The 21st Century Needs Radical Management


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Most management methods in use today have been around for more than fifty years. During that time, the work has changed dramatically and so have the types of workers. The new ways of working that have emerged do not align well with the old ways of managing. In the 21st century, management must change to accommodate these new realities. Radical management involves changing the focus from stakeholders to customers, from controlling to enabling, from coordination to linking, from efficiency to improvement, and from telling to communicating. Radical management changes the culture of an organization by focusing on what truly drives long-term bottom line success. Bob Hartman shares an in-depth look at both the problems and solutions. Learn how to change from traditional management to radical management and develop a culture ready for business at the speed of the 21st century.

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The 21st Century Needs Radical Management

  1. 1.     AT5 Session  6/6/2013 2:15 PM                "The 21st Century Needs Radical Management"       Presented by: Bob Hartman Agile For All                   Brought to you by:        340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073  888‐268‐8770 ∙ 904‐278‐0524 ∙ ∙
  2. 2. Bob Hartman Agile For All Bob Hartman’s logic-based approach to development and quality was honed early in his now more than thirty-year software development career. Bob has acquired wide-ranging industry knowledge by working as a software developer, tester, product manager, project manager, development manager, and executive. During the past ten years, he has grown from being an early adopter of agile to his current status as a Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach. Bob remembers the pain of long waterfall development cycles, and understands the human and business interactions necessary to achieve success regardless of development methodology. Bob’s holistic view of development can help any team achieve success.  
  3. 3. Radical  Management   The  21st  Century  Needs   Radical  Management:     Agile  to  the  Rescue!   Presented  by  Bob  Hartman   Cer2fied  Scrum  Trainer   Cer2fied  Scrum  Coach   Twi;er:  @AgileForAll   Web:   Blog:   2 1  
  4. 4. Radical  Management   We  have  to  switch  from…   3 to…   4 2  
  5. 5. Radical  Management   Why  do  we  have  to  change?   5 Four  types  of  teams   Manager-­‐led   Teams   Self-­‐managing   Self-­‐organizing   Self-­‐governing   Teams   Teams   Teams   SeGng  overall   direc2on  for   the  team   Designing  the   team  and  its   context   Managing  work   process  and   monitoring   progress   Execu2ng  the   team  tasks   6 3  
  6. 6. Radical  Management   Where  are  high  performance  teams  found?   Surprise!   7 Why?   8 4  
  7. 7. Radical  Management   Radical  Management  is  Different!   9 We  need  to  change  –  a  lot!   10 5  
  8. 8. Radical  Management   The  “new”  book  says…   11 This  seems  to  fit  that…   12 6  
  9. 9. Radical  Management   So  do  other  agile-­‐like  things   13 14 7  
  10. 10. Radical  Management   Focus  less  on  the  “things”  being  built   15 And  more  on  the  people  using  the  things   16 8  
  11. 11. Radical  Management   Otherwise…   17 Remember,  loyalty  no  longer  exists   18 9  
  12. 12. Radical  Management   19 It  requires  all  the  principles!   20 10  
  13. 13. Radical  Management   What  can  you  do?   21 StarTng  Points   •  Agile  Manifesto  principles  and  values:   •  Scrum  Values  (Commitment,  Focus,   Transparency,  Respect,  Courage)   •  Lean  Principles:     •  THE  book:   The  Leaders  Guide  to  Radical  Management   22 11  
  14. 14. Radical  Management   23 Web:   Blog:   Email:   Phone:  1-­‐303-­‐766-­‐0917     ach tman r and Co Bob Har m Traine Scru Certified r All ll Agile Fo gileForA /bobhartman www.twit ed 24 12