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SAP SD Project Based Training Programme


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SAP SD Detailed PPT On Project Based Training With Video Link In Last Slide.

Past Link In Browser To View Demo Video.

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SAP SD Project Based Training Programme

  1. 1. SAP History & Implementation TECHNO PAD
  2. 2. E Enterprise R Resource P Planning Definition: Any company using resource by planning to improve (or) develop (or) grow quickly is defined as ERP.
  3. 3. The companies providing
  4. 4.  SAP is a company as well as software is designed to make companies manage their resources and work effectively.  SAP is basically a ERP type software and stands for
  5. 5. SAP R/3 Architecture
  6. 6. SAP Implementation Development Testing Products Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live and Support
  7. 7. Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Phase V
  8. 8.  Project team is identified and roles are defined.  Project naming is done.  Deliverables and schedules are defined.  Scoping of project is done at macro level.  Infrastructure is defined.  Project kickoff meeting is held.
  9. 9.  Consultants visit the site for system study.  Understand and analyze the business process.  Document requirements as ‘BUSINESS BLUEPRINT’.  Requirement may also include following types: a) Reporting requirements. b) Legacy data transfer requirements. c) Authorization requirements etc…..  Get the clients sign-off.  Carryout and documentation gap analysis.
  10. 10.  As per BUSINESS TO BUSINESS PROCESS(BBP) customization is carried out.  Programs for data transfer etc…… are developed.  Authorization profiles are defined.  Configuration documentation is prepared.  User training manuals are prepared.
  11. 11.  Testing is carried out.  Training to users is provided.  Technical environment is installed for production system.  Data is migrated to the new system.  Cut over plans are made.
  12. 12.  Checking system performance on a daily basis.  Validations of business processes and configuration.  Follow-up training for users.  Roll-outs.  Sign offs.  Post production steps.
  13. 13.  Finally the SAP AG is a most efficient ERP software than other ERP software which take minutest particles in to consideration, it also provide security, make company to run in profits
  14. 14.  https:// OCqKUgVgMlU3d6NHk5d2w5Qk0/view?usp= sharing