B31)" -$./%0012-$%1$3,+222 3425$%!&26&78$+749 !!:%$2;<3&2=>?2@A3(,7A2/%)$++ !!B3($+<7CD2B3&1)3123&(2;<34$2-$%1$3,+ !!:7((02EA<%%02EA7&A2-$%1$3,+ !!/%0012/$(742FC47%&+ !!E++7%&+2G24%2H2IJ+27&2B&14< !!E),,$2E4)(92@#$%3(K2L$AD2M430923&(2EC37& !!F&07&2/%)$++K2EC$7&1D2E),,$23&(2N3002E++7%&+!!!"#$%!&"()*+),,$
  14. 14. Camp is the most exciting way to experience independence! Get ready for college and ready for life. Unparalleled programming awaits at New England’s summer camps: ADVENTURE SPECIALTY FOCUS SERVICE (from arts to white water rafting) TRIP & TRAVEL LEADERSHIP TRAINING SPORTS COUNSELOR-IN-TRAINING Use our to search for programs by age, specialty, session length, state, and much more!www.ACANEWENGLAND.org (781) 541-6080