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Webinar - Technology Planning Tips for Small Libraries - 2015-08-19


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How do you maximize your technology resources? When should you replace computers? How do you manage software updates? Do you have enough bandwidth to support patron Internet use? Technology decisions can be difficult to make, but a technology plan can help you focus your efforts.

Join us for this free webinar to learn from small libraries that have used technology planning to make better decisions, be more prepared, and improve services to their communities. Even with limited time and resources, a technology plan can help your library stay up-to-date. We will share tips and tactics to help you create a plan for your library’s technology.

Our guests for this webinar are:

-- Julie Elmore, Library Director, Oakland City-Columbia Township Public Library (IN)
-- Travis Montgomery, Technology Specialist, Liberty Lake Municipal Library (WA)

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Webinar - Technology Planning Tips for Small Libraries - 2015-08-19

  1. 1. Technology Planning Tips for Small Libraries August 19, 2015
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  7. 7. August 19, 2015 Technology Planning Tips for Small Libraries
  8. 8. Julie Elmore Oakland City-Columbia Township Public Library Oakland City, IN Presenters Chat: Becky Wiegand Twitter: Ginny Mies Travis Montgomery Liberty Lake Municipal Library Liberty Lake, WA Crystal Schimpf TechSoup for Libraries San Francisco, CA @techsoup4libs #ts4libs
  9. 9. • The Director Perspective • The IT Perspective • Tips, Templates, Best Practices • Resources • Q&A Today’s Topics @techsoup4libs #ts4libs
  10. 10. Does your library have a current technology plan? •Yes •No •I’m not sure Poll
  11. 11. Are you required to have a technology plan? Check all that apply. •Yes, my state library requires it •Yes, a funder requires it •Yes, my board requires it •Yes, for other reasons •No, I’m not required •I don’t know if it is required Poll
  12. 12. Technology Planning: The Director Perspective @techsoup4libs #ts4libs Julie Elmore Library Director Oakland City – Columbia Township Public Library Personal Twitter: @rurallubrarian
  13. 13. About Us
  14. 14. Why I First Created A Tech Plan? I had to Indiana Administrative Code 590 Rule 6
  15. 15. • Serves as a guide • Provides direction • Serves as an evaluation tool • Measures progress Why I’m Glad It Was Required?
  16. 16. Our Plan • 3 year plan • Utilized state library templates gy_Plan_2011_12_06.pdf • I opted for the K.I.S.S. strategy (Keep It Super Simple)
  17. 17. Simplicity Benefits of simplicity: – Don’t stress over not knowing details – If it doesn’t apply to you, leave it out – It allows for your library to stay fluid
  18. 18. • Not a one afternoon job • Inventory what you have • Direction • Focus on key areas • Goals and objectives • Drafts and edits Time & Process image credit:
  19. 19. • Mission Statement • Technology Inventory • Goals & Objectives • Professional Development Strategy • Budget • Evaluation Process What’s Included
  20. 20. More than just computers: – Networks – Computers (hardware & software) – peripherals – Internet Connections – ILS Current and Proposed Inventory
  21. 21. • Maintenance • Patron Training • Replacements • Online presence for the library • Databases Goals & Objectives
  22. 22. Online Presence
  23. 23. • Virus Protection • Upgrades • Updates • Cleaning Maintenance
  24. 24. Training, Training, Training • Patron training – classes – one-on-one • Staff training
  25. 25. Professional Development “The Oakland City – Columbia Twp. Public Library strives to have a knowledgeable staff when it comes to our technology. When new equipment is added to the library, staff receives training on how the equipment is operated. Additionally, when time allows staff members are encouraged to take advantage of any freely available training. “
  26. 26. $ Money $ • Existing Budgets – Our goals are written to be realistic to our budget. • Grants • Free Stuff!
  27. 27. Evaluation • Monitor your progress “Technology needs will be monitored by staff through observing usage and requests for new technology.” • Frequency
  28. 28. • Keep it realistic • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) • Review and evaluate • You’re a Librarian, YOU CAN DO THIS Remember Photo credit: rg1024 on
  29. 29. Please type your questions in the chat window. @techsoup4libs #ts4libs Julie Elmore Library Director Oakland City – Columbia Township Public Library Personal Twitter: @rurallubrarian
  30. 30. • Planning for Success • Small and Rural Libraries • Recipes for a Five Star Library Download at: TechSoup for Libraries Cookbooks
  31. 31. Technology Planning: The IT Perspective @techsoup4libs #ts4libs Travis Montgomery Technology Specialist Liberty Lake Municipal Library
  32. 32. Liberty Lake Municipal Library • Population: 8925 • 10 miles from Spokane WA • 3 full time staff • 9 part time staff • Lots of wonderful volunteers
  33. 33. Practical Reasons For Having A Technology Plan
  34. 34. Saving Money The best time to buy something is when you don’t need it.
  35. 35. Shop Around • NewEgg • TechSoup • Amazon • eBay • Frys
  36. 36. Shop at the Right Time • Black Friday • Cyber Tuesday • After Christmas
  37. 37. Preventative Maintenance
  38. 38. Compressed Air
  39. 39. Rubber Rejuvenator
  40. 40. Surge Protectors & Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  41. 41. Kiosk Software • Deep Freeze • Drive Vaccine • Reboot Restore RX (Free) • Steady State (Free)
  42. 42. Software & Security Updates •Important Updates •Antivirus Definitions
  43. 43. What do you do if you don’t have access to an IT Guy?
  44. 44. Search Engines •Google •Bing •Yahoo How you ask the question is just as important as the question itself
  45. 45. Microsoft IT Academy
  46. 46. How-To Books
  47. 47. YouTube
  48. 48. Networking with other Libraries •Talk to other libraries •Forums or Message Boards •Networking is not just computer based
  49. 49. Community Outreach It can go both ways
  50. 50. Replacement Schedules •Every library is different •Make it your own •It should evolve over time
  51. 51. Liberty Lake’s Technology Plan IT and Library Director: 50/50 split
  52. 52. Please type your questions in the chat window. Travis Montgomery Technology Specialist Liberty Lake Municipal Library @techsoup4libs #ts4libs
  53. 53. • WebJunction: Technology Planning • LITA Guide: Technology Planning for Small and One-Person Libraries • Idealware: Technology Planning Training (TechSoup Donation) • Tactical Technology Planning: Requesting Technology Donations through TechSoup (Webinar Archive) Other Resources
  54. 54. TechSoup for Libraries
  55. 55. • Online reading education program • For children age 3-13 • TechSoup product donation • 10 license subscription packs Upcoming TechSoup Webinars Easy Postcard Creation with Adobe InDesign Thursday, 8/20, 11AM-12PM PST Upgrade your World: Windows 10 for Nonprofits & Libraries Thursday, 8/27, 11AM-12PM PST Managing Mobile: Library Device Checkout Made Easy Wednesday, 9/16, 11AM-12PM PST
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