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Why Demand Generation Funnels Are a Limiting Approach


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There’s a whole world of potential buyers that marketers are missing out on using traditional demand generation techniques to fill their funnels. New data and marketing tools allow marketers to see prospects who are exhibiting buying signals beyond just what they’re getting from their own efforts.

This presentation explores why today’s marketers need to take an integrated approach to demand generation – one that combines elements of lead generation and intent-data-based solutions – in order to give their sales team a chance at every deal in the market.

To learn more about how your marketing team can mitigate the risk of missing out on deals happening in your market with an integrated demand generation approach, email:

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Why Demand Generation Funnels Are a Limiting Approach

  1. 1. ©TechTarget 1 Why Demand Generation Funnels Are a Limiting Approach TechTarget Demand Generation Suite
  2. 2. ©TechTarget 2 • We want to enable our sales team with a chance at every deal in the market • We’re trying to get as much quality into our funnel as we can • Because demand generation is only as good as the data I have, I worry that I’m simply missing much of the market entirely If the following statements ring true, the content in this deck is for you.
  3. 3. ©TechTarget 3 Your Sales Funnel • It’s where your lead generation activities take hold, convert and show ROI • It’s how you measure the quality both of your leads and of your sales/marketing follow up • It’s a big, central part of your business processes Your sales funnel is the central focal point of current lead generation activities
  4. 4. ©TechTarget 4 No vendor captures more than 10% of the leads TechTarget generates in any target market Your Sales Funnel
  5. 5. ©TechTarget 5 Lead activity is a portion of the purchase research activity happening on the TechTarget network Your Sales Funnel
  6. 6. ©TechTarget 6 TechTarget buyer research activities include self-described planned purchases Your Sales Funnel
  7. 7. ©TechTarget 7 More Buyers to Access Canvas more of the market of active buyers – buyers you couldn’t engage with just one marketing tactic More Intelligence to Act On Take advantage of a greater variety of data points to identify the hottest prospects and accelerate deals TechTarget Demand Gen Suite: 3 distinct actions mean more market access
  8. 8. ©TechTarget 8 Active Prospects Influence and engage those researching the problems you solve Lead Generation Build on your initial interaction and advance the buyer/seller relationship Qualified Sales Opportunities Engage confirmed buyers and position your solutions to win the deal TechTarget Demand Gen Suite: 3 distinct paths to winning the deal Marketer Strategy
  9. 9. ©TechTarget 9 Each demand gen tool is valuable alone Each added tool adds market coverage and diversifies your market access Each is prompted by a unique user action, so you follow unique entry points to the account and the deal Integrating with 2 or all 3 add complementary, incremental value and lessens the risk of missing out on winnable deals TechTarget Demand Gen Suite Integration: Gain advantage and avoid risk Benefits of Integration
  10. 10. ©TechTarget 10 Benefits Qualified Sales Opportunities Lead Generation Active Contacts Identify in-market purchase researchers Leverage purchase intent indicated by online research activity You miss Supply sales details describing pain points, installed and considered vendors and more You miss You miss Receive contacts that interacted with your content You miss You miss Expose accounts researching, but not with your content You miss Garner a large volume of contacts to nurture You miss Surround. Triangulate. Penetrate. Expose individuals, accounts and buyers with 3 distinct tools TechTarget Demand Generation: Your Integration Strategy
  11. 11. ©TechTarget 11 Priority Engine™ Central data and marketing intelligence dashboard for accessing new, active accounts, prospects and leads in your market segment TechTarget Branding Content- and data-targeted banners and custom site communities boost mindshare and awareness among the same active audiences you’re accessing and influencing via Priority Engine, lead gen and Qualified Sales Opportunities Accelerate your Demand Gen results with Priority Engine and TechTarget Branding
  12. 12. ©TechTarget 12 • Total Addressable Market IT buyers consuming relevant content in your market. These “searchers” haven’t interacted with your content, so they’re not “leads” for you. Yet their online research habits suggest that they’re in a buying cycle. Also referred to as an “Active Prospect” or “Active Account.” • In-Market Leads Leads that others in your market captured buy you did not • Lead Generation The process of stimulating and capturing interest in your product or service to develop sales pipeline using techniques such as those available through TechTarget’s offerings as described on page 10 and beyond • Qualified Sales Opportunity™ A TechTarget offering, these are detailed reports on upcoming purchases confirmed by a member of the active customer buying team at the active account Demand Generation Definitions
  13. 13. ©TechTarget 13 Thank you.