Solving Real Problems through Collaborative Innovation Games®


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Are you having trouble getting people in your organization to agree on a path forward? Is collaboration sometimes more like a contest to see who can yell the loudest? Is it difficult to get customers to give you the information you need to create a product charter or unambiguous requirements? Achieving meaningful collaboration with a diverse group of people can be very difficult. Bob Hartman and Michael Vizdos shares their experiences with Innovation Games®, collaboration exercises that dramatically improve the way people work together. You’ll practice with exercises that are easy to use, fun, and encourage working together in a structured fashion. This structure guides successful collaboration, helping participants stay on track and avoiding non-productive, free-for-all discussions. Learn how to choose the best Innovation Game for each situation. Leave with an understanding of how and why structured collaboration with intellectual games is one of the most productive ways to help people work together toward a common goal.

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Solving Real Problems through Collaborative Innovation Games®

  1. 1. MP PM Half day Tutorial 11/11/2013 1:00 PM "Solving Real Problems through Collaborative Innovation Games®" Presented by: Bob Hartman, Agile For All Michael Vizdos, Vizdos Enterprises, LLC Brought to you by: 340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073 888 268 8770 904 278 0524
  2. 2. Bob Hartman Agile For All Bob Hartman’s logic-based approach to development and quality was honed early in his now more than thirty-year software development career. Bob has acquired wide-ranging industry knowledge by working as a software developer, tester, product manager, project manager, development manager, and executive. During the past ten years, he has grown from being an early adopter of agile to his current status as a Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach. Bob remembers the pain of long waterfall development cycles, and understands the human and business interactions necessary to achieve success regardless of development methodology. Bob’s holistic view of development can help any team achieve success. Michael Vizdos Vizdos Enterprises, LLC The author of, Michael Vizdos travels internationally working with clients to improve delivery of products to their customers using Scrum and other agile techniques. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with more than twenty years of experience in all facets of software development and product delivery. Michael is active in the lean startup community, coauthored (with Scott Ambler) The Enterprise Unified Process, and speaks at user groups and conferences about these topics— and more! One of his current projects can be found at Read more about Michael at, contact him at, or follow his daily exploits on Twitter @mvizdos.
  3. 3. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Solving*Real*Problems*Through* Collabora've*Innova'on*Games®* Presented"by"Bob"Hartman" Cer2fied"Scrum"Trainer" Cer2fied"Scrum"Coach" Twi;er:"@AgileForAll" Web:"" Blog:"" Bob*Hartman*(Agile*Bob)* •  30+"years"of"soHware"industry" experience" •  Cer2fied"Scrum"Trainer"(CST)" Cer2fied"Scrum"Coach"(CSC)" •  Bachelor"and"Masters"degrees" in"Computer"Science" •  Roles"included"Tester," Developer,"Dev"Manager,"QA" Manager,"Product"Manager," Project"Manager,"VP…" •  Started"with"agile"in"1999"" 303W766W0917" blog:"" 2 1"
  4. 4. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Collabora'on*in*many*companies* 3 What*is*collabora'on?* 4 2"
  5. 5. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* 5 When*should*collabora'on*occur?* 6 3"
  6. 6. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* When*are*CRITICAL*'mes*for* collabora'on*to*occur?* 7 Why*is*collabora'on*so*hard?* 8 4"
  7. 7. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Introducing*Innova'on*Games* 9 Why*Innova'on*Games*work* 10 5"
  8. 8. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Let’s*Play!* 11 Remember*the*Future* Purpose: Understand success Agile use: Release planning 12 6"
  9. 9. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Product*Box* Purpose: Identify exciting features Agile use: Creating a vision 13 14 7"
  10. 10. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Speed*Boat* Purpose: Identify good/bad Agile use: Retrospective 15 Buy*a*Feature* Purpose: Prioritize features Agile use: Backlog grooming 16 8"
  11. 11. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* Facilitated*Team*Es'ma'on*Game** (NOT*an*Innova'on*Game!!!)* Purpose: Quick, but useful estimates Agile use: Release, iteration or sprint estimation 17 18 9"
  12. 12. Collabora've*Innova'on**Games* 19 Web:** Blog:** Email:** Phone:*1T303T766T0917** ach tman r and Co Bob Har m Traine Scru Certified r All ll Agile Fo gileForA /bobhartman www.twit ed 20 10"