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A free note-taking software for documentation purposes
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  1. 1. RedNotebook - A free note-taking software for documentation purposes Fayçal ALAMI HASSANI alami[at] 8th September 2019 Abstract: Note-taking and storing relevant information for later use play a major role in documentation projects and writing activities. Using a lightweight application such as RedNotebook1 enables the user to archive his notes in a structured manner and retrieve them in an uncomplicated way. Keeping important notes stored locally in a centralized place During your research tasks, you may want to take a bunch of notes that you would like to refer to at a later time. Whenever such a situation arises, it is better to store such notes in a central location on your system. RedNotebook is a free tool that allows you to accomplish this task in an organized way thanks to a number of features including: Easy-to-use syntax for formatting text The easy syntax in RedNotebbok enables you to write everything in plain-text and control the layout through appropriate syntax elements. See example below: Example template in Edit mode “plain-text” 1. Download link:
  2. 2. Example template in Preview mode Instantaneous retrieval through hashtags Tagging the most relevant words in your entries allows you to recover the target entries later on by just typing the corresponding hashtags (e.g. Start #MySQL #Workbench). Word clouds In the same line with what has been stated above, the word cloud that appears on the left pane of the interface displays the most frequently used terms in the journal entries. Backup and export options RedNotebook allows you to backup your entries and restore them in case of a system crash or data loss. You can store your backup as a zip file in a safe place. To recover the entries, all you need is to navigate to the folder containing the extracted zip file and select Open from the navigation menu. Alternatively, you can also use the Export Assistant to export all the entries into one of the available formats: Plain Text, HTML, Latex or PDF. How to contribute? Whenever you use free software, keep in mind that the piece of software you are running would not exist without the engagement of several people who have been sacrificing their valuable time to make things work. In this regard, contributing to free software projects not only represents an intellectually rewarding task, but is also a way of saying “Thank you” to all these people. To find out about how you can help, please check the relevant section under the following link: