Newelo MoneyTalks Forum 14.06.2012


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Presentation by Newelo at the MoneyTalks® Forum in Lappeenranta on the 14.06.2012.

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Newelo MoneyTalks Forum 14.06.2012

  1. 1. We Make YourEnterprise Mobile
  2. 2. Enterprise Mobility as a ServiceCustomers need flexible solutionsfor integrating enterprise mobilityand improve information flowNewelo solution provides easyintegration● Use of existing mobile devices● Access to all corporate data”The innovation value of the solution isimpressive.” WSA Mobile Jury
  3. 3. Newelo Offers FlexibilityUtilise existing corporate infrastructureand information systems Newelo Mobility Solution ● Central control point for mobility ● Implement and adjust workflows easily ● Mobilize all required data for end-usersClear and simple user interfaces ● Localise for different regions and countries ● Available everywhere with online/offline usage ● Use text, audio, video, pictures, photos and documents ● Automatic software updates
  4. 4. Newelo ConnectivityPower up your businesswith easy to integrateMobility Extension Enterprise Mobility MobilizeYour Enterprise Solutions - Any data, any where - Cloud service - On all mobile platforms Standard Open - SaaS model API Works like charm with IBM, SAP, MS Dynamics, IFS, etcetc enterprise solutions
  5. 5. Business ModelTurn-key service offering for customers Customer segments:● Integrate to existing customer systems and communities Field force management● Scalability with cloud computing platform Telecom operators Utility companies● Open API support and next business day care Media & NewsPricing model Workforce providers● Dynamic per user & usage lisence tailored to Tour operators customer size and need Travel service SME’s● Small projects for system integration, and more ... customisation and localisation
  6. 6. Business Opportunity GIA: ”Global market for enterprise mobility is projected to exceed US$173.9 billion by the year 2017.”Field Force Management annual market is 10-20 Billion Euros● Accenture: ”Many of our Field Force Transformation programs have allowed organizations to achieve savings of 45 to 80 minutes of extra work per person per day. For a typical service organization with 1,000 field workers, this could result in up to $20 million in annual savings.”● Technology Corrider, Greg Kneuer: ”Electric, gas, and water utility distribution companies can find as much as 90 minutes of additional time each day per field-force employee, and increase their productivity by 15 to 25 percent, by taking advantage of real-time location tracking technology. Such savings for a utility with 250 to 500 field workers would yield an additional $5 million to $10 million to the bottom line.”Significant opportunity size in the travel and media segments● A quarter of the travel industry view technological advances as the single biggest opportunity over the next five years with mobile communication cited by almost one in ten (9%) (World Travel Market)● Mobile Media Market 2010 17,970.7 mUS$ and 2015 - 138,703.4 mUS$ - (IDC)
  7. 7. Market Positioning Vertical business specific services Easy integrationMobile Thin & web Flexible clientsapplications On/offline support based Simple tailoring mobile clients Flexible modules Open API’s Generic platforms for tailoring
  8. 8. Core Team• Timo Koskinen, CEO 14 years in Nokia Research Center as a project manager Successful tech transfers and external global collaborations• Kimmo Järvensivu, VP Sales 15+ years international experience from ICL, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks• Sami Vaskuu, CTO 13 years in Nokia as a software architect Several patents, two time Nokia quality award winner.• Eero Räsänen, Chief SW Architect 13 years in Nokia as a software architect• Juha Kaario, CFO, Chairman of the Board 15+ years in Nokia, most recently Senior Business Development Manager Currently serial entrepreneur• Total team size currently 7 persons
  9. 9. We Make Your Enterprise Mobile