Adrian Gerber - CEO of Atizo 360° - TechnoArk 2014


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Présenté le 31 janvier 2014 lors de la Conférence TechnoArk 2014 à Sierre (CH) - "Internet, vecteur de l'économie du partage"->

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Adrian Gerber - CEO of Atizo 360° - TechnoArk 2014

  1. 1. Innovation Partners Open Innovation - the wisdom of crowds Sierre, 31.01.2014
  2. 2. How & why Crowdsourcing works Platform & Consulting Employees & Activity Innovation Partners Payment Intermediate Platform & Consulting Money, Bonus & Recognition Knowledge, Work & Ideas Crowd Organisation Customers, Fans, Employees, Suppliers, Innovators, Scientists, Experts, etc... Questions for: Design, Material, Products, Use, Communication, Services, usw...
  3. 3. What is Innovation Partners Media Community Innovators: 20‘293 Ideas: 125‘697 Projects: 387 Organization Science & Research 1st Founded: 2007 Two Companies: 2014 11 employees Locations: Bern & Zurich Customers
  4. 4. The Atizo-Community Innovation Partners <20 years 20-30 years 30-40 years 40-50 years +50 years Male Female 3% 30% 32% 22% 13% 65% 35% Employees: 37% USA UK Germany China Students: 19% 4% 4% 25% 1% Executives: 15% Entrepreneurs: 14% Freelancers: 11% Seeking employment: 2% Retired: 2% France Austria 1% 4% Switzerland 60% India 1%
  5. 5. And this is how it works... Innovation Partners The customer and his problems and questions are always at the core of Atizo projects Brainstorming The knowledge community The Atizo community Stakeholders Evaluation Survey Experts
  6. 6. Scope of Application Innovation Partners Products & Services Strategy Processes Marketing
  7. 7. The Process Innovation Partners The focus is always on the customer and his questions / problems ATIZO 360° advices: Customized solution for each customer! Step 1 Issue/Question elaboration Step 2 Find Ideas Step 3 Select Ideas Step 4 Evaluate Ideas Step 5 Implementation plan
  8. 8. Success stories Innovation Partners Migros‘ „customer-developed“ products are a huge success. Further Case Studies available at:
  9. 9. Success stories Innovation Partners Migros‘ „customer-developed“ products are a huge success. Atizo works with Rivella since 2011 and helped to build-up an owen Fan-Community. Rivella uses the Atizo-tools to administer and successfully work with their Consumer-Community. In addition, Rivella regularly conducts projects with the Atizo-Community.
  10. 10. Success stories Aim: Detecting packaging ideas for the new business field „Pharma Customers“ Community: Atizo Community Modul: Two as also Consulting through Atizo „The Atizo Community has inspired us a lot during the research for new business fields within the Pharmapackaging. We‘d like to work with Atizo als in future projects.“ Innovation Partners
  11. 11. How it wont work! Innovation Partners How not to do it!?
  12. 12. Who are our Customers? Innovation Partners
  13. 13. Opportunities & Risks Opportunities Innovation Partners Risks Customer Insights Low participation of the crowd Error & Risk Reduction Mistakes may lead to potential Image damages Increase of efficiency Wrong estimation of costs Significant cost savings Increased vulnerability Increased conformity to needs Perceived loss of security Higher responsiveness Unclear legal situation Improving Image Negative impact on surprise effect Estimation of stakeholders Threat of core competencies Surprising Approaches Requires an open corporate culture
  14. 14. 7 steps to more innovative capacities Innovation Partners 1.The "Silent closet" is definitely passé. 2.There are many smart people who want to support you. 3.Innovation does not begin with an idea, it begins with a question. 4.Operating blindness is not conducive to innovation. 5.The best idea is often created out of several good ideas. 6.The sooner the customer is involved, the lower the flop-risk. 7.Ideas only become valuable with their implementation.
  15. 15. From Atizo to ATIZO 360° Innovation Partners Innovation is the key to success! We are convinced that the knowledge necessary for innovation is present in an organization and its environment!     Community Software Support Workshops      Inno-Practice Inno-Projects Inno-Process Inno-People Inno-Culture  Community  Platform  Support
  16. 16. Your Contact at Atizo Innovation Partners Adrian Gerber CEO, Partner +41 31 961 90 90 +41 79 321 22 62