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Converting Data-Driven Insights Into Revenue


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ON24 Webinar World 2018, held in Sydney, Australia, is a celebration of putting the personal back in marketing, with a focus on how to build campaigns and deliver webinars that put the customer first and foster authentic engagement between the audience and the brand. The event will feature sessions from marketing leaders, including Jon Panker, TechTarget’s Managing Director, APAC.

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Converting Data-Driven Insights Into Revenue

  1. 1. Converting Data-Driven Insights Into Revenue Jon Panker Managing Director, APAC, TechTarget
  2. 2. One of the only sessions today not focused exclusively on webinars, starts with…
  3. 3. …A stat on webinars 3 out of 4 IT buyers in Asia Pacific say webinars are useful when it comes to evaluating technology solutions for purchase. Source: TechTarget 2018 APJ Media Consumption Survey
  4. 4. Who Is TechTarget? The Leading Data and Media Services Provider for Enterprise IT 96% of traffic to the TechTarget network is organic
  5. 5. Identifying real purchase potential (eliminating false negatives and positives) Obtaining actionable insights and inputs from your efforts that can drive marketing outcomes Integrating the data with current systems, process and activities Marketers’ Top Data Challenges
  6. 6. 1st Party 2nd Party 3rd Party “My Data” “Your Data” “Their Data”
  7. 7. Intent Insights (Data Inputs) • Accounts only • Hypothesis methodology • Shallow info The Landscape of Providers Predictive Platforms (Data “Organization”) • Based on your historical signals • Account-based view; lacking new named prospects & activity Marketing/Sales Overlays (Data Inputs) • Org structures & contacts but no sense project interest/involvement • Limited permissions • TOFU (programmatic) [Programmatic/DMP] WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHO? WHEN? WHAT? WHO? WHEN? WHAT?
  8. 8. The Pitfalls of Aggregated Data Let’s see how they did with me…
  9. 9. Not bad — understandable
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  13. 13. The Pitfalls of Aggregated Data Give it a try:
  14. 14. Shifting Gears – What Cute Babies Can Teach Us About Data
  15. 15. Which Data Elements Give You the Best Chance of Success? Which is the better indicator of who’s more likely to have a baby in the next 3 months? Demographics vs. Behaviour
  16. 16. Demographic signals If you had $1 to spend who would you target? The B2C Baby Example Behavioural signals • Married in the last 2 years • 30-40 years old • Comes from a large family • Visited • 2 purchases from the baby section of • Traded in their sports car for a minivan
  17. 17. Demographic signals If you had $1 to spend who would you target? The B2B Example Behavioural signals • C-level; management titles • Large companies • Work at one of your target accounts • Visited your website • Did a Google search relevant to your product • Interacted with pre-purchase content around your solution
  18. 18. Not All Content Consumption Emits the Same Signals
  19. 19. Advice for Marketers (and Sales) on Leveraging Data More Effectively • Define your use case(s) and share it with your data partners • Question your providers to ensure you’re investing in reliable data • Verify user opt-ins • Segment and leverage insights to power automated nurture • Integrate wherever possible • Avoid being creepy • Sit with sales and watch them work
  20. 20. Key questions to ask your data providers • Where is your data sourced? Can you show me? • What portion of your data is look alike vs. first party? • What signals cause a user or account to be placed in an audience segment? • How long will that user or account be placed in the segment? • What is your opt-in policy? • How do you integrate with other providers/platforms?
  21. 21. TechTarget’s Priority Engine™ • Stack-ranks accounts and provides contact info for actual researchers • Insights on topics, vendors researched in your market • Turnkey integration with existing systems and processes, including Account Snapshots in SFDC • Can be foundation for your strategy or enhance your existing efforts
  22. 22. Deep content footprint and Search dominance drives active buyers into TechTarget’s network Buyer research details tracked on 140+ web sites yielding visibility into purchase intent in your market Priority Engine is the central warehouse for all this account activity intelligence TechTarget identifies real intent from accounts & named buyers in your market so you can execute practical campaigns 75K content items produced annually 200M inbound visits from organic Search 1M daily buyer interactions across 10K topics 100K accts per month; 18M registered members
  23. 23. Thank you. Jon Panker