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Setting and Measuring Individual Performance in Agile Teams

When software development teams work in waterfall environments, traditional performance management programs can help encourage personal development and innovation. However, Tina Rusnak says that when organizations move to agile, measuring performance takes on a new form that often causes confusion. If you're an agile developer, the days of receiving a high performance rating for writing the most code are over. Why? Agile is all about creating value, not writing code. If you're an agile tester, the days of receiving a high rating for finding the most bugs are over. Why? Agile testing is all about preventing, not finding defects. So what's the agile manager to do? What are the correct goals for individuals, and how does this relate back to overall team performance? It’s crucial to understand how traditional roles within the team have changed. With a focus on quality, Tina highlights the differences between traditional and agile work. She provides a model to develop a quality strategy that will serve as an example to create, track, and measure goals for all agile team members.

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Setting and Measuring Individual Performance in Agile Teams

  1. 1. AT11 Agile Metrics 6/8/2017 3:00:00 PM AT11 Setting and Measuring Individual Performance in Agile Teams Presented by: Tina Rusnak First Class Agile, LLC Brought to you by: 350 Corporate Way, Suite 400, Orange Park, FL 32073 888-­‐268-­‐8770 ·∙ 904-­‐278-­‐0524 - -
  2. 2. Tina Rusnak First Class Agile, LLC A student of life, Tina Rusnak has a gift for seeing what others don't see in themselves. Tina has been helping others learn how to reach their full potential through personal awareness for more than twenty-five years. Currently a practicing master coach, since 2007 she has trained and coached thousands of team members, leaders, and HR business partners on what agile really is-a mindset! Tina is an author, a speaker, and currently director of agility transformation at ADP and founder of First Class Agile.
  3. 3. 6/14/2017 1 Set & Measure Individual  Performance in Agile Teams Tina Rusnak, Director Agility Transformation ADP TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Welcome &  Thank You For  Joining My  Session 2Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  4. 4. 6/14/2017 2 It’s June! You  Know What  That Means… 3 “What you resist…persists.” ‐ Carl Jung Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 What’s Wrong  ith    Goals are  Unclear &  Stagnant with our  Performance  Goals? Just some  Feedback is  Inadequate &  Inconsistent Expansion of  Knowledge &  Roles examples… Performance  Review is  Irrelevant Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 4
  5. 5. 6/14/2017 3 5Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Focused  Decisions  Faster,  Results Inspire,  Trust &  Ownership Emphasize  Culture of  Learning Rapid  Growth &  Innovation Why Create  Goals ?  Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 5
  6. 6. 6/14/2017 4 Improved performance management execution will result in higher levels of employee engagement leading to more creative & innovative solutions that have an HYPOTHESIS awesome impact on business outcomes Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 6 What I’m About to Share is a Lie…and  a Work in Progress… 8
  7. 7. 6/14/2017 5 CONTENT • Part 1 ‐ F.A.C.T.S. Goal Model • Part 2 ‐ Expansion of Roles • Part 3 ‐ Putting it All Together 9Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Key Concepts Setting the Foundation 10Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  8. 8. 6/14/2017 6 Key Concept 1:  Agile is a Agile is a  Mindset Beliefs, People,  Growth, Results 11Image credit: https://www.mindsetworks.comTina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” ‐ Dr. Carol Dweck, Mindset Works  Key Concept 2:  The Agile The Agile  “Leader” ”What do you  want to be  when you when you  grow‐up?” 12Image credit:‐do‐you‐want‐be‐when‐you‐growTina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  9. 9. 6/14/2017 7 Key Concept 2:  The Agile  G   Grow The Agile  “Leader Grow  Yourself Grow Your  Grow  The  Business 13 Grow Your  Teams Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Key Concept 3:  Building Great Building Great  Teams is  Crucial ”But I don’t know  what to do ” 14Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 what to do. ‐ IT Manager
  10. 10. 6/14/2017 8 Key Concept 3:  Building Great  Culture  Transformation Leaders can role  model the new  culture Remove barriers;  collaboration &  empowerment Messaging that  emphasizes  cultural  expectations g Teams is  CrucialPeople Development Continuous  development of  people is critical Recognize people  & teams who  produce results &  impact Communities of  practice,  innovation &  ownership Hiring criteria  Flexible job  Individually  15 Agile Talent  Requirements Hiring criteria  that identifies &  attracts desired  skills & behaviors Flexible job  descriptions that  meet changing  needs Individually  negotiated  performance  system  Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Create an organization that constantly builds its capacity by  building the capacity of its people. Agile mindset to look at things in a new  Key Summary Agile mindset to look at things in a new  way; change old beliefs Leaders/managers/influencers are  growth focused Teams that are supported & consist of  I i d i di id lInspired individuals 16
  11. 11. 6/14/2017 9 Part 1: F.A.C.T.S. Setting & Measuring Goal Model 17Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 “All models are  Frequent Agreed‐to Concise“All models are  wrong, some  are useful.” ‐George Box,  St ti ti i (inspect &  adapt/measure) Agreed to (negotiated) Concise (K.I.S.S.) Thoughtful h Satisfaction (f l f )Statistician 18 (why?) (feeling factor) Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  12. 12. 6/14/2017 10 BIG GOAL:  Frequent: Each day I will log my sleeping, eating and  walking habits & each night before bed I will review  my day & plan for the next  Agreed to: My husband has agreed to help with the  “I want to feel  and look my  best at the  next TechWell   Agreed‐to: My husband has agreed to help with the  kids after dinner because that is the best time for me  to commit to completing this goal  Concise: In 30 days I will increase my walks from 30  minutes 3 days a week to 60 minutes 5 days a week  Thoughtful: I will gain higher levels of energy & be  conference.” Thoughtful: I will gain higher levels of energy & be  more productive.  Satisfaction: On a scale of 1‐5, achieving this goal  would be a 5 because I will feel motivated to do more 19 FREQUENT: Have a schedule  to set, check &  measure f f Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 19 Care for your goals, even if they change.
  13. 13. 6/14/2017 11 Negotiate AGREED‐TO: Whose goals  are these? Plan Propose Debate Bargain are these? Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 20 “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.” ‐ Stephen Covey  Clear Concise CONCISE: Get specific to get  results sooner &  build momentum Clarify Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 21 “THE WHAT”
  14. 14. 6/14/2017 12 THOUGHTFUL: Find your  inspiration Image credit:‐your‐why‐how‐makes‐life‐melissa Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 22 SATISFACTION: On a scale from 1‐5  how awesome will  achieving this goal  Autonomy Mastery Purpose achieving this goal  make me feel? Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 23 "Carrots & Sticks are so last century…we need to  upgrade to autonomy, mastery & purpose.” ‐ Dan Pink
  15. 15. 6/14/2017 13 FACTS Model: Outcomes Clear  ExpectationsWhat are  p Ongoing  F db k Growth &  D l t What are  Some  Outcomes of  Getting the  F.A.C.T.S.? FeedbackDevelopment Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 18 BIG ORG ORG Consider the Levels of Goal Contribution TEAM 26 YOU Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  16. 16. 6/14/2017 14 C id   Time to  Market • Decide time  frame Business  Value • Decide  method to  Quality • Decide  definition &  Velocity • Team level  only Consider  Metrics Some  examples frame • Right thing  at right  time • Technical  blocks  identified  quickly method to  define or  measure • Decide  where to  measure  sprint or  release  definition &  scope • Defects  found in  “hardening” • Defects  reported in  production only • Learn  average  rate of  delivery • Learn in  context • Technical p q y • Silos/walls  identified level? • Post  production  measures p • Automation • CI/CD Technical  blocks &  skill,  knowledge  gaps 27 Part 2: Expansion of  Roles 28Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Agile Increases the Challenge
  17. 17. 6/14/2017 15 d l TRADITIONAL  Project Delivery  Phases of requirement  definition  plan  build  test &  SCRUM Project  Delivery  Incremental & iterative  development  where phases  How do Roles  Change When  Teams Move  From Waterfall  to Scrum? definition, plan, build, test &  deploy  Deliver the requirements  outlined in detailed  documentation  Dev/test silo/different teams development, where phases  of the process are revisited  Importance is placed on  adapting to changing  requirements  Dev/test on same team toSc u  Large testing cycle/squeeze  at the end  Feedback late in project  Testing begins early;  everyone tests  Feedback within days &  throughout project 29Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 “With Scrum we  need team goals  now, no more  Communicate expectations with whole  team, then negotiate it individually , individual goal  setting! Yea!” “How do we do  that?”” Gina: Attend all  stand‐ups to  show my team  commitment  Larry: Attend all  stand‐ups to  learn the  scrum master  role Mike: Attend all  stand‐ups as  an architect I  can assist the  team   Don’t take things  so literally…. 30 You now have a team goal…
  18. 18. 6/14/2017 16 TRADITIONAL  SCRUM  Code against defined  i t  Collaborate with customer  to define requirements early Example Developer  Goals requirements  Troubleshoot reported  defects  Work independent of  testers  Up front system  to define requirements early  Team responsible for testing  & quality  Prevent defects w/high  levels of interaction with  testers 31Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017  Up‐front system  analysis & design  Write & maintain  technical documents  Just‐in time design  More technical; build & test  automation TRADITIONAL   Responsible for testing SCRUM  Team responsible for  Example Tester  Goals p g  Test against defined  requirements late in  project  Find defects  Daily status & defect  reports p testing  Collaborate with  customer to define  requirements early  Prevent defects  High levels of  interactionreports  Guarantee quality;  “go/no go”  Less technical 32Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 interaction  Customer defines  quality  More technical
  19. 19. 6/14/2017 17 Part 3: Putting It All  Together Developing Goals for Expanding Roles Using The Agile Testing Quadrants 33Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017 Build the Right Product & Build it Right Agile: Quality  is a Priority & a  Team Effort 34Source: Brian Marick and Lisa Crispin, “Agile Testing” Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  20. 20. 6/14/2017 18 “Increase NPS from a 6 to 8 in 6  months” Agile Tester Areas of Focus/Contribution Big Org: Lunch & Learn session(s) Org: Partner with customer support Team: Validate scenarios with PO Self: Learn the automation tools Concise (K I S S ):  In 30 days  will have given a lunch and learn to the all testers  BIG ORG GOAL Concise (K.I.S.S.):  In 30 days  will have given a lunch and learn to the all testers  on X topic that has been impacting quality Thoughtful (Why?): It’s important to share this knowledge so that other teams  can benefit as well as the customers Satisfaction (Feeling Factor): On a scale of 1‐5, I rate this a 5 because I will feel  great about helping the larger org, practiced my presentation skills and build new  35 great about helping the larger org, practiced my presentation skills and build new  connections Agreed‐to (negotiated): Team and leaders agree this is a great topic to raise  awareness Frequent (inspect & adapt): In 2 weeks I will get feedback on my deck, make  adjustments; present the material and again ask for feedback Try It Out! ‐Use the  Q d t   Quadrants as   Your Quality  Strategy Base “Words don’t  teach.” – A lot of people 36Tina Rusnak TechWell Agile Dev West June 2017
  21. 21. 6/14/2017 19 “Increase NPS from a 6 to 8 in 6 months” Agile Developer/Product Owner Areas of Focus/Contribution Big Org: Org: Team: Self: Concise (K I S S ):  Concise (K.I.S.S.):   Thoughtful (Why?): Satisfaction (Feeling Factor): 37 ( g ) Agreed‐to (negotiated): Frequent (inspect & adapt): Th k Y ! How to Reach Me:   asscoaching/ Thank You! Please send  feedback or  suggestions…   Cell: 770.549.2198 Scan to subscribe to First Class Agilegg 38 First Class Agile