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Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) master presentation of organization benefits

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  • We’re working to increase the number of markets that people can network in person at local chapters as well as continuing to grow the Virtual Chapter for those who live outside of commuting distance from a physical chapter.
  • Meng Introduction2012

    1. 1. Setting Executives
    2. 2. About MENG Mission: MENG is the community of accomplished marketing and sales executives dedicated to helping its members succeed by sharing their knowledge, experience and contacts. MENG Vision: To be regarded by accomplished marketing and sales executives as the “go-to” community for trusted relationships, information and resources.
    3. 3. MENG Member Profile Members are experienced executives, like you:  1,700+ members  Members from all marketing functions & industries  Nearly all are current or former VPs, CMOs, CEOs  Meet MENG requirement of salary of $160K+  84% have Fortune 500 experience  70% have graduate degrees  Membership consists of a smart mix of corporate marketers, agencies, and consultants so that you get a diversity of opinions, experience, and insights from every viewpoint  Members in transition are supported to achieve their career goals – whether corporate, agency, or consultant
    4. 4. MENG Member ProfileFrom 2011 National Member Survey respondents.
    5. 5. MENG Member ProfileFrom 2011 National Member Survey respondents.
    6. 6. Chapters Most chapters have monthly  Chapters meetings  Atlanta  If you don’t live near a  Boston  Chicago chapter, the “virtual”  Connecticut chapter enables you to  Dallas Fort Worth connect with other  Los Angeles members  New Jersey MENG also provides a high  New York level of interaction and  Northern California  Irvine/Orange County content for members via  Philadelphia requests, list serves and rich  Phoenix content available online  San Diego  South Florida  Virtual  Washington DC
    7. 7. Member ResourcesResource Library worth thousands, available at no extra cost!
    8. 8. Member Resources Webinar series, examples:  Career Maximization  How to Effectively Use the Internet & Social Media for a Successful Job Search  8 Steps to Obtaining Speaking Engagements for Business & Personal Branding  Social Media  Organizational Mindset & Culture Markers  Facebook Marketing for Executives  Connecting Direct Marketing and Social Media  Marketing Insights  Mobile Marketing & Location Based Services  Tribalization of Business: How Companies are Leveraging Communities
    9. 9. Member Resources Member White Papers & blogs (examples)  Building Brands in a B2B Environment  Maximizing Business Value by Optimizing IP  The 6 Cs to Successful Change Management  Crowdsourcing: On the Edge  On Customer Experience Design
    10. 10. Request Examples Are resume  Requests are the heart of MENG, members writing services can ask any question of the membership and actually helpful – usually receives anywhere from 5-50 replies which ones are worth the with useful information. Examples: time/money? I am trying to perform some market sizing for a client interested in Fresh Fruit/Veg I am working for a company sortation (based on size, grade, color, etc) that has an interesting for retail merchandising/distribution. branding exercise. Thought I- Any ideas on sources of data for quantity? would solicit other MENG- Any leads/contacts with fresh distributors brand marketing experts for I may be able to talk directly? some advice. I’m looking for a highly recommended SEO agency located in Orange County, CA.
    11. 11. Resources to Help You Change Jobs Hundreds of executive job leads ($150K+) posted by members each year; new ones daily Preferred Recruiter Program Exclusive Guide to Executive Job Search Job Search Webinars Peer Group Resume Review Professional services (coaching, resume writers) Career site discounts MENG Member Database
    12. 12. Setting Executives Apart www.mengonline.comHow can MENGset you apart?   