The Grass is Greener on This Side of the Social Media Fence! METC14


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This is the PowerPoint from my February 11, 2014 METC14 conference presentation. It focused on Social Media tools to help administrators and teachers streamline their communication, PD, and organization.

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The Grass is Greener on This Side of the Social Media Fence! METC14

  1. 1. Welcome to METC14… From…Francis Howell Middle School
  2. 2. The Grass is Greener on this side of the Social Media Fence METC Conference February 11, 2014 St. Charles Convention Center Dr. Ted Huff, Principal Francis Howell Middle School
  3. 3. How it all began… is… Francis Howell Middle Snow Storm of December 25, 2012 • • • • Francis Howell High School travels to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl! 1:30am band is stranded in Northeast Arkansas (South of Corning). Concerned parents. What do we do? They won’t answer our texts??? The arrival of my Twitter Account @TedHiff You’ll notice the typo “Hiff” instead of “Huff”. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, It was hard typing on my iPhone…so I am now @TedHiff Then following METC13, I began blogging (, Learned about PLNs, #moedchat, TweetDeck, Tweetchat, and the list goes on…
  4. 4. Feb, 2013 – Feb, 2014 “The Dash” • • • • • • • • Just over a year ago I joined the world of Social Media. Now one year later my professional career and perspective relating to Technology, Social Media, and Networking has been “transformed. Communication, Organization, Personal Learning, and my Expectations all look much differently (just ask my staff). The transfer of information is much more efficient. So what I am sharing with you today would not have been possible over a year ago. I am now able to engage a larger “core group” and audience in a much more efficient and timely manner. So everything I am sharing with you today would not have been possible one year ago today. Words from Ted’s Gami –
  5. 5. Outcomes By the end of the Breakout Session educational leaders will… • • • • Become familiar with multiple Social Media tools that can enhance your organization and time management, Have multiples avenues to pursue communication with stakeholders, Understand how to redesign PD and faculty meetings, Be ale to be systematic in moving forward with change or further implementation of 21c technology tools.
  6. 6. Take the Leap… • Educational leaders must take the next steps in accessing the multitude of Social Media benefits. • Meeting the needs of your stakeholders will be necessary as you move forward in this process. • We must model for our peers, community, and students.
  7. 7. Francis Howell Middle is… The “power” of Twitter
  8. 8. Looking at the data
  9. 9. Twitter Impact 2.0 • A few testaments of Twitter’s impact… – – – – – – – – – – – Mystery Skype getting ready to launch at FHMS Parent Twitter Chat now embedded into our culture Awareness of the Chinese Bridge Program (to start/strengthen understanding of China) Professional Development: Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), Carrie Jackson (@Jackson_Carrie) Google+ Google Hangouts (GHO) #edcampstl !!!!! Flipagram A Daily expanding PLN Streamlining my email #Moedchat
  10. 10. Organizing an effective Twitter protocol School: @News4FHMS Professional: @Ted Hiff TweetCaster for iPad TweetDeck
  11. 11. TweetDeck
  12. 12. Blogging can streamline your work • August 8, 2012: “Blogging, are you kidding me?” - Ted Huff • • • • • • It takes an epiphany… Plan out the times you want to blog. @Jackson_Carrie explains that you need to have a specific time each week set aside to blog. Be consistent. Decide on the focus or theme of your blogs. Audience: School, Community, or your PLN. Reaching a larger audience with a single blog.
  13. 13. We must model this for our community “There can no longer be an “opt out” clause when dealing with technology in our schools, especially from our administrators. We need to prepare our kids to live in this world now and in the future. Change may feel hard, but it is part of learning. We expect it from our kids, we need to expect it from ourselves.” George Couros Division Principal for Parkland School Division and an Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant. Twitter: @gcouros Blog:
  14. 14. Twitter & Parents Parent Twitter Chat: #FHMchat • • • • Introduced: October 7, 2013 This will create another powerful way to stay connected with your parents Strengthens relationship Twitter/Social Media Training Events (2x - 3x per year) Twitter Chat Topics: – – – – – – Introduction to Social Media Using Social Media to Enhance Academics Why Character Education? College and Career Readiness for Middle School Students Leader In Me The transition from Elementary School to Middle School
  15. 15. Flipped PD & Faculty Meetings Flipping PD, staff meetings, and faculty meetings empowers everyone. • Preparing For August „13 Teacher Meetings – ....My VideosAugust Teacher Meetings 13 Final.mp4 • Faculty Wed PD • ....My VideosSIP Development Sept 4.mp4 • January „14 Staff Meetings (due to snow day) – ....My VideosJanuary 2 2014 Building Level Information.mp4 • Another Program – Ink2Go
  16. 16. Tech Café Shift to embed technology education and training into the school day. • • Technology PD built in to the school day. Once a month (3rd Friday): – – – – – – – – • • • Social Media Twitter Infinite Campus Mastery Connect APPs PLNs & “How to” Chat SkyDrive and student email Schoology Held during teacher lunch periods. Lunch provided. Follow-Up PD provided.
  17. 17. Communication: • & Tellagami – Using an Avatar, or your “Gami” to present your message • • • Remind101 – – – – Specific group texts One way communication Instant communication Quick reminders • • • • • Snow Days Upcoming Meetings Emergency notification Quick Reminders Invitations
  18. 18. Backchannel • Allows for sidebar communication • Q&A to occur concurrently with presentation • Often real time answers
  19. 19. Archiving simplifies the search • As educators we often need to find or locate documents, information, or artifacts. When do we need them…NOW. • • Archiving allows me to quickly access research, articles or documents in a more timely manner Two tools that make this task easier: – Pocket: a quick way to save articles or information that you find on Twitter for later u se. – Storify: Allows me to archive specific chats for easy access at a later date. Eric Sheninger, Principal, New Milford High School. NASSP Webinar
  20. 20. Google What?? It is more than just a search engine • Google Hangouts- Allows for face to face meeting, PD, training, and conferencing. • Google+ - This networking tool allows you to post, share, and transfer information to your working network.
  21. 21. APPs - research
  22. 22. APPs - research Using Instagram to promote your School, Special event, Staff meeting, or Professional Development
  23. 23. Take the Leap… You have to “jump in” order to “create” change
  24. 24. Only 3…
  25. 25. Finding Time vs. Making Time Eric Sheninger, Principal, New Milford High School. NASSP Webinar
  26. 26. Transformational Leader • • • • • • • • • • • Carrie Jackson: @Jackson_Carrie Chris McGee: @cmcgee200 Drew Minock: @TechMinock @2GuysShow #2GuysShow George Couros: @gcouros Bob Dillon: @ideaguy42 Laura Gilchrist: @LauraGilchrist4 Andy King: @MOTechTrainer Eric Sheninger: @NMHS_Principal Krissy Venosdale: @Venspired Paul Wagner: @Pwagnerlcisd Brad Waid: @TechBradWaid @2GuysShow #2GuysShow
  27. 27. Thank you for joining me today!
  28. 28. My contact information • Email: • Twitter: @TedHiff @News4FHMS • Instagram: #News4FHMS • Blog: