TAZ MoneyTalks


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Presentation by Team Action Zone (TAZ) from MoneyTalks event in Tampere on 09.02.2012.

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TAZ MoneyTalks

  1. 1. Team Action Zone The outdoor exergaming co MoneyTalks, Tampere February 9, 2012 Kari laurila, CEO Team Action Zone is the global innovation leader in outdoor exergaming BjongCopyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  2. 2. Outdoor Exergaming Team Action Zone takes computer gaming outdoors and makes physical exercise fun with GPS- and sensor technologies.Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  3. 3. TAZ – The Company TAZ received Quality Innovation 2011 award from the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen. TAZ outdoor game TrezrHunt was chosen as one of the five nominees for the Finnish Sports product of the year 2011. Wired UK: ”Team Action Zone pioneers outdoor exergaming”.Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  4. 4. TAZ – Multidisciplinary team Kari Laurila, CEO 16 years management and leadership career • in Nokia, e.g. Head of NRC Japan 2001-2003, • innovator of many first in the world technologies. Jyrki Nieminen, CMO Over 20 years marketing career, Executive board member of WSOY, creator of Like and Johnny Kniga brands, several CEO positions. Ilkka Salminen, CTO 11 years Nokia career, as chief architect in several research programs, co-author of "Personal Content Experience: Managing Digital Key Positions Life in the Mobile Age"Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  5. 5. TAZ - Business Idea The core business idea: License innovative outdoor games to event organizers (globally) Get 15% share of the revenues (revenue share model tested already) Organize own events mainly to corporate teams (20-500 participants) Get 90-100% of the revenues (revenue share model tested already)Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  6. 6. TAZ - Business Idea TAZ offers outdoor games to consumers via application web stores. First single player games, soon followed by multiplayer games. TAZ also tailors outdoor games to attractions like amusement parks, where even thousands of visitors can play the games simultaneously. TAZ will also carry out indoor exergaming pilots together with partners.Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  7. 7. Products Current TAZ game portfolio FlagHunt 10-150 participant team game TrezrHunt 1-6 player single/multiplayer game Bjong single player game TAZ games available in 2012 ActionTrack 1-300 participant (team) game CombatZone 10-150 participant team game TAZ games are easy to learn and use. TAZ games are for exercise, fun and getting your team spirit high. You control the game by running and moving yourself, not by clicking keys.Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  8. 8. Status In the proof-of-concept phase (2011) TAZ has had 48 customers. Key partners: Linnanmäki Amusement Park and Naantali Spa. TAZ started international activities in January 2012, and expands first to Denmark (the first partner deal agreed), UK and Sweden. TAZ has been contacted by several licensee candidates outside Europe already. TAZ board members: Kari Laurila, Marko Luomi, Markku Simmelvuo. TAZ enters Tekes NIY1 during H1/2012 (max 250.000€ public funding). TAZ has arranged the financing for this phase. Before Tekes NIY2 phase (max. 750.000€ public funding) TAZ will arrange a new financing round to speed up the international growth during years 2013-2014.Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  9. 9. Forecasted revenues (core business) 8 M€ = licensing = own events 2,5 M€ 400 k€ 2012 2013 2014Copyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com
  10. 10. Thanks! Contact: kari.laurila@taz.fi www.taz.fiCopyright Team Action Zone 2011 www.teamactionzone.com