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Jan Horsager (Alexandra Institute)


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Innovation among innovators.
-- Conférence TechnoArk 27 janvier 2012, Sierre (CH).

Published in: Technology, Education
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Jan Horsager (Alexandra Institute)

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title styleInnovation among innovators…a comic book and an institute
  2. 2. Click HorsagerJan to edit Master title style Head of Communications at The Alexandra Institute Bachelor in journalism fra DJH i 1993 Dansk VVS Børsen – the business daily Danisco, Group Communications De 3 Stiftstidender og JydskeVestkysten Computerworld og PC World Nykredit – Business development and IT Computerworld
  3. 3. Corporate JournalismClick to edit Master title style Beyond Spin The Power of Strategic Corporate Journalism Markos Kounalakis, Drew Banks, Kim Daus Using the principles of journalism to establish corporate credibility. As with the free press in this new world, credibility is the only currency a corporation has with its shareholders, custormers, suppliers, partners and employees.
  4. 4. Click Alexandra InstituteThe to edit Master title style Research-based User-driven Innovation End-users Created to facilitate public/private cooperation National certified technological service provider Non-profit organization Innovation Application-oriented research instituteBusiness’s Researchers 80 employees in 9 Labs at Katrinebjerg in Aarhus og ITU in CPH
  5. 5. Partners - EcosystemClick to edit Master title style
  6. 6. Dissemination…Click to edit Master title style …doesn’t need to be boring Neither does print publications in 2012 The internet is not always the solution But the right alignment sparks innovation
  7. 7. Click toupon a timeOnce edit Master title style A few sketches of IOT prototypes surronded by local building landmarks startet the proces
  8. 8. Storytelling innovatedClick to edit Master title style
  9. 9. …no need to go title style Click to edit MasteroverboardAs with the free press in this new world, credibility is the onlycurrency a corporation has with its shareholders, customers,suppliers, partners and employees.
  10. 10. Succes…?Click to edit Master title style You need: Ideas Ressources Riskability
  11. 11. Innovating disseminationClick to edit Master title style • We need to develop the storytelling and formats for dissemination of academic research • We need to create ecosystems of knowledge and succes stories for private/public collaboration
  12. 12. Click to edit Master businessInnovation is our title style• A unique framework for ICT clustered within 300 km• Approx. 100,000 employees within the sector• 8 universities• 7 science parks• 9 independent R&T Institutes (GTS)• Fast work and residence permits to foreign IT specialists.• No. 1 in the world on IT infrastructure - IDC Information Society Index (2010)• Top 3 in the world on Networked readiness for 4 consecutive years (WEF 2009- 2010
  13. 13. Katrinebjerg environmentClick to edit Master title style CORPORATE SECTOR Multi disciplinary environment Geographically joint environment Extensive public/private cooperation RESEARCH EDUCATION
  14. 14. Inhabitants at KatrinebjergClick to edit Master title styleResearch and education 90+ companies:• Aarhus University • Bang & Olufsen• Aarhus School of Business • Mjølner Informatics• The School of Architecture • Vestas Wind Systems• The Engineering College • Liwas • Goalref• Computer Science • The Specialists• Computer Engineering • 43D• Information Technology • Google• Multi-media • Vmware• Information Studies • …• Media Studies • INCUBA Science Park• IT-bachelor • Aarhus Entrepreneurship Centre • ….
  15. 15. Katrinebjerg partnersClick to edit Master title style CORPORATE SECTOR Central Denmark Region  INCUBA Science Park City of Århus  Aarhus Entrepreneurship Centre Central Denmark IT  Innocamp Katrinebjerg Council  It-forum Central Denmark  Innovation Lab Ltd. Real-Estate Company, Multi disciplinary  Alexandra Institute Ltd. Subsidiary of Aarhus environment University Research Foundation Geographically joint environment The Government Extensive public/private cooperation LOCAL PUBLIC SECTOR RESEARH & EDUCATION
  16. 16. Unique selling points of KatrinebjergClick to edit Master title style• World-class research in computer science• Highly innovative IT businesses• Long tradition for collaboration – Businesses, research, users• Multidisciplinary teams – Computer science, engineering, information- and media studies, anthropology/field studies, industrial design /art, business understanding
  17. 17. Click to edit areas Aarhus University ..Research Master title style• Human Computer Interaction – Interaction design – Participatory design / user-driven innovation – Hypermedia• Industrial design and ICT• Anthropology and ICT• Business understanding and ICT
  18. 18. Click to edit Master titlebusinessesHighly innovative IT style• Aarhus / Denmark has a large number of innovative businesses• Involved in a large number of research- & innovation projects with universities (and Alexandra)
  19. 19. Alexandra Institute Ltd.Click to edit Master title style• Application-oriented research institute• Pervasive computing• Non-profit organization• National certified technological service provider• Created to facilitate public/private cooperation – at Katrinebjerg – in the region – in Denmark
  20. 20. Click to edit Master User-driven InnovationResearch-based title styleInnovation in cooperation with: End-users • Researchers: the latest knowledge Business’s: a commercial approach End-users: Innovation applicable results Based on multi-disciplinary teams Business’s Researchers
  21. 21. Click to edit Masterthe ecosystemKey elements in title style• Partnering with businesses, organisations and institutions• Funding from public R&D• Selling services and products• Funding from The National Technology Service Programe
  22. 22. Phases in research-based innovation: ?Click to edit Master title style $Moti- Idea Research Developmen Productvatio gene and t developmen - innovation project nt ratio project n Spin- offs
  23. 23. Click to another perspective …from edit Master title styleUniversities, Enterprises.... Ideas Certified R&D R&D with Business Technological project patners developmen t Service .....SMV
  24. 24. Project modelClick to edit Master title style Research project Theme1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Development project Concrete results Case 1 Prototypes of IT systems Case 2 Design Case 3 Competence development Research results
  25. 25. Focus areas AlexandraClick to edit Master title style• Pervasive healthcare• Interactive spaces• New ways of working• Advanced visualization and interaction• Software systems• It-security• Business understanding• Pervasive positioning• Smart cities
  26. 26. Knowledge at workClick to edit Master title style Innovation need partnerships and ecosystems based on collaboration among competiors, private companies and public institutions and a lot more…. … all starts with local engagement wich is then fueled by local engagement…. ….think global act local
  27. 27. Click to edit Master title