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Feedback from USA Workshop


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Feedback from USA Workshop

  1. 1. Feedback from USA workshop Dr. Jaime Reed, Space Growth Partnership / Airbus
  2. 2. USA Workshop  USA identified as largest space market  Survey confirmed interest in the USA  A mature market with plenty of competition  a huge challenge  Held at the Satellite Applications Catapult, 18th September  26 attendees  Presentations from DIT, UKSA, SA Catapult, Oxford Space Systems, Honeywell, SSTL  Interactive session on strengths/weaknesses & barriers  Clear that relative strengths/weaknesses not understood
  3. 3. Barriers Buyers • Difficulty to see roadmaps / requirements • UK not directly marketed – not visible • Complexity of accessing downstream buyers • US companies often highly integrated Promotion • UK vocabulary upstream/downstream is not known or articulated • UKSA/NASA use different terminology • Value of getting in front of buyers • Trade missions not flexible/responsive enough • Cost/focus – need to do research Trade barriers • Barriers to the US include regulations, language and cost of entry • Meeting buyers is difficult, can we get them to the UK? • UK licensing can be slow Partnerships/Collaboration • R&D partnerships important to build credibility and relationships • Attracting US FDI to the UK can then create export opportunities to US • Need to develop links with US universities on projects which then transition to commercial opportunities
  4. 4. Exports to the USA SWOT (based on workshop) Strengths • Small satellites, digitally processed payloads, detectors, thrusters, ferrite switch technology, electric propulsion, sat coms (esp mobile), deployable systems, space weather • Low labour cost & tax • Joined up gov/industry • Common standards & regulation • UK intellectual capital • Access to European market & ESA Weaknesses • Small domestic market • Limited technical base and value chain • Relative lack of agility at scale Opportunities • Access to US market easier in UK • Strategic relationship • Launcher programme • Depreciating pound • UK/USA trade deal Threats • Brexit could lead to a period of confusion • UK/USA trade deal • Trump effect & BUY AMERICA
  5. 5. Conclusion  A HVC for the USA seems feasible given the pipeline  We are going to develop a strategy for the USA covering:  Exports to major buyers  Exports promotion  Improved market intelligence  The UK value chain  Ideas for cooperative R&D topics & cooperation  Connecting to investors (e.g. InnovateUK missions)