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5G Patent Granted to SamSung titled Method and apparatus for providing profile #Iotpatent #US10666660


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Interesting Patent granted to Samsung amidst lockdown in 5G communication systems. The scope of patent is broad enough to encompass a method of profile download performed by a terminal for provision on a universal integrated circuit card (UICC) of the terminal, terminal independent patent claims and a profile providing server patent claims.
Generally disclosed are a communication method and system that integrate 5G communication systems with IoT technologies to support higher data rates after 4G systems. Email:
The present disclosure is based on 5G communication technologies and IoT related technologies, and may be applied to intelligent services (e.g. smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, smart or connected cars, health care, digital education, retail, and security and safety).
There is provided a method of profile downloading for a terminal. The method may include: transmitting a first profile download request to a profile providing server; receiving unencrypted first profile information from the profile providing server; checking whether there is an input for consenting to profile downloading after receiving unencrypted profile information; and determining whether to download an encrypted profile on the basis of the check result. There is also provided a terminal capable of performing the above method. In addition, there are provided a profile providing server and an operation method therefor for delivering a profile to the above terminal.

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