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02Identify current systems and work processes that use ICD-9including clinical documentation, superbills and other clinica...
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ICD-10 compliance is looming. Is your healthcare organization ready to tap into the opportunities that await?


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ICD-10 compliance is looming with all HIPAA covered entities required to adopt this by October 01, 2013. It dramatically increases the number of codes for both diagnosis and procedures from 17,000 to 155,000. ICD-10 promises to open up a new world of opportunities and benefits - fewer rejected claims, refinements in reimbursement models, minimize billing fraud, increase specificity and specific data leading to better data for reporting and benchmarking.

But for your healthcare organization to benefit you need a partner that can help you set out on that path and embrace it. Most of the heavy lifting has less to do with technology and more to do with people and processes and Technosoft is your partner of choice. We offer a spectrum of ICD-10 related services spanning impact and gap analysis, application remediation through to verification and validation and transition management.

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ICD-10 compliance is looming. Is your healthcare organization ready to tap into the opportunities that await?

  1. 1. ICD-10 Migration Services overview Use, 5010, Healthcare reform among others. Most crucially you could end up losing hard earned revenue. ICD-10 compliance is looming over all HIPAA covered entities. These entities need to adopt by October 01, The need of the hour then is a healthcare services 2013, the tenth revision of the International Classification specialist who can help you accomplish all this and of Diseases (or ICD-10) for the diagnosis and procedure more. codes to be able to successfully conduct health transactions. the technosoft approach ICD-9 had several limitations such as limited data about With a track record of helping the healthcare industry, patient’s medical condition and inpatient procedures, Technosoft can help you navigate the complexities of was outdated and obsolete and inconsistent with ICD-10 migration by not only developing and reviewing current medical practices. It was no longer workable your strategic approach, road map for implementation for processes pertaining to treatment, reporting and but also providing services necessary for compliance payment. The embrace of ICD-10 brings with several including IT system conversion, certified coders and opportunities as well as challenges. For one the number training. of codes has increased from 17,000 to nearly 155,000 (for both diagnosis and inpatient procedure). Similarly the The three pillars of Technosoft’s ICD-10 migration code length has gone up from three-five digits to three- services are seven digits. This expansion means greater specificity Technology Professional Services Training and granularity but it also represents a massive overhaul of the current system of coding diseases and symptoms Workflow Management: Batch prioritization, Consulting Web-based ICD-10 Coders Customizable as well as a new way of categorizing diseases and dashboards and alerts, provider education linking them to treatment options. Conversion: ICD 9-10 Crosswalk,NAV-10 Computer Assisted Coding (CAC): Optimization, audit and automation what should healthcare entities do? As a first step to a seamless transition you need to ICD-10 Ready identify all ICD-10 touchpoints in your systems and business processes. Subsequently you need to identify Technosoft’s ICD-10 Migration Approach & Conversion the needs, resources and training along with testing Services with third-party entities like clearing houses and related activities. ICD-10 Impact & Solution & ICD-10 Data Process But there are challenges - not only is the clock ticking Gap Analysis Strategy Application Extraction, Re-engineering Development Remediation Conversion & to Support but because compliance is an unfunded mandate, there Reporting ICD-10 are budgetary constraints (while the estimate was 0.03% of revenues, cost overruns has been the norm). Also bandwidth is under pressure due to the need to keep Verification & ICD-10 Training Consulting up with several healthcare initiatives such as Meaningful Validation Transition Services ManagementMar 2013 www.technosoftcorp.com
  2. 2. 02Identify current systems and work processes that use ICD-9including clinical documentation, superbills and other clinical andadministrative systems that need to be updated. Implementation why technosoftrequires changes to systems that capture and report diagnosis ~~ A focused healthcare specialist with 25 clients and a trackand procedure codes with the immediate opportunity due to the record of offering consulting, technology implementationchange in character length and the need to expand the data and certified codersfields. ~~ Experienced senior management and professionalsThe next step is to identify potential changes to existing with in-depth understanding of healthcare businessworkflows, business processes and reporting. processes ~~ Members of AAHAM, AHiMA, HBMA, hfma andRole specific training is essential to ensure your staff is American Academy of Professional Codersknowledgeable about the ICD-10 code set and are well prepared ~~ Standards benchmarked against ISO17799 and ISO27001to start using the new codes appropriately. Key decisions here guidelinesinclude which code sets are involved (ICD-10-CM used by ~~ Well defined activity plans ensure availability of people,physicians for diagnosis and/or ICD-10-PCS used by hospitals process and technology as required by the compliancefor inpatient procedures), personnel to be trained and format implementation plan(web, classroom, train the trainer).The last and most essential step is testing with your tradingpartners with whom transactions are exchanged like clearing we can helphouses. This will ensure that you are able to send ICD-10transactions and ensure received properly. ICD-10 promises to open a world of new opportunities and benefits – fewer rejected claims, refinements in reimbursement models, minimize billing fraud, increased specificity, specific datahealthcare practice leading to better data for reporting and improved benchmarking. Contact Technosoft today for a risk-free consultation and moreProvider BPO Services: Medical Coding * Provider Billing &Collections * Credentialing * Denial Management * A/R Recovery zz Gap analysis, risk and impact assessment (especially& Management. financial) zz Software consolidation and IT system conversionPayer BPO Services: Claims Processing * Provider Data zz Process improvementsManagement * Provider Recruitment & Credentialing * Member zz Third-party testingServices * Case Management. zz Training and change management – ICD-10 codersBack Office Services: Procure to Pay * Order to Cash * General zz Dual coding support for ICD-9 and ICD-10 during crossoverAccounting * Financial Reporting * Data ConversionRelated IT services Application Lifecycle Services (ALiS),Data Sciences (TIES), Mobility (MobXL), Remote InfrastructureManagement (TRIMS) and Independent Verification & Validation.About TechnosoftTechnosoft Corporation is an IT and BPO services provider with headquarters in Southfield, MI, USA and delivery centers in India. We offer informationtechnology, business process outsourcing and consulting services to companies in the healthcare, financial services and retail industries and the USlocal and state governments. Customers trust us to offer services and solutions that combine our technology acumen, business insights and deliveryfocus. Our culture and environment attracts and retains exceptional talent which is a key ingredient for our sustained growth. To see how Technosoftcan go ‘Beyond Possible’ for your organizational needs , email us at wecanhelp@technosoftcorp.com or visit us at www.technosoftcorp.com. World Headquarters 28411 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 640 Southfield, MI 48034 Tel: (248) 603-2600 Fax: (248) 603-2599© Copyright 2012, Technosoft. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission from Technosoft. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. All other trademarks mentioned herein are theproperty of their respective owners.