Patent Registration in India | Intellectual Property Protection for Entrepreneurship and Start-ups


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Patent Registration in India | Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

Preparing provisional and complete specifications; Filing of Indian and PCT applications; Prosecution of Patent applications before the Indian Patent Office

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Providing Advice to avoid legal issues with your email / mobile advertising campaign
Deciding whether you need patent for your business or not
Creating a prototype while avoiding legal issues and overhead expenses
Ensuring your website / mobile application is in compliance with data privacy laws
Deciding proper business structure and ownership
Negotiating with investors and VCs
Creating, Managing and Utilizing ESOPs (Employee Stock Options)
Selecting right name for your business (Trademark Law Issues)
Positioning your brand in market (Trademark Law Issues)
Drafting Contracts and Agreements
Drafting Website terms and Privacy Policies
Getting a fixed quote
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Patent Registration in India | Intellectual Property Protection for Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

  1. 1. Page No. 1info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comImportance of IPR for Start-upsTech Corp Legal LLPWhere Technology, Law, Business IntersectTech Corp InternationalConsultants Pte. Ltd. SingaporePrity Khastgir- Director
  2. 2. Page No. 2info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comAgendaWhat is Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)?Relevance of IP for Start-upsIP Strategies for Start-ups- Clearance Search- Technology Watch- Competitive IntelligenceIP Myths
  3. 3. Page No. 3info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comWhat is IntellectualProperty Rights (IPRs)?
  4. 4. Page No. 4info@techcorplegal.comDo not exist in Physical WorldCan be CharacterizedThey are not financial instruments like cash, bankaccounts, bonds & stocksCan be Valued & OwnedCan be transferredCan be MonetizedIntangible Assets – IPR
  5. 5. Page No. 5info@techcorplegal.comThought process to create something newSomething nobody has developed and thought till dateUnique to Business and needs IP protection-Creation of Mind
  6. 6. Page No. 6info@techcorplegal.com of MindGreatIdea !!
  7. 7. Page No. 7info@techcorplegal.com of MindGreatIdea !! Protection fromCompetitors / Infringersfrom Copying YourIntellect /Creation / Idea
  8. 8. Page No. 8info@techcorplegal.com Implement Idea into Practice to earn profitsDuring evaluation IP asset owned by the companyplay a major role-Investors View Point on IP
  9. 9. Page No. 9info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatentPatentTrademarkTM SM ®TrademarkTM SM ®©CopyrightIP-Protect Your Creation / Idea
  10. 10. Page No. 10info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comGenerate ProfitsPatentPatentTrademarkTM SM ® CopyrightIP-Protected Intellectual Property
  11. 11. Page No. 11info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comWHATHOW WHYWHEN WHEREWHO
  12. 12. Page No. 12info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comIntellectualPropertyRightsWhat isIntellectualProperty?Relevanceof IP Is IP aBusinessAsset?What areIntangibleassets?PatentsTrademarkCopyrightDesign
  13. 13. Page No. 13info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.com1. Patents: right to exclude others from manufacturing, usingor marketing an invention for a limited period; Brands arebuilt around patents e.g. Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad)2. Trademarks: words, symbols or devices - registered andprotected by law - a name, logo, or tag line e.g.3. Copyrights: legal protection to authors for original works ofauthorship – software (code), books, films, plays,compositionsIntangible Assets
  14. 14. Page No. 14info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatents•Term – 20 years from filing•Patent Requirements:• Novelty (new)• Useful (specific, substantial, and credible)• Not obvious (inventive)• Disclosure (enablement, best mode)
  15. 15. Page No. 15info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comScope & Life of Patents:• Scope defined by Patent Claims• Claims supported by Description & Figures• Subject to Renewal
  16. 16. Page No. 16info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatents – Why?•Patents: Important to Investors• Exclude entry of competitors• Develop investor confidence• Establish market credibility• Maximize licensing opportunities• Assistance with partnering opportunities• Help increase acquisition valuations• Cross-licensing bargaining chip• Generate license revenue streamPatentPatent
  17. 17. Page No. 17info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatent – Examples$8.5 BillionIntellectual AssetsPatents
  18. 18. Page No. 18info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatent gives right to use and practice the claimed subjectmatter• Reality: There could exist a prior broader patent, so apatent is NOT a defence to infringement of prior patent• Strategy: Timely Freedom-to-Operate and InvalidityOpinions from patent lawyer regarding third party patent rightsbefore commencing manufacture/sale/use of potentiallyinfringing process or productPatents Myths-1
  19. 19. Page No. 19info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comA worldwide patent may be filed• Must file individually / separately in each country whereprotection is soughtDoes International Patent protection exist ?• Filing before WIPO is part of IPR Strategy whereby you areincreasing the time limit to enter in other countries. However,no International protection is granted by WIPO.Patents Myths-2
  20. 20. Page No. 20info@techcorplegal.com
  21. 21. Page No.21info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comTrademarks & Brands1. Serve as source identifier for your goods and services2. Having the right trademark ensures that business is bothmarketable and protectable3. Trademark Clearance Search: to know who is using a particulartrade name before someone invests time, money and resources intomarketing and manufacturing of a business. Includes a search ofdomain names, the internet, in addition to trademark registrations.
  22. 22. Page No.22info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.com4. Trademark Registration in India: Within about 10-18 months fromthe date of filing, the trademark application proceeds towards the grantstage, and the trademark is registered. May be objected / opposed.5. Once registered, valid for 10 years, may be renewed for additional10 years.6. Further renewals must be filed or the trademark registration goesabandoned.Trademarks & Brands
  23. 23. Page No. 23info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comIndustrial PropertyIndustrial DesignIndustrial DesignTrademark(logo)Trademark(logo)Patent –for the TyrePatent –for the TyreFrom Users Perspective Information knowledge reflected in the ProductFrom Users Perspective Information knowledge reflected in the Product
  24. 24. Page No. 24info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comIP Strategies for Start-upsCan you enter the Market withoutinfringing IP-Competition:- Identify your competitors?- Identify existing competitive technologies?- What impact does your invention have on thecompetitor and the other technologies?
  25. 25. Page No. 25info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comPatent ScopeKnow limits of your inventionWhat differentiates your invention from known competitivetechnology?IP Strategies for Start-upsValue Proposition-Opportunities in Global MarketsNeed to protect technology in the identified markets
  26. 26. Page No. 26info@techcorplegal.comhttp://research.techcorplegal.comIs IP a Business Asset ?Identify. Capture. ProtectProtect your IntangibleAsset !!!
  27. 27. Page No. 27info@techcorplegal.comIdentify your unique points and how you aredifferent from your Competitor ? What would happen if your Competitor identifiesand knows your unique points?How to Identify IPin your Business?Key Takeaway If you don’t safeguard yourself no relief can besought.Key Takeaway If you don’t safeguard yourself no relief can besought.
  28. 28. TechCorpLegalLaw FirmTechCorpLegalLaw FirmBioCorpLegalBioCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalTech CorpInternational ConsultantsSingaporewww.techcorpgroup.comTech CorpInternational ConsultantsSingaporewww.techcorpgroup.comIntroductionPage No. 28info@techcorplegal.com
  29. 29. IntroductionTechCorpLegalLaw FirmTechCorpLegalLaw FirmBioCorpLegalBioCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalPharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyDrug LawsPharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyDrug LawsMobile ApplicationsSocial MediaCyber LawsMobile ApplicationsSocial MediaCyber LawsPage No. 29info@techcorplegal.com
  30. 30. IntroductionTechCorpLegalLaw FirmTechCorpLegalLaw FirmBioCorpLegalBioCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalCyberCorpLegalPharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyDrug LawsPharmaceuticalsBiotechnologyDrug LawsMobile ApplicationsSocial MediaCyber LawsMobile ApplicationsSocial MediaCyber LawsPatentsPatentsPage No. 30info@techcorplegal.com
  31. 31. Questions answeredIdentify IP developed in your businessValue your IPYour ideas and know-how may be some of yourmost valuable assetsIdentified IP licensing opportunities in marketProtect your IP today, before it is too late…..Page No. 31info@techcorplegal.com
  32. 32. Thank youGet in touch: No. 32info@techcorplegal.com