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How To Break Bad Habits And Create Good Habits


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Want to know how to break bad habits and create success habits?

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How To Break Bad Habits And Create Good Habits

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  2. 2. • Bad habits prevent success • Good habits promote success • The more good habits you have the more successful you will be • Developing good habits will increase discipline and self-confidence • Habits create consistency which is important when striving for success
  3. 3. • Acknowledge the fact that you have a bad or bad habits. • Write down the bad habit first thing in the morning. • Make a conscious effort to refrain from engaging in that habit throughout the day. • Add punishments and rewards at the end of the day depending on whether you refrained from engaging in the habit or you avoided it throughout the day.
  4. 4. • Find an alternative habit that you can replace the bad habit with. • Write down the new habit and engage in it as soon as possible at the beginning of each day. • Don’t make excuses and stay consistent for at least 30 days which is the minimum amount of days it takes to develop a habit in most cases. • Use punishments and rewards if necessary.
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