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Hakema Moneytalks Presentation


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Presentation from MoneyTalks event, 13.03.2012, by Hakema.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Hakema Moneytalks Presentation

  1. 1. The appointment button for online classifieds
  2. 2. Meet a couple... Could be based on a true story.
  3. 3. Hejsan!
  4. 4. Their home search begins... Text
  5. 5. Making appointments is...time consuming & inconvenient.Missed phone callsNo calling beyond 9-17Forgetting appointmentsDifficult to cancel
  6. 6. Then they discover...The Hakema booking button. Book showing
  7. 7. They loved it... Timely andNo need to call relevant text the sellers alerts Book online SMS reminders, or on mobile cancellations anytime and notifications
  8. 8. s a great toolgreatsellers. sellers. It is a for tool for tool for sellers. Use directly from from classified site classified sitefied Save time and hassle siteers save timee hassle No worry about missed callsworry aboutsed calls
  9. 9. alyticsuilt-in analytics in analytics Built gents notifications SMS re leads for Agents More leadstionyers’ information Buyers’ informationns notifications S Built-in analytics
  10. 10. The couple found their homeAnd also got the journey visually documented. Priceless 
  11. 11. It is a big opportunity out there.Classifieds HakemaA value added service Online classifieds $22B*More buyers and sellers Market size $500 millionAdditional revenue (assuming 2.5%)
  12. 12. Hakema - better focused & positioned Competition Setstr, GenBook, BookFresh & TimeTrade (USA), Livebookings (UK) We focus on classifieds and have clear advantages First Plug-n- Fast and Vertical Flexible movers play easy specific business advantage product integration solutions model
  13. 13. Team with global and startup experience Team with global andstartup experience Ajay Päivi Teemu Hannu Ville Co-founder & CEO Co-founder & VP Sales VP Technology VP Marketing Creative Director Overall 55+ years of experience in technology, sales and marketing.
  14. 14. Hakema development continues...End of Q1, Change of focus Q1, 2012 2013 2011 from healthcare Product Other countries Founded to classifieds Launch and verticals 2012 Early Q2, 2011 Early Q3, 2011 Customers in real- selected for Customer deal signed estate and automotive Startup Sauna in Europe
  15. 15. Funding for international expansion unding is for international expansion urrent customer Current customer Need €300K for 2012 €300K funding for anoma, international expansion Funding is for Sanoma, business development For business development 150K Founders & Investors Current customer in Some more the €300K funding for 2012 pipeline Sanoma, xisting revenue in For business development inQ4-11 & Q1-12 €150K Founders & Investors A dm Sa le Revenues in Q1-2012 25 s& Existing revenue in min ct Ad Ma Q4-11 & Q1-12 Sa le Produ rketing 25 s& 8 m€ 65 ct Ma Produ 210 rketing 6 65 4 210 2 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015 xit through acquisition Exit through acquisition
  16. 16. With Hakema Booking Button Online classifieds can leap to the next level Ask about our next customer. Ajay Garg +358-408416616
  17. 17. As the family has grownthey will soon need a new car... We will be there!
  18. 18. Simple business model€100K p.a. avg. deal size per classified provider Revenue model - like a mobile phone service Monthly Usage Based Premium €10-30 per €1 activation & service with seller/agent €0.40 per booking SMS Basic service €2-5 per €1 activation &includes emails seller/agent €0.10 per booking only 18
  19. 19. Team with global and startup experience Some of our experiences Some of our past experiences: