A Big Helping of DevOps with Career Advice on the Side


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For decades-with the exception of agile-dev followers-the IT community has continued to build and protect its departmental silos. Project management, business analysis, development, testing, DB administration, and operations are just a few of the specializations that are carved out and institutionalized. Agile practices seek to eliminate the walls and empower people to deliver the highest value to the business. DevOps is the latest effort in this direction-bringing developers, testers, and operations together to replace their silos with a continuous collaboration pipeline. Paul Peissner introduces DevOps and explains how it is a key to transitioning from continuous integration (creating the finished software product immediately) to continuous delivery (making the product immediately available to users) and adding tremendous new business value. Paul describes the effects DevOps will have on classic organizational roles-development, test, and operations-and the new opportunities arising for those who are up to the challenge. Find out what you need to do now to be ready for this paradigm shift.

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A Big Helping of DevOps with Career Advice on the Side

  1. 1.           AT7 Concurrent Session  11/8/2012 2:15 PM                "A Big Helping of DevOps with Career Advice on the Side"       Presented by: Paul Peissner CollabNet                 Brought to you by:        340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073  888‐268‐8770 ∙ 904‐278‐0524 ∙ sqeinfo@sqe.com ∙ www.sqe.com
  2. 2. Paul Peissner CollabNet Paul Peissner is an IT best practice enthusiast in cross-discipline areas of agile, ALM, QA, BSM, ITIL, ITSM, and DevOps at CollabNet. Paul is a strong advocate for partner-based “ecosystem innovation,” encouraging enterprise IT adoption of cloud, mobility, self-service, and organizational standards of agile and DevOps. He understands the limits of an R&D platform team, the growing and changing demands of customers, and the wealth of resources the right partnerships can provide to end-users. You can follow him @PaulPeissner.  
  3. 3. 11/9/2012 A Look at DevOps…  with Career Advice on the Side with Career Advice on the Side Paul Peissner DevOps Enthusiast,  Director Business Development PPeissner@Collab.Net Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 1 Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast, Director at CollabNet  Good News – It’s moving fast! Diving CollabNet’s Enterprise Cloud Development and DevOps vision  Bad News – Small problems can get ugly real fast… Eco‐System innovation, IT Trainings and IT leader transformation  Agile + Cloud Agile  IT Ops = Ugly  Agile  Cloud = DevOps  Agile – Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2 1
  4. 4. 11/9/2012 Historic IT Specialization Silos…Falling? IT Communities were built on Silo and Wall models ‐ ITIL, Cobit, SOA, Continuity, Compliance, Performance, Planning,  Security, Infrastructure best‐practice, Change‐Management, etc. So what’s really changing? ‐ Technologies, Agile, Cloud, Mobile, the economy, etc…  What’s needed?  IT with no walls or silos… • Generalists with more expertise and experience, • Community knowledge sharing and collaboration, IT past – built with walls & silos • Automation, Cloud, Process controls and feedback  •IT today – requires more involvement Business alignment and corporate transparency Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 3 IT’s Sacred Roles, Knowledge and Space  Some IT specialization roles are almost institutionalized! ‐ Have some assumed pre‐suppositions of IT changed?  Does some of IT’s historic “core knowledge” appear to obsolete? Collaboration requires the expansion  of “outsiders” as Decision Owners Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4 2
  5. 5. 11/9/2012 Has Agile Adoption had impact on the IT Community? Agile wants to fix a broken and slow process…  ‐ Eliminating the walls…and the throw‐overs   ‐ Encouraging groups to work synergistically But does Agile change the face of IT too…  ‐ Can Ops manage the “change‐train”?  ‐ Is there a new cadence for doing IT? One team’s success in a massive IT  failure is still a massive IT failure!  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 5 1st Generation Agile…Chaos? Why  Agile & DevOps innovation cycles must  Agile “team & done” definitions  expand… be business relevant and not disruptive! …as IT measures total speed and IT success …fast “bad quality” apps can hurt business  Dev’s isolated “project success” is just…  …un‐used inventory until Op’s supports it  …and it’s worthless, without business users   Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6 3
  6. 6. 11/9/2012 Agile has new Business Potential It’s NOT about Development SPEED! Give your business it’s best chance to  succeed in a modern‐day high‐speed race!  Build DevOps IT Teams Optimized for the  business’s needs and market changes!  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 7 Agile and DevOps Potential…is scary! Flow‐focused Optimization Unified System thinking  Bus. Feedback loops help IT recover and adjust quickly  Executive from “learning opportunities” Process standards create a foundation  DevOps enables a shared  for IT’s continuous improvement systems focus that can  practices into the future… quickly adapt and  embraces change! embraces change! IT Executive Amplify feedback‐loops Embrace Experimentation & Learning Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8 4
  7. 7. 11/9/2012 Pressured Businesses demand more from IT Businesses are under pressure… • Markets mandate very high standards • Unreliability  and disruptions are unacceptable • Changes may be required at any time • Profitability is critical in this economy • Always look for innovation and growth…anywhere! …leverage any Competitive Agility that can     leverage any Competitive Agility that can The Business and Software have never  been more intimately connected Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 9 Pressured Businesses demand more from IT Keeping Businesses alive, means IT needs to… • • • • • • Continuously alignment  across the organization y g g Continuously improve global systems / processes Continuously delivery quick innovation and fixes Continuously integrate using more automation Continuously develop leveraging global re‐use Encourage innovation …with DevOps IT! E i ti ith D O IT! Adapt and Innovate or Die! Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10 5
  8. 8. 11/9/2012 4 Things IT Needs to Admit...  Changes 1. The Businesses really needs a healthy IT team.... …but IT groups can one sick dog!  Market 2. IT’s Dev & Ops silos can be slow and costly issues for the business! IT 3. Siloed IT specialist (like Agile Dev & ITIL  Competitive  Ops), that don’t work together really  Agility hurt the business! Bus. Bus 4. Improved IT collaboration, faster  innovation and improve quality will only  help your Business success potential! Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 11 What is DevOps? DevOps is a set of principles, methods and practices… …to increase business value. to increase business value • Collaborative Development  • Continuous Integration • Continuous Delivery/Deployment • Continuous Monitoring/Management Continuous Monitoring/Management  • Continuous Improvement  • Continuous Alignment  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12 6
  9. 9. 11/9/2012 DevOps – IT Transition Needed I promise you, Capt.  The Business wants high quality and adaptable IT Services Stevie can get you on  – performance, availability and agility at a reduced cost! the ground… Agile‐fast! IT Ops challenge, keep IT Service quality high – while everything gets more challenging and complex! Without feedback Dev is blind to business  contributions….good or bad they repeat it! Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 13 A DevOps IT Model Businesses need to be more responsive to the market…  ‐ innovate faster ‐ fix things faster  ‐ higher quality/security standards  ‐ and reduce IT’s costs! Business Plan Dev Deploy QA Go/No‐Go Manage Monitor Support Development  Operations  QA & Process Management Dev Innovate & fix   faster Better quality  & security Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Don’t hurt IT or  the business  14 7
  10. 10. 11/9/2012 Making the Right Kinds of Changes? Are companies making these changes? Is there a pattern or process to the changes they make?  h h h h k What are types of…  ‐ processes and methodologies ‐ technologies and tools chains g ‐ IT roles and IT careers  …are enabling this type of IT Transformation? Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 15 Stepping up to DevOps IT • Some steps towards better software development and IT efficiency • Some observations based on real customers and industry experience • A practical path to collaboration and transformation with real data A blueprint for Enterprise Cloud Development Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 16 8
  11. 11. 11/9/2012 Embracing Cloud & Global Teams  • IT Service Policies  • Configuration Items Global collaboration… Centralized tools/data • Cloud Target Policies • Release Standards  • App Dev Content • Feedback loops Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 17 Enabling Communities Map IT Org Architectures  and Business Strategies Goals • Build consistency of applications on‐ramping – Application frameworks infrastructure profiles cloud targets SLA’s etc Application frameworks, infrastructure profiles, cloud targets, SLA s, etc. • Collaboration for development and release standards – Global security roles based access to content by all stakeholders • Quality improving CI reuse standards – Continuous delivery and release processes Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 18 9
  12. 12. 11/9/2012 Standardized Dev Processes – Scalable Quality 1 Product Owner Submits  8 ‐ New Requirements or New Defects 2 Feedback loops  & monitoring & i i Engage Dev  Team Developers Code 3 4 6 Developers Collaborate  7 Controlled  Release:  Automate  Deployment (code  test  fix code  test…)  (code – test – fix code – test…) 5 Continuous Integration  (Automate flow/track processes; App‐Build, Test/QA…)  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 19 Continuous Delivery – Sustainable Quality FRS App Deploy – Process Mgt Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 20 10
  13. 13. 11/9/2012 Continuous Improvement – Adaptable Quality  Deploy – Process Mgt Datacenter Private Cloud FRS App FRS App FRS App Public clouds FRS App FRS App Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. ENTERPRISE CLOUD DEVELOPMENT 21 Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 22 Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11
  14. 14. 11/9/2012 Operations Authorized Promotion 1 Access DevOps Cloud 7 - Centralized Community - Dev Requirements or Defect / Rework 2 ‐ Delivery tool  closes  Dev  process with an official process with an official  feedback notification  Deploy tool  5 accesses product Dev Commits Code 3 Dev Launches Build (Jenkins)            ‐ Build‐successful & Release‐ready ‐ Deploy tool (HPOO) is notified 4 Delivery tool  notifies Deploy  Success to Dev 6 Delivery tool  coordinates deployment ‐ Gets App & support files ‐ Gets traget (Cloud) profile   (App Framework, Config data, etc.) ‐ Deploys App and files to Cloud Ops (Release) Manager O (R l )M launches Deployment Workflow Manual Release Automation, Application Promotion & Governance Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 23 CollabNet TeamForge Project Categories O ga Organizing projects by  g p ojects by categories can help users  find what they need on a site  quickly and easily. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 24 12
  15. 15. 11/9/2012 CollabNet TeamForge Project Page A TeamForge project contains  the development and  collaboration tools required for  users to collaborate and do  users to collaborate and do work on a development project. Desk Top Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 25 CollabNet TeamForge Eclipse Edition Access the rich features of the  TeamForge  through the  Eclipse IDE with seamless  integration and graphical  point‐and‐click interface for  merge tracking, conflict  resolution and tree conflict  handling. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 26 13
  16. 16. 11/9/2012 CollabNet TeamForge Continuous Build Continuous Integration (CI)  scenario, by launching and  monitoring build and test  activities using TeamForge and  Hudson/Jenkins.  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 27 Operations Orchestration – Configured flow Event Driven Continuous  Provisioning and  Deployment from  CollabNet TeamForge  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 28 14
  17. 17. 11/9/2012 Operations Orchestration – Configured flow Execution of Deployment  Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 29 Operations Orchestration – Configured flow Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 30 15
  18. 18. 11/9/2012 Chef Opscode: CD ‐ Developer Governance  ‐ Cloud Adoption 1 Access DevOps Cloud 8 User Executes Application Centralized Dev - View Agile Requirement (or Defect Alert) 2 - Feeds Back Issues via CTF Defect Tracker Developer Commits Code - Developer Governance - Deploy to Dev, QA, Stages, or Production Successful Build FRS - Release config. (BOM) - Cookbook Recipes 3 Jenkins Launches - Reads Maven Build Rules 7 6 5 Payload Chef - File node details & payload deployed on Chef server Chef Deploys into Production - Deploys App & Deployment Stack into EC2 4 Maven Instructs Chef - Delivers application to Chef - Create EC2 Server/Node - Create Deployment Stack - Knife node access and builds Continuous Delivery ‐ Developer Driven  ‐ Release Automation, some Governance, ‐ Ops platform that supports many Clouds Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 31 DevOps Demo Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 32 16
  19. 19. 11/9/2012 CollabNet Case Study: Deutsche Post DHL • • • • • Reduced IT ops budget by 20% Decreased time to market by up to 40% Improved developer productivity up to 30% Achieved ISO/IEC compliance 10 days to migrate a project 10 days to migrate a project Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 33 What is Your DevOps Story? 90‐second DevOps Survey 90‐second DevOps Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DevOps‐survey WHEN IT FAILS ‐ Jan. 15, 2013 ‐ www.ITRevolution.com/books Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 34 17
  20. 20. 11/9/2012 Next Steps Keep Learning! Agile is only the start CollabNet Resources… Enterprise Cloud Development  Toolkit – www.collab.net/ecd Free Webinars – www.collab.net/ecdwebinars Download: Development framework TeamForge – www.collab.net/downloads/teamforge Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 35 CollabNet Contact Paul Peissner, DevOps Discussions www.collab.net +1‐650‐228‐2500 +1 650 228 2500 +1‐888‐778‐9793 blogs.collab.net twitter.com/collabnet www.facebook.com/collabnetfans www.linkedin.com/company/collabnet‐inc 36 PPeissner@collab.net +1‐925‐271‐0303 Many Agile Experts: Trainings and Coaching Services Agile@collab.net              +1‐650‐228‐2500 Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©2012 CollabNet, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 36 18