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  1. 1. Next Gen Banking How Regulation and Technology is changing Banking in India Ashish Banerjee, Technology Evangelist @innomon
  2. 2. Agenda New Banking Licenses Technology Levers What has Changed New Opportunities
  3. 3. Why So Many Licenses?
  4. 4. New Licenses Why so many types of Banks? PPI (Prepaid Payment Instrument) Payment Banks Small Finance Bank Scheduled Banks
  5. 5. What is Money Money is a device for storing and exchange economic value. Storage of Value requires Security and Stability Exchange of Value requires Agility and Innovation
  6. 6. Stability Stable organizations are required for Security and Stability needed for Storage of Economic Value functionality of Money.
  7. 7. Agility Transfer of Value functionality of Money need Agile & Innovative organizations for high velocity , low value money transfer.
  8. 8. Different Licenses for Agility and Stability Transfer of Value: Agility and Innovations : PPI (Pre Paid Instruments) Payments Banks Storage of Value: Stability and Security Small Finance Banks Focus on rural and unbanked population Loans to small entrepreneurs and Self Help Groups Scheduled Banks Too Big to Fail Focus on conventional banking RBI recognised that it is difficult for one organization to pursue the divergent requirements for Transfer of Value and Storage of Value functions of Money
  9. 9. What Has Changed?
  10. 10. 100 = 10 Accounts opened in last 100 years equals the number of accounts opened in last 10 years
  11. 11. For Bottom of Pyramid customers new Low Cost Innovations required for High Velocity low value transactions
  12. 12. Urban PPI and Scheduled Banks will mainly focus on Urban population and top of pyramid customers
  13. 13. Unbanked Payments Banks and Small Finance Banks will focus on unbanked and rural customers
  14. 14. New Opportunities
  15. 15. Urban PPI and Scheduled Banks Social Media is the new banking channel Mobile Banking Apps new differentiators Technology enabled Doorstep Banking Payments Innovations Mobile commerce integration IMPS (Immediate Payment System)
  16. 16. Social Social Media is the new channel Twitter Hashtag banking: Kotak Money Transfer: HDFC CRM integration: most banks DM OTP Facebook Collaborative Saving: ICICI iWish CRM integration: most banks OAUTH Social Login DM OTP
  17. 17. Doorstep Your Home is our branch Mobile POS: E-commerce and Local Commerce Doorstep Full Service Cash Delivered at Home Tablet based branch bank at home Instant KYC Instant pre-activated account opening
  18. 18. Payments Innovations and Agility NFC POS Payment Tokenization NPCI UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Universal Payments Wallet Social Payments and Split Pay IMPS Mobile Immediate Payment system AEPS Aadhaar Enabled Payment System QR Code Local Commerce
  19. 19. Unbanked Low Cost Innovations BC (Business Correspondent) Tablet App with Offline first embedded biometrics Universal Banking App Financial Delivery Platform for Value Added Services, like, Railway Tickets, Micro Insurance, assisted e-commerce AEPS: Direct Subsidy Transfer Human ATM and Micro ATM Instant Inward remittance
  20. 20. Feedback Welcome at Twitter: @Innomon