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Apple patent ozone sensor show time entertainment, be brave apple comes to rescue !!


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Show Time Entertainment, Be Brave Apple Comes to Rescue
World's top technology enterprise Apple is investing its resources in research towards making humans aware of the Ozone level in their vicinity. A question pondering my mind was very instant “Do humans really need to know Ozone level in their instant vicinity”
Showing concern towards a better natural ecosystem is a good thought process, however if humans are made aware of this fact will the technology create panic in the human mind?
Apple’s coveted portable communication device claims to contain a gas sensor encapsulated in a housing. One can definitely infer that this housing might be a smartwatch or a smart mobile to more SMARTER. The patented technology further includes a port to allow the air to enter and exit the enclosure and also has a light source utilised to generate ozone gas on an internal surface of the housing.
The housing further includes a heating element which is configured to heat the air to reduce or eliminate the presence of ozone gas inside the housing. The positioning of different elements in the housing allows calibration in the gas sensor by thermal decomposition of ozone gas molecules.
The gas used in the present sensor is metal oxide.
Analysis of this patent in terms of International Patent Tagging
The said invention has been tagged under IPCs G01N1/00 and G01N31/00. The disclosed patent invention relates to investigation or analysis of materials by determining their physical and chemical properties. Particularly, in this case physical and chemical properties of Ozone are detected.
The present invention claims the benefit of U.S. provisional patent application ser. No 62/636,796, entitled “IN-SENSOR SPAN CALIBRATION FOR MEMS OZONE SENSOR” filed on 28th day of February, 2018.
What’s Next:
Long Story Short
Apple wants to save the world by developing handheld devices to sense, calibrate, reduce or eliminate the ozone gas. Irony of this story is how humans are going to perceive this dynamic device in time to come.

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