Leveraging azure and cello for multi tenancy


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Leveraging azure and cello for multi tenancy

  1. 1. Leveraging Azure and Cello for Delivering Highly Scalable Multi-Tenant SaaS Solutions The smartest and fastest way to build configurable, high quality applications that can be deployed on any cloud…
  2. 2. Agenda  Understanding Multi-Tenancy Models  Why Scalability is critical for Multi-Tenant Architecture?  What is Cello and How does Azure and Cello work together?  Advantages of Azure and Cello combination  Deployment in Azure  Benefits for ISVs SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  3. 3. Multi-Tenancy Models Single Tenant Multi Tenant  Single and Multi Tenant are the two approaches that ISVs typically take for delivering their SaaS solution.  Single Tenant Solutions typically involve setting up separate instances for each customer  Multi Tenant Solutions service multiple customers (tenant) from a single instance, there by sharing all the hardware resources SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  4. 4. Scalability in Multi-Tenant Architecture Why Scalability is critical for Multi-Tenant architecture?  Multi-Tenant systems experience heavy load due to the fact that single instance serves multiple customers  Load on the system is going to be directly proportional to the number of customers serviced.  SaaS Business model is only profitable with higher number of customers. Therefore, it’s suicidal if you are not building a multi-tenant architecture that is scalable at all levels. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  5. 5. Azure & Cello How does Azure and Cello work Together? SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  6. 6. Azure & Cello – Complement Each Other SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution Cache Active Directory Storage Database Traffic Manager Azure Watch Auto Scale Online Services For ISVs Cello provides the SaaS Engineering/Management features Azure provides the infrastructure management features.
  7. 7. What is Cello? SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution  Techcello is a cloud-ready, SaaS Application Development Framework for Azure platform  Can be used to,  Build new SaaS products  Convert single-tenant Apps to Multi- Tenant  Migrate on premise products to SaaS model  Cello framework is delivered as a set of libraries and APIs that can be easily integrated to your product  Applications built using Cello can be easily deployed in Azure  Cello contains building blocks for developing, monetizing and servicing ISV’s customers.
  8. 8. Cello – Technology Stack Technology Stack SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution Production Environment Windows Server 2012 IIS 8.0 SQL Azure AppFabric/Azure Cache .NET (v4.5) • C#, ASP.NET, • MVC, WIF Middle Layer • EF 6.0 • WCF • AppFabric Cache/Azure Cache Database • SQL Azure Development Environment Windows 7/8 Visual Studio 2012
  9. 9. Advantages of Cello and Azure Combination  Azure and Cello combination gives a perfect platform for ISVs to build their product.  Cello brings in a wide range of engineering building blocks, operational modules and subscription management tools. In other words, Cello offers the complete SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution.  ISVs will have the option of exposing some of the Cello administration features to tenants in the form self-servicing portal. This can bring down significant amount of support team load.  Azure on the other hand provides infrastructure and application life cycle management in the form of deployment support, monitoring tools, online services, etc.  While Cello strengthens the product with a scalable and robust architecture, Azure provides a scalable and secure infrastructure. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  10. 10. Typical Deployment in Azure Web Roles Worker Roles Auto Scale Traffic Manager Cache Active Directory Table/ BLOB SQL Azure SQL Azure SQL Azure Web Role Product Web Pages Binaries Cello Web Pages Binaries Worker Role Product Services Binaries Cello Services Binaries SQL Azure Product Tables Cello Tables Product Data Other Services Auto Scale Azure Services Cello Data SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  11. 11. Typical Deployment in Azure  ISVs can choose to deploy their product in either web role/worker role model or they can also choose the VM model (which is vanilla IaaS).  Cello is delivered in the form of APIs and libraries, which has to be deployed along with the product. Web role will contain the Cello web pages and binaries. Cello services will have to be deployed in Worker role.  Cello data is maintained separately and will have to be setup in SQL Azure database. However, the product database can point to any storage technology offered by Azure.  Product can leverage all the services offered by Azure platform. Cello does not bring in any limitations for the product. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  12. 12. Cello Offers Unlimited Scalability Web Server Database Server Application Database Cello Database Single Shard Load Balanced Web Servers Database Server Application Database Cello Database Double Shard Database Server Application Database Common for all tenants Tenant 1 to X Tenant (X+1) to Y SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  13. 13. Cello Offers Unlimited Scalability  Cello architecture is designed for unlimited scalability at all layers.  Products built using Cello design norms by default inherit the capability to dynamically scale out without any coding efforts.  ISVs can initially start with a single sharded model. However, when the load increases they can easily add additional resources in the form of machines, databases, storage etc.  Azure Watch can be effectively utilized to monitor the load of the systems and once the threshold is reached it will automatically add additional machines.  Cello leverages Azure Data Sharding feature by abstracting the database from Developers. This allows ISVs to shard by tenants and/or modules. SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  14. 14. Tenant and Module Based Sharding Tenant 1 to x Load Balanced App Servers Tenant x+1 to y Tenant y+1 to z Dedicated DB User Load Tenant 1 to x Tenant x+1 to y Tenant y+1 to z Dedicated DB Module B Module A SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  15. 15. Benefits for ISVs “The Techcello approach is likely to be ideal for companies -especially independent software vendors - that need to get to market relatively quickly with a multitenant SaaS solution and would like a substantial shortcut while avoiding lock-in to a proprietary application platform as a service (aPaaS)” - Gartner Research SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution
  16. 16. Contact Us SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution Web : http://www.techcello.com General Enquiry : info@techcello.com Support Enquiry : support@techcello.com Sales Queries: sales@techcello.com Register here for a Self-Guided Live Tour of Cello http://resources.techcello.com/techcello-demo-live-access