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Pitch2 greenmob jean_hennebert - Conférence TechnoArk 2013


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Pitch2 greenmob jean_hennebert - Conférence TechnoArk 2013

  1. 1. Internet of Things and Smart BuildingsSome results of the Green-Line, Green-Mod, ee-WoT, easyflow and popwin research projects
  2. 2. Internet of Things and Smart Buildings Let’s be pessimistic !
  3. 3. Things are ugly !
  4. 4. They need to be powered !The IoT will link approximately 50billion machines and devices by 2020 Dave Evans, Cisco.
  5. 5. They are probably polluting !• Would you put a Wi-Fi antenna on top of your baby’s bed?• Do you know that PLC emits EM waves?• What is the carbon footprint of a commutating thing?
  6. 6. They need to be configured and managed !• What services are available on this sensor?• How do I know if a sensor disappears?• Where do I store measurements and business logic?
  7. 7. Green-Line project 2009-2012Solution globale pour la réduction del’empreinte écologique desbâtiments par gestion automatiséeen utilisant une technologietransparente, à faible coût et sanspollution électromagnétique.Hervé Dedieu, HEIG-VDMédard Rieder, HEVSJean Hennebert, HEVS - EIA-FR François Courvoisier, HEARC
  8. 8. Green-Bee : Hiding things ! Insic Wall Socket, 2010•Let’s hide the technology in what we already see in our houses Legrand série Celiane
  9. 9. Green-Com: Make things low-e, low polluting and robust•Low-e, low polluting • Spike based communication • Inductive powering•Robust • Intelligent routing protocol • Able to jump over electric phases
  10. 10. Green-App: exploit the signals and build intelligence•Low-e network gateway•Expose Green-Bees with REST APIs•Build smart services
  11. 11. Hasler Smart Living Green-Mod• Hasler Green-Mod project, 2012-2015 • Machine learning applied to the maximization of energy efficiency in buildings • Identification of electric appliances from their load traces • Identification of activities, modeling the behavior of building users 12
  12. 12. POPWIN: Parallel Object Remote Programmingfor Heterogeneous Wireless Networks over IPv6• Partenariat EIA-FR / Université de Genève, financement Hasler • EIA-FR: réalisation un outil de programmation orientée objet pour le développement dapplications utilisant de grands réseaux de capteurs. Cet outil est basé sur le modèle POP (Parallel Object Programming) développé dans le Grid&Cloud Computing Group de lEAI-FR. • UniGe: Cooperative resources tracking, Energy balance mechanism, Implementation of geographic coordinate systems.• Outillage pour la réalisation de projets au sein du CSI 13
  13. 13. Hasler Smart Living EasyFlowRCSO Energy Efficient - Web-of-Things• Hasler Smart Living EasyFlow, 2012-2015• RCSO TIC EE-WoT, 2012-2013• Analysis of Energy Efficient ICT for the Internet of Things and its application in buildings 14
  14. 14. QuestionsCome and visit us at the demo table.Send email