2013 Guide to Gap Year Programs


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A comprehensive guide to gap year programs.

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2013 Guide to Gap Year Programs

  1. 1. G U I D E TO 2013 Gap Year PROGRAMSDebunking7 MYTHSof Gap YearProgramsA comprehensive guideto Gap Year Programs A T E E N L I F E M E D I A P U B L I C AT I O N
  3. 3. Presenting TeenLife’s2013 Guide to Gap Year Programs!The only free comprehensive resource of its kind. ollowing the rave reviews from parents, students, and educators about our past “gap guides,” my staff and I are proud to unveil our latest Guide to Gap Year Programs! Something exciting about this year’s edition is that it’s our first all-digital guide. This opens up a world of opportunities for discovering more about gap year programs. You will still find the same informative program listings, beautiful photography, and in-depth material. But with the new digital format, you can share all this information with friends and family by sending them a simple link to our guide. You’ll also have direct access to websites for gathering details about programs that catch your eye. Plus, all this invaluable information is at your fingertips no matter where you are, since our guide is available for your iPad, iPhone and Android. Ethan Knight is our guest writer this year, with his insightful article “The Gap Year— Boosting Higher Education Through Life Lessons” on page 16. He also helps separate fact from fiction with his informational piece, “Debunking the Myths of Gap Year Programs” on page 24. As the founder of The American Gap Association, we are excited to share his expert advice and knowledge. On pages 7 and 20, we have two students who share their very different gap year experiences with us. One participated in an academic program in Sweden, the other helped start youth groups in Nicaragua. Their inspiring stories highlight how taking a structured gap year program can shape future college plans and life goals. If you like what you see in this guide, there’s more on TeenLife.com! We list more than 300 gap and post-graduate year programs as well as expert advisors who can help you make a more informed decision about your gap year activities. We even have gap year articles on our blog! Be sure to register as a member of TeenLife to join the thousands of parents, students, educators, and advisors nationwide who enjoy hearing about unique opportunities for middle and high school students all year long. THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 1
  4. 4. Discover Civilisation with AHA ‘Incomparable to any other gap year’SES Discover Civilisation with AHA 2013 GUIDE TO ‘Incomparable to any other gap year’ GAP YEAR PROGRAMS COURSES AND CULTURAL EXCHANGES P U B L I SHE R Marie Schwartz, President & Founder What? ‘Inspiring journeys to London, Paris, and the length of Italy with expert tutors, seeing MA R K E TI N G and discussing many of the Where? Cities famous Cara Ferragamo Murray What? Inspiring journeys world’s greatest achievements in for Art, Music and Food: art, architecture and sculpture. Vice President of Marketing & Communications the length of Italy with London, Paris, Venice, Learn how these fit into the expert tutors, seeing and Verona, Florence, Siena, “I know that AHA has inspired me Camille Heidebrecht greater picture of of the world’s discussing many Western Naples, Rome, Sicily and more in such a short time than my Director of Marketing & Managing Editory Civilization and find like minded greatest achievements in art, Where? much more...Cities famous for 14 years at school and I will be friends as youand sculpture. architecture travel. Most art, music and food: Venice, making every effort tohas inspired me “I know that AHA return to Jon Blumenfeldeed. importantly,these funinto the more in such a short time than my Learn how have fit doing it. Why? DiscoveringSiena, Rome, Italy14 years atyears and toI try and Verona, Florence, art with for many Associate Manager, school and will be greater picture of Western AHA is an Sicily and many more... recapture the magic and glory ofto Naples, experience which When? 12 and find like making every effort to return Social Media & Member Marketing Civilization week semester will last you a lifetime. our time. I feel incredibly lucky Italy for many years and to try and course (London, Paris, Italy) minded friends as you travel. Why? Discovering art with to have had such a breathtaking of recapture the magic and glory Chris Connolly starting September 2013; experience and made such Most importantly, have fun AHA is an experience which our time. I feel incredibly lucky Marketing Associate six-week Italy Courses starting firm friends, both students and doing it. will last you a lifetime. to have had such a breathtaking November, January, April and tutors. I really feel that AHA is experience and made such August 2013; two-week Italy incomparable tobothother gap firm friends, any students and When? Four July and courses starting six week yeartutors.genuinely can’t think of and I I really feel that AHA is courses in November, January, A DV E R TI SI N G SA L E S August 2013. a better way to haveany other gap incomparable to spent mine.” April and August and two Student, Early ISummer Course 2012 of year and genuinely can’t think Stefanie Magner week courses in January, July a better way to have spent mine.” Director of Sales, stefanie@teenlife.com and August. mps Student, Early Summer Course 2012 Dina Creigerworld’s Account Director, dina@teenlife.com Ben Welbournupport Account Manager, ben@teenlife.com A RT H I S T O RY A B R O A D www.arthistoryabroad.com O P E R ATI O N S A RT H I S T O RY A B R O A D www.arthistoryabroad.com Maria Kieslich, Senior Director of Operations Alice Vaught, Lesli Amos, Customer Service l Art History Abroad Eye,Red House, 1 Lambseth Street, The l Tel: 01379www.arthistoryabroad.com Website: 871800 l Suffolk IP23 7AG l l Email: info@arthistoryabroad.com A R T & P R O D U CTI O N Kathryn Tilton, Designer Mozambique Namibia Nepal New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Rwanda Senegal Serbia and Montenegro Seychelles South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Swaziland Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Vanuatu Venezuala Vietnam Zambia Zimbabwe 11 PUBLISHED BY FRESH DESIGN • IMPROVED SEARCH • UPDATED CONTENT TeenLife Media, LLC 1330 Beacon St., Suite 268 Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 277-5120 Check out the new info@TeenLife.com www.TeenLife.com TeenLife.com. Copyright © 2012 by TeenLife Media, LLC Brookline, Massachusetts 2 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  5. 5. Table of Contents 4 GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 5 Academic 8 Adventure/Trips 10 Community Service 11 Environmental Conservation 11 Internship & Work Experience 12 Travel/Culture 15 Gap Year Advisor 7 STUDENT PROFILE Allie Donahue shares her exciting gap year experience starting youth groups in Nicaragua. 16 THE GAP YEAR PROGRAM— BOOSTING HIGHER EDUCATION THROUGH LIFE LESSONS Ethan Knight, founder of the American Gap Association, explains the benefits and rewards of taking a gap year. 20 ABOUT TEENLIFE Find out more about what we offer and how to register on our site. 22 STUDENT PROFILE Nikole Hampton explains how her An AFRICA CONSERVATION EXPERIENCE gap year gap year spent in Sweden fostered a student sings along with a baby baboon. See listing passion for international relations. on page 11, ad on page 25. 24 DEBUNKING THE MYTHS OF GAP YEAR PROGRAMS Ethan Knight turns fiction into fact with this informative piece on common 27 INDEX Featured Listings misconceptions about gap year programs. 28 CHECKLIST OF GAP YEARCover Photo: Gap year students with the INTERNATIONAL MUST-HAVESSCHOOL FOR EARTH STUDIES (ISES) are introduced to Things you shouldn’t forget whenSeppala Siberian Sleddogs in Western Québec. See listing traveling on a gap year.on page 11, ad on page 18. THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 3
  6. 6. Gap Year Programs A student traveling with LEAPNOW speaks to a Sadhu in India. See listing on page 15, ad on page 6. Once an anomaly in the world of education, taking a gap year has grown in popularity. Gap year programs provide students with the unique opportunity to learn valuable life lessons, engage in self-exploration, and in many instances develop a clearer direction for college studies. Often taken between high school and college, gap year programs challenge students through study, service, travel, and cultural exchange. Whether they have chosen a direction that is academic, special interest or travel-based, these programs teach through experience rather than in a typical classroom setting. The range of exploration is limitless. Students can experience different cultures first-hand, study community development or dive into environmental issues. They can learn how to be entrepreneurial, understand religion, or excel in sports, music or the arts. There are literally hundreds of gap year opportunities worldwide. Start your search with the comprehensive list of structured programs listed in this guide, then check out TeenLife.com for more!4 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  7. 7. GAP YEAR PROGRAMSAcademicCENTER FOR STUDY ABROAD (CSA)Since 1990, CSA has provided low cost studyabroad programs worldwide. Open to allstudents and adults. Earn high school credit(and college). Programs held at universitiesand institutes worldwide. Housing is providedin student residences, student apartments,hostels, and with local host families. Easy reg-istration and confirmation system. Quick con-firmation documents. Flexibility with program,housing, travel, and payment.Program Locations: Europe, Asia,Latin AmericaContact: Program DirectorPhone: (206) 583-8191E-mail: studycsa@aol.comAddress: 325 Washington Avenue S. #93Kent, WA, 98032  Website: www.centerforstudyabroad.com Request More InformationCLASS AFLOATClass Afloat offers young people a uniquejourney of education and personal discovery.For eight months, students live, study, travelthe world, participate in volunteer serviceprojects, and sail aboard the SS Sorlandet, a1927 square-rigged tall ship.Program Locations: 17 countries,20 ports of call on four continentsContact: Holly Clarke, Admissions AssociatePhone: (902) 634-1895E-mail: hclarke@classafloat.comAddress: 97 Kaulbach Street, P.O. Box 10,Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, B0J 2C0 CanadaWebsite: www.classafloat.com Request More InformationLEXIA GAP YEARLexia Gap Year students gain internationalexperience while earning college credit inBarcelona, Berlin, Paris, or Rome. Living withlocal residents, students learn a new language,travel on excursions, and get prepared forcollege. Students explore their future majorsby personalizing their study program.Program Locations: Barcelona, Berlin,Paris, RomeContact: Emilie SchmidtPhone: (671) 800-7954 / (617) 945-2621E-mail: eschmidt@lexiagapyear.org CLICK HERE TO SEARCHAddress: 25 Mount Auburn Street, Suite 100,Cambridge, MA 02138 TEENLIFE.COM FOR AN EXTENSIVEWebsite: www.lexiagapyear.org LIST OF GAP YEAR PROGRAMS. Request More Information THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 5
  8. 8. GAP YEAR PROGRAMSST. ANDREW’S SCHOOL YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING USA (YFU)St. Andrew’s is an independent college preparatory, boarding, YFU is a non-profit international exchange organizationand day school with a concentration of arts, academics, athletics, with partners in 64 countries. Since 1951, YFU has exem-and activities for students in grades 3 - 12 and postgraduate. plified excellence in high school exchange worldwide. YFULocated on a 100-acre campus, class sizes average 10 students brings 2,000 students to the U.S. and sends 400 U.S. teenswith a student-faculty ratio of 5:1. Students feel comfortable overseas. YFU offers traditional exchange, volunteering, orexploring, trying new things, and discovering who they are. university study for our Gap Year programming options.Program Location: Barrington, Rhode Island Program Locations: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil,Contact: R. Scott Telford, Director of Admissions Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland,Phone: (401) 246-1230 x3023 France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia,E-mail: stelford@standrews-ri.org     Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Rus-Address: 63 Federal Road, Barrington, RI 02806 sia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand,Website: www.standrews-ri.org Uruguay, Venezuela Contact: Admissions Request More Information Phone: (800) 833-6243 E-mail: admissions@yfu.org Address: 6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 100, Bethesda, MD 20817 Website: www.yfu-usa.org JOIN TEENLIFE.COM NOW! Request More Information6 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  9. 9. STUDENT PROFILE In Her Own WordsWhile spending 10 weeks in Nicaragua with theFoundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)before college, Allie Donahue developed youthgroups for at-risk children through grantfunding. During this time she gained a greaterunderstanding of a potential career path,a far-off country, and of herself.Why did you decide to participate in a gap semester?Although I’ve always loved school and worked really hard, Ifelt too burned-out to give college the attention it deserved.I wanted to be totally focused and present when in school.I also wanted to learn a new way to define success apartfrom my grades and test scores. My development work in ALLIE DONAHUENicaragua was certainly not measurable by numbers but by Freshman at Whitman College, Graduatemy dedication and project work that made an impact in the of St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregoncommunity. I realized that in real life the path to successisn’t always as clear as it is in school. “ IAND NOT MANY KIDS MY AGE GET TO COUNTRY MANAGED A PROJECT IN A FOREIGN DO THAT. ”Tell us about your placement. How has your gap year affected you personally?I chose a placement with public health, so I worked with My self-confidence has grown immensely. I managed athe Monimbo Health Center in Nicaragua. Each intern project in a foreign country and not many kids my age getis expected to develop his or her own small project with to do that. That makes me feel extremely powerful—anda mini-fund that all interns are given and then write a ready to handle many challenges later on in life.grant through FSD to support it. I won full funding inearly November 2012. What have you found to be the most exciting aspect of your gap year program?I chose to form two youth groups, one for girls and one for I’ve discovered that I really love doing developmentboys (both ages 14 to 19), in a small town outside of Masaya work. I enjoy the balance between the intellectual,called Pacayita. We held lectures about good health and at- like grant writing, and the daily interpersonal connectionrisk topics, planted and maintained a garden, and painted with people in a different culture. I’ve had an enormouslya community mural. By the time I left, there were about 20 fulfilling experience in Nicaragua and would love toboys and 10 girls. A Nicaraguan counterpart continues to be return to Latin America after college to do this samethe leader to ensure the project’s sustainability. sort of work.What skills have you developed in your work? Would you encourage other students to take part in aI’ve learned a ton about grant writing. If I write another gap year?grant, which I hope to do in the future, I now know how Absolutely. I am so much more confident, independent,thoughtful and detailed I need to be going into the process. and prepared to go to college and learn everything I can. THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 7
  10. 10. GAP YEAR PROGRAMS An ANAKE OUTDOOR SCHOOL student enjoys the sunshine while tracking mammals along the Pacific Coast near Reedsport, Oregon. See listing on page 8, ad on page 11.Adventure/TripsANAKE OUTDOOR SCHOOL HURRICANE ISLAND OUTWARD BOUND SCHOOLAt Anake Outdoor School you will experience nine months of in- For 50 years, we have taught in the planet’s wildest naturaldepth training in a powerful set of nature awareness and wilderness classrooms. Each semester course is an expedition travel-survival skills. You will develop a deep relationship with the natural ing through different terrains and often to different countries.world, a powerful connection with your learning community, and Students will thrive learning new skills around a challenginglearn an incredible amount about yourself. curriculum designed to cultivate leadership capacity, promote aProgram Location: Duvall, WA deeper self-awareness and discovery that there is more in themContact: Seb Barnett, Anake Outreach Coordinator than they know. 60- to 85-day courses offered year-round forPhone: (425) 681-2612 ages 18+. Scholarship and credit available.E-mail: seb@wildernessawareness.org Program Locations: Midcoast and Mountain regions of MaineAddress: 26425 NE Allen Street, Duvall, WA 98019 (spring/summer/fall), Florida Keys and Everglades (winter)Website: www.AnakeOutdoorSchool.org Contact: Debbie Murray, Director of Admissions Phone: (855) 802-0307 Request More Information E-mail: info@hiobs.org Address: 39 Mechanic Street, Suite 310, Camden, ME 04843 Website: www.hiobs.org Request More Information8 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  11. 11. Do great for others!Do good for yourself.FSD’s international programs have been called “the gold standard”by The Huffington Post. Our internships in 10 global sites allow you to learn aboutthe world—and about yourself.Live with a host family, and you do more than experience a community:you become part of it. Plus, you’ll gain valuable skills in program design,budgeting, and project building that can form the cornerstones of your career.Our alumni attend the nation’s finest universities, including Harvard,Duke, Stanford, Wesleyan, and Northwestern. . .and hold positions in law,medicine, philanthropy, international affairs, and many other fields.Best of all, the sustainable approaches you forge in your gap year will serve acommunity long after you’ve returned home.info@fsdinternational.org www.fsdinternational.org (415) 283-4873
  12. 12. GAP YEAR PROGRAMS Community Service FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (FSD) Founded in 1995, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) enhances the capacity of community organizations around the world to address local health, social, environmental, and economic issues. Our model incorporates four programs that support underserved communities in a collaborative and sustainable manner. Program Locations: Argentina, Bolivia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda Contact: Gap Year Director Phone: (415) 283-4873 E-mail: info@fsdinternational.org Address: 1000 Brannan Street, #207, San Francisco, CA 94103 Website: www.fsdinternational.org Request More Information Students enjoy cultural immersion during FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT programs. See listing on page 10, ad on page 9. A R GEn T In A ChIn A COS TA R I C A En GL A n D FR A n CE IR EL A n D I TA LY SPA In INTERNATIONAL TRAvEL, sERvIcE ANd sTudy AbROAd pROgRAms SUMMER • GAP YEAR • CUSTOMIZED www.aspirebyapi.com10 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  13. 13. GAP YEAR PROGRAMSEnvironmental Internship &Conservation Work ExperienceAFRICAN CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AMIGOS DE LAS AMÉRICASEXPERIENCE FOR EARTH STUDIES (ISES) The AMIGOS Gap Year ProgramAfrican Conservation Experience The International School for combines field volunteer work,organizes volunteering placements at Earth Studies (ISES) is a nature exposure to our partner agencieswildlife conservation projects in southern education center that rescues working in international development,Africa. You can join a project for two to 12 indigenous wildlife, engages in family home-stays, and excursionsweeks and be involved in wildlife veterinary domestic animal husbandry, around the country. It offers hands-onwork, caring for animals at a rehabilitation promotes environmental awareness, experiential learning opportunitiescenter, helping with game capture, field and connects students with nature that prepare young people for collegeresearch and wildlife surveys, or marine and the land. and beyond.conservation. Program Location: Quebec, Canada Program Location: NicaraguaProgram Locations: South Africa, Contact: Geoffrey Cushing Contact: Susie VenturaBotswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius Phone: (819) 647-3226 Phone: (800) 231-7796 x113Contact: Carol Moen Wing, E-mail: gdcushing@earth-studies.ca E-mail: info@amigoslink.orgNorth American Volunteer Officer Address: 197 Fierobin Road, Address: 5618 Star Lane,Phone: (510) 530-5303 Ladysmith, Quebec J0X2A0 Houston, TX 77057E-mail: carol@conservationafrica.net Website: www.earth-studies.ca Website: www.amigoslink.org/gapAddress: P.O. Box 2739, Oakland, CA 94602Website: www.conservationafrica.net Request More Information Request More Information Request More Information A gap-year adventure awaits you at Anake Outdoor School! Mastered the skills to survive in the wilderness with my classmates Found my true passions within a supportive community Next step: Change the world. Visit Anake.org THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 11
  14. 14. GAP YEAR PROGRAMS Travel/Culture ADVENTURES CROSS-COUNTRY (ARCC) DISCOVERyou than you know there is more in ... N Since 1983, ARCC has offered diverse pro- grams for young adults. ARCC Gap Semes- ters combine community service with rich academic fabric highlighting global issues. Take the opportunity to live and learn in some of the greatest classrooms on Earth. Embark on a journey of discovery of people, places, cultures, and ideas. Program Locations: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Contact: Bridget ReynoldsPhoto: Andy Bartleet Photo: Luke O’Neill Phone: (415) 332-5075 E-mail: info@adventurescrosscountry.com Address: 242 Redwood Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941 Website: www.arccgap.com Request More Information From 30 days to 85 days, ART HISTORY ABROAD E from sailing to dogsledding to W Inspiring two- and six-week journeys paddling whitewater, Outward through Italy and 12-week semester Bound courses offer opportunities programs covering London, Paris, and Italy. See and discuss many of the world’s for you to develop real-world N greatest achievements in art, architecture, decision making, group W E Photo: Luke O’Neill S and sculpture with expert tutors. Learn management and leadership skills how these fit into the greater picture of Western Civilization and find like-minded in spectacular settings that will friends as you travel. challenge and inspire you. Program Locations: London, Paris, Italy Contact: Nicholas Ross Phone: +44 (0) 1379 871 800 N E-mail: info@arthistoryabroad.com W E Address: The Red House, 1 Lambseth Street, S Eye, Suffolk IP23 7AG Website: www.arthistoryabroad.com Request More Information 1-855-802-0307 ASPIRE BY API S Aspire by API is dedicated to providing Call us to find the program for you. comprehensive summer study abroad Ask about scholarship & academic credit opportunities. programs for high school students, as well as gap year abroad programs for recent high www. hiobs. org school graduates. Our language, service, and cultural immersion programs provide students with opportunities to get involved with the local community, earn college credits, and develop relevant global skills in an exciting, enriching, safe, and secure setting. Program Locations: Argentina, China, Costa CLICK HERE TO SEARCH Rica, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain Contact: Courtney Link TEENLIFE.COM FOR AN EXTENSIVE Phone: (877) 600-8977 LIST OF GAP YEAR PROGRAMS. E-mail: hello@aspirebyapi.com Address: 301 Camp Craft Road, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746 Website: www.aspirebyapi.com12 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS Request More Information
  15. 15. GAP YEAR PROGRAMS BEL CAMINO Bel Camino’s Semester in Siena offers young adults a three-month immersion in the language, culture, and landscape of Italy. Highlights include a homestay, language study, cultural excursions, instruction in the creative arts, and a week-long hike in Tuscany. Program Locations: Siena and Toscana, Italy Contact: Carla Fabian Phone: (305) 877-4937 E-mail: info@belcamino.org Address: 5001 London Walk (Quayside) Miami, FL 33138 Website: www.belcamino.org Request More Information A teen playing with children from the Samburu School in Nanyuki, Kenya, with ADVENTURES CROSS COUNTRY. See listing on page 12, ad on page 14.• Innovative Academic Pro-grams• Boarding (Grades 9 -PG) and Bridge Year St. Andrew’s is the only school in Rhode Island to offer a postgraduateDay (Grades 3 -12) program. The Bridge Year for graduated seniors provides an• 100 - Acre Picturesque opportunity to build upon strengths and to address weaknesses. Some students come to St. Andrew’s for an additional year to improve their grades and enhance their academic profiles, or for an extra year of high school athletics. The Bridge Year Program allows for an additional year of skill-building and maturation, which makes students more competitive in the college admissions process and better prepared for the rigors of college. 63 Federal Road • Barrington, RI • tel: 401-246-1230 • tty: 800-745-5555 • inquiry@standrews-ri.org Visit our Web site at www.standrews-ri.org THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 13
  16. 16. HAVE YOU EVER... ...SIPPED TEA WITH A THAI MONK? CARPE DIEM EDUCATION Carpe Diem Education offers three-month and yearlong international programs to vari- ous regions of the world. All programs are ...DANCED WITH A designed to inspire growth and transformation through community service, adventure travel, MASAI WARRIOR? language study, home stays, and authentic cultural exchange. Carpe Diem students are eligible for college credit and financial aid through Portland State University. Program Locations: India, Australia/New Zealand/Fiji, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, East Africa, Brazil, Indigenous America Contact: Nick Berger Phone: (503) 285-1800 E-mail: info@carpediemeducation.org Address: 1529 N. Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR 97217 Website: www.carpediemeducation.org Request More Information GAP SEMESTER CESA LANGUAGES ABROAD (CESA) PROGRAMS Learn a foreign language with CESA. We have provided language courses abroad since 1980 for all ability levels, including complete begin- AFRICA ners. Short- and long-term programs avail- KENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA 90 able. Native speaking teachers provide quality tuition, in professional language schools plus ASIA local accommodation arranged. Start dates CHINA, THAILAND, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM DAYS offered throughout the year. LATIN AMERICA Program Locations: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Russia, COSTA RICA, ECUADOR, PERU Morocco, China, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru Contact: Katherine Brand Phone: +44 1209 211800 E-mail: info@cesalanguages.com Address: CESA House, Pennance Road, Lanner, Cornwall, TR16 5TQ GB Website: www.cesalanguages.com adventurescrosscountry.com • 1-800-767-2722 Request More Information To find local events in your area, check out the TeenLife.com/ CLICK HERE TO SEARCH TEENLIFE.COM FOR AN calendar. EXTENSIVE LIST OF GAP YEAR PROGRAMS.14 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  17. 17. GAP YEAR PROGRAMSLEAPNOW: TRANSFORMINGEDUCATION YOUNG JUDAEA Young Judaea is built on a Gap Year AdvisorLEAPYEAR is an eight-month experiential framework that emphasizes peer ISA GAP YEARyear of college designed to shorten life’s leadership, political non-partisanship, We offer students expert advice andlearning curve by combining six months and religious pluralism. Our programs guidance before, during, and after theirof group and solo travel with two months focus on instilling our members with ISA Gap Year experience. Our programs areof inner-focused residential retreats in three core values: Judaism, Zionism, ideal for students who want to earn collegeCalifornia. Find your purpose and lay a solid and Jewish identity. credit, delve into unfamiliar territory, andfoundation for life while earning academic Program Locations: Israel, prepare for a study abroad experience fullcredit. Financial aid and generous scholar- United States of self-discovery and college readiness.ships are available. Contact: David Goldstein, U.S. Director Program Locations: Argentine, Brazil,Program Locations: Based in Northern of Israel Experience Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic,California. Group travel to India, Latin Phone: (212) 303-7439 Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy,America and internship options in 126 E-mail: info@youngjudaea.org Morocco, Panama, Peru, Spaincountries Address: 50 West 58th Street, Contact: Jesse BrewerContact: Maren Gauldin, Director of New York, NY 10019 Phone: (800) 580-8826Admissions Website: www.youngjudaea.org    E-mail: jbrewer@studiesabroad.comPhone: (707) 431-7265 Address: 1112 W. Ben White Boulevard,E-mail: info@leapnow.org Request More Information Austin, TX 78704Address: 11640 Highway 128, Website: www.lpiabroad.comCalistoga, CA 94515Website: www.leapnow.org Request More Information Request More Information Download Now! The Life with Teens App! O GUID E TO ET G& MS MIN GAP YEAR PROGRA UID 2G FALL 201 FOR RTS 2012 PERUAL A S VIS LEGE ACCESS 2 0 1 CO L 2 E S EG ON O ET LL SI ID Life with Teens plus all of GU C OD M I S M CO E. IF NL SUBS A E TE CR W W. NOW IBE W IT’S FREE ! WHY our handy TeenLife guides YOUR PROTECTING CHIL consider a CYBERB D FROM ULLYING GAP YEAR? Look inside for our GAP YEAR FAIRS right at your fingertips. CALENDAR PUBLIS HED BY r M da E.C O ION en LIF AT ut Cal EN LIC l-O ing W. TE N A PUB Pul nn WW AT IO DI ME dy Pla sful CE LIIF P U B L I C AT I O N Han lege cces NL E EU B A T E E N LIFE MEDIA TIPS fe AIT P Col a Su ay s Li D A ME for Ess pu E Tips lege Cam NL IF to EE Col ing EE A T siti FR on Tran OR, GO TO TEENLIFE.COM TO VIEW THE DIGITAL VERSIONS OF ALL OF OUR PUBLICATIONS. THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 15
  18. 18. Author Ethan Knight visiting Peru’s 15th-century Inca site, Machu Picchu THE GAP YEAR PROGRAM— Boosting Higher Education Through Life Lessons by Ethan Knight Founder of the the American Gap Association HERE WAS A TIME WHEN EVEN THE SUGGESTION OF TAKING A YEAR OFF BEFORE STARTING COLLEGE CONJURED UP LESS THAN DESIRABLE QUESTIONS: WILL THE STUDENT RETURN TO COLLEGE AFTERWARD? HOW WILL COLLEGES VIEW THE TRANSITION? HOW WILL THE STUDENT’S TIME BE SPENT DURING HIS OR HER BREAK? But as today’s forward-thinkers lies, teachers, guidance counselors, WHAT IS A GAP YEAR? are realizing, taking a gap year actu- and college admissions experts have According to the American Gap ally gives students the opportunity to become more supportive of taking a Association, “A gap year is a struc- think outside the pencil box through gap year. Although slowing the mo- tured period of time when students exciting non-traditional learning mentum of continuous schooling with take a break from formal education to experiences. Once an anomaly in a year “off” seems risky, the data, in increase self-awareness, learn from the world of education, the number contrast, is clearly in favor. If a student different cultures, and experiment with of students entering this world of engages in a “structured gap year,” possible careers. Typically, these are hands-on (experiential) life learning they are 90 percent likely to return to achieved by a combination of traveling, is steadily growing. Even the highest- college within one year, far more likely volunteering, interning, or working. A achieving students are entertaining to graduate on time and with a better gap year experience can last from two the idea of “the gap year,” as they GPA, and have been shown to engage months up to two years and is typically discover benefits like increased in more campus activities. taken between high school graduation focus, maturity, self-confidence, and As you decide how to incorporate and a student’s junior year of college.” growth that only real-world explora- a gap year into your teen’s educational tion can offer. To simplify the concept, its core future, here’s more information on how meaning is time taken away from the An increasing number of fami- to approach the concept of a gap year. traditional pedagogy of learning in16 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  19. 19. THE GAP YEAR PROGRAM— BOOSTING HIGHER EDUCATION THROUGH LIFE LESSONSorder to explore the world, even if it’s in HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT vide an educational stipend; in otherthe student’s own backyard. Every gap GAP YEAR PROGRAM? cases they can cost as much as a yearyear program offers unique knowledge of college. Some gap year programsgained through the experience of deal- Figuring out what to do for a gap even are accredited first year collegeing with challenges, independence, risk year program is perhaps the most programs that offer Federal Financialtaking, and cultural immersion. This is challenging aspect in taking one. As Aid, arguably providing the best ofa true opportunity for an eager student Holly Bull, the President of the Center both worlds. Most importantly is theto recapture a love of learning, deter- for Interim Programs, states, “The reputation of the program, thankfullymine interests, and make decisions on most important element in a student’s something that can be determinedthe right path to higher education. gap year is [his or her] making the easily through the non-profit Ameri- choice to take one.” But the options can Gap Association’s accreditation In fact, burnout from the com- for what to actually do typically should process.petitive pressure of high school and a involve a lot of research and, ultimate-desire “to find out more about them- ly, almost always involve a process of Structuring a gap year is bestselves” are the two most commonly elimination. thought about in terms of location,cited reasons for taking a gap year. Thetypes of gap year programs are limit- Given the rising costs of college, activity, and learning goals. Becauseless, with focuses on such exciting ave- expenses are a concern for many. The of their impact on the development ofnues as teaching, academia, adventure, good news is that a gap year does not young adults, the majority of opportu-arts, community service, environmental need to cost a lot of money. They can, nities tend to start with more struc-conservation, culture, and more. in some cases, pay expenses and pro- ture and eventually transition into THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 17
  20. 20. THE GAP YEAR PROGRAM— BOOSTING HIGHER EDUCATION THROUGH LIFE LESSONSless. Opportunities typically contain at a language school for the first few AmeriCorps for a domestic non-profitelements of volunteer work, cultural weeks, join a structured program, or organization. Gap year students in theand language immersion, and service even remain domestic and take his or past have taught basketball to Cam-learning. her gap year in the U.S. bodian orphans, worked with baboons in South Africa, lived with a cowboy in Location is more than just geo-WHERE TO GO? Argentina, and worked on indigenous graphical. It can also be decided in issues in the Southwest. Some gap year Where your student wants terms of living arrangements (rustic, programs also pay a small stipend forto spend his or her time can be a urban, or middle-of-nowhere) or even participation. Think of this as a phe-jumping-off point for choosing the topographies. Some students are nomenal opportunity for your studentright program. Perhaps he or she is intrigued by settings that spark certain to experiment with a proposed careerinexplicably drawn to Europe or Africa, interests like oceans, mountains, interest. Discovering that he or sheas they spread their wings to global or plains. loves (or hates) something before com-destinations. Sometimes students WHAT TO DO? mitting the next few years to its study isdon’t know exactly what they want, a hallmark of a successful gap year.but they do, however, know what they The sky’s the limit in terms ofdon’t want. In some cases the hurdle exciting experiences a student can WHAT TO LEARN?of learning a second language can turn have during a gap year program, frominto a regional limitation, and in this veterinary medicine with cheetahs A student’s learning goals arecase, the student might want to start in Namibia to volunteering through another filter that can be helpful. Their THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOR EARTH STUDIES (ISES) is a nature education centre that rescues indigenous wildlife, engages in domestic animal husbandry, promotes environmental awareness, and connects people with the Land. International School www.earth-studies.ca for Earth Studies (ISES)18 THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS
  21. 21. THE GAP YEAR PROGRAM— BOOSTING HIGHER EDUCATION THROUGH LIFE LESSONSchoice of gap year program allowsthe student to showcase talents andexplore new fields of interest. Whether your student wants tolearn Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic,secondary language fluency will beincredibly beneficial and invariablyopens more doors down the road. Inthis case, choosing a country that af-fords a language immersion opportu-nity might be best. Should the student want tolearn art, studying with the best inItaly might be a way to test whetherit’s a realistic career or somethingbest kept as a hobby. If service workis important, volunteering in a gapyear program in an underprivilegedcountry teaching English, building anew school, or planting a sustainablegarden might fit the bill. Tanzanian boys become fascinated by a CARPE DIEMHOW DOES A GAP YEAR PROGRAM student’s digital camera. SeeFIT INTO PLANNING FOR COLLEGE? listing on page 14, ad on page 17. Gap year programs are a phe-nominal way to help a teen define whathe or she wants to achieve in life. But tion, it’s vital to communicate these to university’s rules for gap year credit,college still holds a vital role in deter- the counselor who can guide you and placement following the program,mining the path to that journey. There- your student through the university’s and your gap year program’s budgetfore it’s important to create a seamless processes as well as offer advice. and timeline considerations. Contacttransition from a student’s gap year each school’s admissions officers forprogram to college coursework. Some gap year programs offer their help. college credit, and this often turns Once a student has chosen his into a better use of a “freshman year”or her college or university, the best than a true and typical freshman WHERE CAN I FIND MOREplan is to go through the application on-campus experience. For more INFORMATION ABOUT GAP YEARprocess, get accepted, and then defer. information on the many scholarships PROGRAMS?Be honest with your college. Many and grants available, please visitcolleges are supportive of taking a gap Along with TeenLife’s 2013 www.americangap.org.year. Your student should simply have Guide to Gap Year Programs and thea frank discussion with the university’s In some cases, universities have extensive number of program listingsAdmissions Counselor so that there rules around getting credit while on a on TeenLife.com, there is a plethoraremains a positive relationship in the gap year. For instance, there might be of information and useful resourcesplanning of your student’s educa- implications to reapplying as a transfer to help research a structured gaption. If his or her attendance plans student if a certain threshold of credits year program. The American Gap As-change, whether through timing or is attained, or even the potential to sociation (AGA) is a nascent nonprofitactual choice of university, or if their obtain a generous financial aid award. organization established to help in theeducational goals take a new direc- It’s essential that you look into each (continued on page 21) THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 19
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  23. 23. CESAprocess. I launched this associa- Languagestion in 2012 as an accreditation andstandards-setting organization Abroadfor gap year programs and we arerecognized as such by the U.S. De-partment of Justice and the FederalTrade Commission. The AGA continues to advancethe field of gap year programs bycollaboratively pioneering researchon its benefits, as well as servingas an information and advocacy hubfor university admissions personneland educational counselors. Whilethe main goal is to focus on ac-creditation such that every studentsigning on with an AGA memberorganization will have the best andsafest experience available, the AGAwill not be accrediting individualsnor individual project sites. In early 2013, you can lookforward to seeing our finalized Stan- Gap Year language coursesdards, as well as a list of organiza-tions that have passed our rigorousaccreditation process. Please check Travel & learnthe website for more information. a new language! The AGA also provides manyother resources for students on amore independent path. Our orga- Visit us now at:nization encourages the use of our cesalanguages.com info@cesalanguages.comStandards to make sure that everysafety net and guarantee for a qual-ity experience is recognized. For fur- Spanish | French | Italian | German | Portuguese | Russian | Japanese | Chinese | Arabicther information, scholarly articles,news about gap year programs,and instructions on how to build theperfect gap year for your teen, visit SPRINGwww.americangap.org, or e-mail me 2013 Look for the Spring 2013at ethan@americangap.org. COMIN issue of Life with Teens IN MAR G CRIB E magazine featuring CH! SUBS OW S N om/mag WITH TEEN FOR PARENTS life.c ! THE MAGAZINE Olympic Gold Medalist, teen FREE IT’S MEDAL WINNER TEEN OLYMPICA former gap student, Ethan Knighthas been working within the world of TALKS GOLD! Should Your Teen Have a Credit Card? NOMINATE ALY RAISMAN.gap years since 1996, with a career YOUR TEENbackground at LEAPNOW, his launchof Carpe Diem Education, and his RESERVE YOUR FREE COPY2012 introduction of the non-profit PUBLISHED BY 10 AT WWW.TEENLIFE.COM/MAG.the American Gap Association, E TIPS TO MAK YOUR THE MOST OF VISIT COLLEGEwww.americangap.org. TeenLife.com 2 VOL. 1, ISSUE THE TEENLIFE GUIDE TO GAP YEAR PROGRAMS 21