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Published in: Education, Technology
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  2. 2. Our App is called Special Way. This name mentions that this technology is directed for people with special needs and we want to find a better path for them. Abou the App
  3. 3. There are many people with special needs and we have no idea how hard is for them to find places that assist, help and defend. Our problem
  4. 4. We created an app that shows people with special needs where they can find help and more: experience, advices and good people who likes to help. Goals
  5. 5. In our research we found out that 91% of the respondents use apps in daily bases. And for them an app that directs special people to the right places is very relevant and it would be welcome. Goals
  6. 6. There are 650 million people with desabilities in the world and 45,6 million in Brazil. In developing countries 80% of the children with special needs don’t study because they can’t find a place that receive them properly. Data 80% 20%
  7. 7. As Special Way is pioneer in this objective and area, just the idea of the app could highlight itself a ocean of other similar apps. Users
  8. 8. Besides that, Special Way could interest other groups of people: medical centers, schools, institutions and government. People who would want to share and expand their ideas in the app. Users
  9. 9. The group decided that the user shouldn’t pay to use Special Way because it would increase the accessibility of the app. Cost $
  10. 10. We understand that croudfunding and donations could be the app means revenue. Cost
  11. 11. We are going to use social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. And we also could make contact with NGOs and recognized institutions, so Special Way could help more and more people. Marketing actions
  12. 12. With Special Way we don’t expect to solve all the problems related with special needs, but raise debates and ideas to help access to people and build a better way for all of us. Conclusions
  13. 13. Thank you