Improve Your Social and In-Person Networking Skills


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You don’t have to be a social butterfly to succeed with social networking. As a manager, tester, or QA professional, you need to differentiate yourself from the pretenders. If you are a “doer,” it’s time to start building your reputation at work and extending your reach on social networking sites, discussion forums, through online participation and at conferences like STAR. Whether you are searching for a new job, recruiting a candidate, or looking for new ways to solve problems, you need to know how to network. However, as a professional, you want to network with authenticity by making a “warm” connection—having a reason to connect and something to give. Johanna Rothman helps you recognize and analyze your current business relationships and plan ways to expand and extend your networking. Leave with an action plan and a new, budding network to help you implement that plan.

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Improve Your Social and In-Person Networking Skills

  1. 1. TJ AM Tutorial 10/1/2013 8:30:00 AM "Improve Your Social and In-Person Networking Skills" Presented by: Johanna Rothman Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. Brought to you by: 340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073 888-268-8770 ∙ 904-278-0524 ∙ ∙
  2. 2. Johanna Rothman Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. Known as the “Pragmatic Manager,”Johanna Rothman helps organizational leaders identify problems and risks in their product development and recognize potential “gotchas,” seize opportunities, and remove impediments. Johanna is the technical editor for and is author of Manage Your Job Search, Hiring Geeks That Fit, Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects, the 2008 Jolt Productivity awardwinning Manage It!
  3. 3. Improving Your Social Networking Skills Johanna Rothman New: Hiring Geeks That Fit @johannarothman 781-641-4046 What Do You Want to Know About Networking? Let’s gather some data... 2 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  4. 4. What Are Your Goals From Your Networking? Your networking will be different based on your goals Job searching is different from hiring Developing a community of practice is different from learning how to stay technically relevant Networking inside the organization is different from networking outside the organization Etc. 3 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Define Your Goals Define three short-term goals for your networking Define three long-term goals for your networking We’ll debrief together 4 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  5. 5. What Are You Doing Now? Write down what you are doing now What do you think is working for you? Where do you think your networking is not helping you? We’ll debrief together 5 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Big Three for Social Networking LinkedIn Twitter Facebook But what you do for each of these depends on your goals Let’s discuss how you use these 6 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  6. 6. LinkedIn 600 Pound gorilla for business If you are job searching or hiring you must be here If you are consulting you must be here 7 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Minimum for LinkedIn Your picture: Headshot of you and only you Headline Contact Information If you have URLs, name them Name your profile, example: Barebones profile Recommendations Give and receive Endorsements 8 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  7. 7. More for LinkedIn Publications Slideshare Recommendations Awards Groups 9 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Let’s Review LinkedIn Profiles Bring up your LinkedIn profile Look at the previous checklist. Does it have everything? Does LinkedIn think your profile is complete? Let’s review your profiles We’ll debrief together 10 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  8. 8. Twitter Build relationships Build followings How you use Twitter depends on your goals 11 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Twitter Goals Consultant Page points to a URL showcasing you Hiring manager Page points to a blog, company, something that entices a candidate Job searcher Page points to something that says “Why I should hire you” 12 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  9. 9. Twitter Followers and Lists You cannot follow everyone who follows you You don’t want to! Group people into lists for easier manipulation Use a tool to organize your lists 13 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Review Twitter Profiles Bring up your Twitter profile Look at your Twitter page Does it point to a URL that is reasonable? What do you tend to tweet? Let’s review your profiles We’ll debrief together 14 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  10. 10. FaceBook FaceBook fan pages For consultants, books, businesses Learn how to keep private stuff private Let’s discuss FaceBook... 15 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Other Sites Google Plus: I’m not so much a fan, Stackoverflow because my content belongs to Anywhere you can write an article google, not to me and post it with a link back to you/ your site email lists Goodreads youtube Github Other people’s blogs Foursquare reddit Webinars podcasts Public speaking Newsletters 16 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  11. 11. Social Networking Greases Wheels for In-Person Networking Social networking makes it possible for you to have a warm connection with someone when you meet them in person Start at building rapport 17 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Build Rapport In Person? Smile Handshake Put other person at ease Match each other somehow 18 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  12. 12. Build Rapport Online? Create a warm relationship, not a cold call Connection Start at a relationship Provide something of value to the other person 19 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Let’s Return to Your Goals Let’s develop action plans for your goals Action plans are small steps that start with a verb Create discrete, achievable steps that you can accomplish within one week or less. (I prefer one day or one hour or less.) We’ll debrief together 20 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  13. 13. Provide value to get value. Be yourself. Always be authentic. 21 © 2013 Johanna Rothman Let’s Stay In Touch... Pragmatic Manager: pragmaticmanager Please link with me on LinkedIn 22 © 2013 Johanna Rothman