Large Agile Transformations: A Roadmap for Lasting Change


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Agile methods have gained the attention of leaders as a way to speed time to market and increase motivation. Businesses are looking to agile as a way to achieve organizational change so teams deliver more value faster, and where people’s pride and joy of work are enhanced. However, we know from extensive experience that agile practices by themselves will not lead to this kind of an organizational transformation. What does it take? To drive results and create lasting change, the key is to motivate people about this way of working, and create meaningful communications to get buy-in from stakeholders. Ole and Jenni Jepsen go deeper into the steps for successful agile transformations in large organizations—how to form a transformation team with decision-making power, how to engage with strategic goals and set clear direction, how to get buy-in for new ways of working at every level, and how to involve as many people as possible in the transformation.

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Large Agile Transformations: A Roadmap for Lasting Change

  1. 1. AT1 Concurrent Session 11/14/2013 10:15 AM "Large Agile Transformations: A Roadmap for Lasting Change" Presented by: Ole Jepsen, goAgile Jenni Jepsen, goAgile Brought to you by: 340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073 888 268 8770 904 278 0524
  2. 2. Jenni Jepsen goAgile A partner at goAgile, Jenni Jepsen focuses on helping individuals, teams, and organizations increase motivation, effectiveness, and transparency by engaging with business goals, creating meaning for stakeholders, and building trust through the process. With extensive experience in change leadership and communications, Jenni integrates neuroleadership concepts into her coaching, training, and sparring with leaders at every level to help people create lasting change. Neuroleadership is an emerging field of study focused on bringing neuroscientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, management training, change management, training, consulting, and coaching. Ole Jepsen goAgile A partner at goAgile, a Denmark-based consulting firm, Ole Jepsen is a highly-esteemed agile coach for organizations experiencing change. Ole works with organizations to help leaders and teams expand their perspectives, focus on value, and increase joy of work to create ownership and get results. An involving and engaging way to lead, it results in happier teams, increased business value, and is key to a lasting enterprise-wide agile transformation. Ole is a founder of the Agile Leadership Network, the founder of the Danish Agile User Group, and organizer of Agile Coach Camp Denmark, and Stoos in Action.
  3. 3. First, some context… Large Agile Transformations A Roadmap for Lasting Change Ole Jepsen & Jenni Jepsen Helping you create lasting change Place: Date: Value & Business Boston November 2013 Organizational Complexity: Cynefin Model Probe*–*Sense*–*Respond* EMERGENT* Sense*–*Analyse*–*Respond* GOOD*PRACTICE* Act*–*Sense*–*Respond* NOVEL* Dealing with Organisational Complexity Catastrophe*rophe* Catast Disorder( Sense*–*Categorize*–*Respond* BEST*PRACTICE* 4* Nearly all organizations are complex… Characteris*cs+of+complex+organiza*ons:+ ! Dynamic*with*rich*interacGons.* Different*people*operaGng*at*different*levels.* Feedback*is*important*to*the*process.* The*environment*is*unpredictable.* Small*changes*can*have*a*large*impact.*
  4. 4. Solutions need to match the nature of Complex organizations Complicated*N*the*relaGonship*between*cause* and*effect*requires*analysis.*AnalyGcal* techniques*to*determine*facts*and*opGon* range.*Cause*and*effect*separated*over*Gme* and*space,*but*repeatable*and*analyzable.* KNOWABLE* * Transformation Team SENSE*–*ANALYZE*–*RESPOND* Complex*N*the*relaGonship*between*cause*and* effect*can*only*be*known*in*retrospect,*but*not* in*advance.*MulGple*small*and*diverse* intervenGons*to*create*opGons.*Cause*and* effect*coherent*in*retrospect,*gets*repeated* accidentally.*UNPREDICTABLE* * PROBE*–*SENSE*–*RESPOND* Driving forces in Agile Three measurable, driving forces surround Agile practices – making the change that has been created last: Transforming large organizations to Agile is a change process 1. RESULTS 2. MOTIVATION 3. COMMUNICATION Agile practices Communication Helping you create lasting change 9* Rooms of Change Two reasons change is difficult Status(quo( Renewal( 1.  People*have*a*natural*resistance*to*change.* 2.  They*don’t*understand…** why*the*change,*what*does*it*mean*for*them,*and*how*do* you*want*them*to*work*differently*(vision,*mandate).* !?! Denial( Confusion(&(Chaos( 11*
  5. 5. Our brain & change Regions of the brain Prefrontal( Cortex((PFC)( Limbic(System( Prefrontal( Cortex((PFC)( •  •  •  •  •  Limbic(System( •  •  •  •  •  DecisionNmaking* EmoGon*control* HigherNlevel*thought* Mental*flexibility* GoalNoriented*behavior* LongNterm*memory* Old*habits* AaenGon* Reward,*pleasure* Fear* Toward & Away Response Away* Stakeholder Management Toward( Crea&ng!meaning!for!&!!buy!in!! from!your!stakeholders Helping you create lasting change 17*
  6. 6. Who do you need to involve? Involve the right people, or else… Project* plan* Team* ** ** ** ** The*real* power* ** ** ** The*appointed* Business* Partner* The*essenGal* knowledge* !( Project* plan* * 20* * 19* Create relationships to create results Stakeholder Management 1.  What*the*goal*your*team*wants*to*achieve?* 2.  What*is*the*value*you*want*to*communicate?* 3.  Who*do*you*want*to*communicate*with*(idenGfy*stakeholders)?* 4.  How*do*we*create*meaning*for*them?** 5.  What*messages*and*acGons*(including*frequency)*will*you*take* in*your*communicaGons*with*stakeholders?* A*close*relaGonship*increases*the*bandwidth*of*the*communicaGon* * 21* 22* Large*Agile*TransformaGons*N*Key*Takeaways Trust*–*just*do*it*–*because*results*sell*themselves* Do*your*stuff*–*say*it*in*their*words* ( Prime*your*ideas* ( Create*our*own*mandate* Change*is*easy*on*paper,*but*we*have*a*natural* resistance*to*new*things* •  Listen*twice*before*you*give*advice* •  Don’t*stop*idenGfying,*think*in*soluGons* •  Listen,*listen,*listen..!* •  •  •  •  •  Contact @olejepsen +45 5052 6212 @jenniindk +45 4047 7850 Helping you create lasting change Place: Date: Boston November 2013