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Importance of copy in ux


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Gain insights on the Importance of Copywriting for UX design in #VEDTALKS by TECHVED's senior copywriter - Rohan Kachalia

Published in: Technology
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Importance of copy in ux

  1. 1. COPY & UX A Modern Love Story Rohan Kachalia Senior Copywriter, TECHVED Consulting November 4, 2017 1 #VEDTALKS
  2. 2. Executive Summary 2 The meaning of copywriting Difference between Copy & Content What is UX Copywriting? Choosing the right words Conclusion #VEDTALKS
  3. 3. What is Copywriting? 3 #VEDTALKS Sahi Hain ! Oh don’t use big words. They mean so little – Oscar Wilde #VEDTALKS
  4. 4. Copywriting is… A skilled craft Verbal carpentry Words on paper Salesmanship 4 Copy is a direct conversation with consumer. #VEDTALKS
  5. 5. Copywriting is Not… 5 Copyright Copying and then writing Not a 20 minute job A writing job Copywriting is a creative problem solving job. #VEDTALKS
  6. 6. What is the Difference between Copy and Content? 6 It is the difference between Orange – The fruit and Orange – The colour. #VEDTALKS
  7. 7. 7 Did you get it? #VEDTALKS
  8. 8. Difference between Copy and Content? COPY Copy is anything that adds value to a reader’s journey and provides a better understanding. It is one of main design elements. CONTENT Content is informative, which can be short or long and provides for a longer stay on websites. 8 One more time! #VEDTALK S
  9. 9. 9 Design attracts attention. Copy/Content helps to understand it better! #VEDTALKS
  10. 10. What is UX Copywriting? 10 Gyaan is important! #VEDTALKS
  11. 11. UX Copywriting 11 • It is all about balancing the honeycomb • Also, the visual presentation of copy plays an equally important role Keep calm and skip the Lorem Ipsum! #VEDTALK S
  12. 12. The Secret Weapon 12 “Copywriting is the secret weapon of UX.” It’s right there in the definition, actually: “layout, content and functionality”. Jeff Gothelf, author of LeanUX Layout Content Functionality Excellent copy + Mediocre design = Not so good UX and Vice Versa. #VEDTALK S
  13. 13. The Secret Weapon 13 Which Header sounds better? And which will bring in more conversions? Good UX writing, isn’t about impressing the reader. It’s about connecting with them. Basic Membership (Free) Premium Membership I’m just looking around I’m serious about it #VEDTALKS
  14. 14. 14 The Vodafone’s network will not guide you out. A Good Copy will! #VEDTALK S
  15. 15. So what does a UX Copywriter do? 15 Write Brainstorm Edit ProofreadResearch Tweak Copywriting is a lot more than just ‘wordsmithing’. #VEDTALKS
  16. 16. What do you understand by 16 Can you make this look better? Can you make this sound better? Can you make this experience intuitive and compelling for the person who will be using it? Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t. #VEDTALKS
  17. 17. Basically, A good UX Designer considers • The users • Context • Flow • Business goals • Brand A good Copywriter considers • The users (age, gender) • Context (tone) • Flow • Business goals (primary objective) • Brand (What tone should the brand speak. Eg: Amul) 17 . Copywriters adore chaos because they love to produce order. #VEDTALKS
  18. 18. Why Choosing the Right Words are Important? 18 Gyaan is important! #VEDTALK S
  19. 19. Choosing the Right Words • Words that readers use • Precise words 19 For example, using a word like "Home" instead of a "Dashboard". Is it really better? Does it communicate what the user can expect on that page? Two, To or Too? #VEDTALKS
  20. 20. Choosing the Right Words • Sensory words helps • Relevance 20 Irreverent copywriter on a mission to eradicate gobbledygook and to make boring business blogs interesting. Irreverent copywriter on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to add sparkle to business blogs. Compliment / Complement #VEDTALKS
  21. 21. Choosing The Right Words 21 Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well - Robin Sharma #VEDTALKS
  22. 22. How Does a Copy Help Strengthen UX? 22 Gyaan is important! #VEDTALKS
  23. 23. How Does a Copy Help Strengthen UX? 23 #VEDTALKS Copy is a direct conversation with consumer.
  24. 24. How Does a Copy Help Strengthen UX? 24 #VEDTALK S Copy adds meaning and value to the design.
  25. 25. How Does a Copy Help Strengthen UX? 25 Micro copy provides a visual boost, at times. #VEDTALKS
  26. 26. 26 #VEDTALKS
  27. 27. Food for Thought Is Copy one of the aspects in your UX Design? 27 #VEDTALKS
  28. 28. Thank You for Your Time and Attention! 28 #VEDTALKS