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Role of human psychology in design



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Role of human psychology in design

  1. 1. Role of Human Psychology in Design
  2. 2. Why Human Psychology in Product Design • Humans are logical creatures • Series of decisions leads to final action • Avoid thoughtless clicking/scroll on site/app • Understand human emotions & needs • How humans Interpret, See, Choose to Act • After understanding human it’s easy to design Layout Fonts Colors etc
  3. 3. Average Human Attention Span 8 Seconds
  4. 4. 40% Users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  5. 5. 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions
  6. 6. Characteristics of Good Design • Discoverability Figure out possible actions and where and how to perform them • Understanding Meaning of components How it is supposed to be used? Meaning of different controls & settings • Visibility & Communication Relevant component must be visible Communicate right message
  7. 7. We are biased on attractiveness • Attractive people, places and objects draws more attention • What makes them Standout – Physical Attractiveness • Useful for drawing Initial Attention
  8. 8. Users are biased on your Product Design • Good Looking Design Vs Poor Looking Design • First Impression is Necessary • Content is Important • Good Content – Poor Design No User Attention • Poor Content – Good Design Attract User Attention • Good Content – Good Design User Arrested! Success!!
  9. 9. Customer Understand More than you Think • The human mind tends to organize visual elements into groups and create a meaningful visual on its own. • Negative Spaces
  10. 10. Customer Understand More than you Think
  11. 11. Colour Theory Authority, Power Innocence, Peace, Purity Physical energy, Stamina, Passion, Stability, Love, Desire Nature, Wealth, Calm, Relax Trust, Reliable, Dependable Royalty, Luxury
  12. 12. Colour Theory
  13. 13. How Brain Works? Better User Experience Sense of Achievement Feels Rewarded Dopamine Motivates user to take action Brain looks for Instant Gratification Result: Task Accomplishment by the User Restlessness, difficult to focus etc Brain Craves Addiction Result: More Returning Users LOOP More Less
  14. 14. How Brain Response to Loop • User become obsessed with pleasure seeking experiences • Engage in compulsive behavior e.g: • Scrolling news feed on social media • Checking emails • Coupon Search on internet • Gambling online etc
  15. 15. Caution 1 • Dopamine is less responsive to familiar rewards • Keep innovating • Keep updating your product • Dominos: 20 new pizzas introduced over 20 weeks • Flipkart: Experiments with product detail page
  16. 16. Flipkart Mobile Product Detail Page -1
  17. 17. Flipkart Mobile Product Detail Page -2
  18. 18. Flipkart Mobile Product Detail Page -3
  19. 19. Flipkart Mobile Product Detail Page -4
  20. 20. Caution 2 • Dopamine is more effective on reward seeking behavior • Keep User Journey More Excited
  21. 21. Psychology of Social Influence • Authority: We trust experts and those of high status or power
  22. 22. Psychology of Social Influence • Scarcity: The less available a resource, the more we want it.
  23. 23. Psychology of Social Influence • Social Proof: We look to other to guide our behaviors
  24. 24. Psychology of Social Influence • Liking: The more we like the Brand. The more we want to say yes to them.
  25. 25. How Human Visual System Works Fluid Motion of Visuals • Brain process visual signal received from eyes • Speed of images displayed directly proportional to Fluid motion of visuals • Min requirement: 10-12 FPS Human mind starts perceiving motion from FlipBook • Lack of smoothness
  26. 26. How Human Visual System Works Fluid Motion of Visuals • 24 FPS • Allows eye to see Fluid Motion • Fast enough to show motion • Sweet Spot for Film Industry • 60 FPS • Fluid Motion is smooth • Pleasurable to human eyes • Recommended by Google • Eyes are responsive to change in FPS: Drop in engagement • App : 60 FPS 1000 ms / 60 frames 16.666 ms / frame
  27. 27. Conclusion • The online market is crowded • Competition to stand out and building customer stickiness is stronger than ever • Big pocket brands are spending heavily to retain users • But this can also be achieved easily by applying some basic psychology principal • By considering human psychology while designing product users are more likely to perform the actions you want them to perform • Build habit forming products
  28. 28. Thank You! @ProductChamp