Montreal Metropole Numerique atelier 3 - Presentation ETS


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M. Mohamed Cheriet, professeur, Département de génie de la production automatisée à l'ÉTS, est venu faire une présentation lors de l'atelier de Montréal Métropole Numérique sur les TIC et le développement durable. Voici une copie de sa présentation.

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Montreal Metropole Numerique atelier 3 - Presentation ETS

  1. 1. Montréal Métropole NumériqueA World-class Home Innovations for Green ICT Mohamed Cheriet, Eng. Ph.D. École de technologie supérieure, Montréal, Québec Laboratory for Multimedia Communication in Telepresence
  2. 2. ICT Energy & EnvironmentClimate Change is not reversibleUrgently need to develop low carbonsolutionsICT are a major consumer of power (8%in the US) and CO2 production which isgrowing at 6% per yearThe problem we face is not only EnergyEfficiency though, BUT GHG ReductionOur Goal is to provide ICT Services withgreen energy 2
  3. 3. Electricity production in CanadaDistribution of power stations in Canada Production value and it’s GREEN : 96% hydro power (present) *Source: Wikipedia + Hydro Quebec + wind (up to 8% in 2015)
  4. 4. Metropol of green data center housing ? MontrealEnergy provision at low price : Available And GREENNetwork infrastructure: Available, e.g., Canarie network High speed optical network linked to largest content providersOperating and Management technology: The GreenStarNetwork is worldwide leader Virtualization Cloud management Energy monitoring Optimization (performance, utilization, energy consumption)Training, space, logistics, marketing: Need governmentaland industrial supports A convergence of IT and energy industries New era of “révolution tranquille” 4
  5. 5. The GreenStar Network Solution GSN Green IT Pilot Goals: (i) Distributed Cloud Software (ii) Follow the Sun/Wind Energy (iii) Carbon protocol, GeoChronos relocation that Infrastructure ResourcesCompute Resource 1M Network Resource n M Infrastructure Metrics GHG Measurement Engine Aggregation (ISO 14064)Compute Resource nM Sensor Resource 1 MNetwork Resource 1 M Sensor Resource n M Decision Engine GreenStar Network Central Hub Metrics (M) Hydro-powered node Spokes Sun/Wind powered Compute Network Instruments, nodes Cluster Equipment Sensors Data Centre n 5
  6. 6. The GreenStar Network Solution 6
  7. 7. How to sell energy ? Towards A Greener World OR ? China China Export computing powerExport raw natural resources and Sustainability and Pollution + Bonus: jobs, technology 7
  8. 8. Optical infrastructure of the Metropole 100GB network** Source: Canarie Inc.
  9. 9. Thank you! Demonstration of GreenStar web application video/ iDeal inc. SIGMACO ©Synchromedia 2010 9