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Top15 digital innovations in grocery


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The supermarket is dead, long life to the supermarket!

While I was waiting the digital new upcoming innovations, I really thought that the supermarket was dead! But in reality, supermarket is moving faster than expected! Many consumers love having groceries delivered to their door, but there is still a huge number of shoppers that love going to the store and personally select their products. It is clear that the “digitization” of the store is becoming a key issue in many sectors of distribution and the Grocery retail is not being outdone. Several technologies and techniques are promising in the context of “digitization” of supermarkets, provided they are well controlled. Bellow, find the Techingrocery selection of the 15 most disruptive innovation to change the face of supermarkets as we know!

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Top15 digital innovations in grocery

  1. 1. Digital Innovations In Grocery You Must be Aware In 2016!
  2. 2. This technology uses Bluetooth transmitters. It locates smartphones or tablets customers and send them offers, discounts or contextualized information depending customer geolocalisation. This technology is driven by Apple but it is available on all Android devices ( from 4.3) 1 – I/HBeacon Reinvents Proximity!
  3. 3. The chain Intermarché ( Les Mousquetaires ) set test a prototype of glasses connected ( Wuzic of French origin ) , proposed by the Digitas agency. They allow the consumer to be guided to the shelves according to the list of previously entered races and to receive information on demand. 2 – Experience with Augmented Reality Glasses…
  4. 4. 3 – Skip the Glasses and Draw your Smartphone ! Ads Reality ( A.i.Solve , UK ) is a mobile application to highlight products or retain customers and analyze data. Another app ‘ Interactive Environments ” plans advertisements on very large screens or specially equipped shop windows to display images in augmented reality.
  5. 5. 4 – Kitchen Connected Be connected to your supermarket from home! This remote device allows the consumer to add articles to his shopping application through the barcode or by vocal recognition. Amazon Dash, hiku by chronodrive, Pikit by Carrefour or Api by Intermarché want to take this innovations wave and introduce the day to day of their customer.
  6. 6. 5 – “Everything Bar code”: Soon a new Standard! Digimarc and GS1 US are collaborating to expand their barcode around the world. Printed everywhere on the product, the invisible global bar-code allows a faster collection of products in the cashier line. This increase the efficiency of the store but it’s not all. The printed code can be combined with 2D codes or serial number allowing authentification, direct marketing or redirection toward information, photos, vidéos ect…
  7. 7. 6 – Electronic Labels On the supermarket shelfs are emerging IT solutions , such as Nutri Info, for developing recipes. The tool is based on a database of all ingredients, salt contents , sugar, fat, additives, allergens … On a radius of sale , the system allows users to edit labels with the composition as if it were industrial products.
  8. 8. 7 – Connected Labels to Push Promotions Based on NFC (Near Field Communication ), it allows the consumer to get its smartphone product information, to shop and to enjoy discount coupons. It’s also a solution for supermarket with pickupstore services to help the employees save time during the preparation.
  9. 9. 8 – RFID to track each Step of your Supply Chain RFID makes its way into the distribution , especially for critical sectors , such as meat, requiring foolproof tractability. RFID tags are affixed to the packaging as on pallets . They capture and provide information that can check during all stages of the distribution chain without the possibility of hijackings or incursion. It remains to miniaturize chips and optimize their interconnection with a remote communications.
  10. 10. 9 – Tracking Customer Buying Journey Publicis Shopper ( France ) tracks the customer buying journey (in opt- in). They recently won two marketing prize (Atedem and POPAI) with “Share a Coke” campaign in supermarkets about shopping experience in-store of Coca cola. Same in UK with Ditto for Shoppertrak.
  11. 11. 10 – Measuring the Traffic Flows Instore Bumbee Labs (Sweden) has people positioning systems. The IOPS application ( Indoor outdoor positioning system) measures the flow of traffic in malls or public space.
  12. 12. 11 – Before Date Management to Reduce Wastage Checkpoint developed a new system based on RFID label technology which help stores to limit their food wastage while making money. Mostly used on premium product due to the price of RFID labels, the solution allow the real- time updating of the stock after being scanned on the cashier line. An inventory of soon to be expired product is created and the shelf manager can use it to run some promotion to push them. According to checkpoint, The bêta version succeeded in decreasing loss from 35% and increasing sales from 7%.
  13. 13. 12 – LocalEyes & Mobeye Mission your Customers to Help You These app allowing consumers to some accomplices to be paid by the marks so they took pictures on the location of the marks, on prices displayed on the juxtaposition of competing products , etc. – A solution already adopted if tested by Danone, Heineken..
  14. 14. 13 – Robots & humanoid Are Coming! We Robots ( Attraktion company , Austria) have 3D sensors, and a display with keyboard . Mounted on wheels , they move independently and offer customers practical assistance : map of the store special requests on keyboard , etc.). See also Sephora -other models.
  15. 15. 14 – A.I controls Your Shelves Filling The indian company Wipro Technology proposes an automated system to control your shelves are well filled. In this purpose they use a robot similar to an Ipad up on a gyropode which reviews regularly each shelf. It detects if a product is missing to trigger a replenishment, misplaced products are target and the information is sent to the shelf manager to replace them. It could also allow to the brands like Nestlé, Danone ect… to monitore their product placement from the headoffice, but this will surely be depending the retailer…
  16. 16. 15 – Toshiba Invents the Instant Cash Checkout Based on the use of three 3D cameras, the machine identificate firstly the customer, then scans the whole cart. Each packaging is identificated helped by 500 differents characteristiques dots to allow this performance.
  17. 17. DISRUPTION IS COMING… “Disruption is coming…”