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Webinar - Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries - 2015-07-30


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Visit for donated technology for nonprofits and libraries!

Microsoft's OneNote is a hidden gem of the Office suite of applications that can save your organization time, paper, and stress!

Rather than jotting down notes on scraps of paper, or penciling your team brainstorms on whiteboards and sheets of butcher paper, capture them digitally in OneNote, so they can be easily shared, added to, edited, and distributed.

Join Microsoft's Ian Mikutel to learn about the latest features in OneNote and ways that it can help save your organization time and money -- all with a product you already own. We spend time showing examples of nonprofit and library uses for OneNote live in the application.

Join other professionals who want to learn more about using OneNote as a note-taking, brainstorming, and collaboration tool at your organization.

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Webinar - Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries - 2015-07-30

  1. 1. Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries July 30, 2015
  2. 2. Using ReadyTalk • Chat to ask questions • All lines are muted • If you lose your Internet connection, reconnect using the link emailed to you. • If you lose your phone connection, re-dial the phone number and re-join. • ReadyTalk support: 800-843-9166 Your audio will play through your computer’s speakers. Hear an echo? You may be logged in twice and will need to close one instance of ReadyTalk. 2
  3. 3. You Are Being Recorded… • This webinar will be available on the TechSoup website along with past webinars: • You can also view recorded webinars and videos on our YouTube channel: • You will receive an email with this presentation, recording, and links within a day. • Tweet us @TechSoup or using hashtag: #techsoup 3
  4. 4. Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries July 30, 2015
  5. 5. Presenters 5 Assisting with chat: Rosette Nguyen and Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup Becky Wiegand Webinar Program Manager TechSoup Global Ian Mikutel Product Manager, OneNote Microsoft
  6. 6. Where Are You? We Are Here 6
  7. 7. Agenda • Introduction to TechSoup • Poll Questions – Your experience • OneNote Vision and Progress • OneNote EDU • API and Apps • Live Demo • OneNote through TechSoup • Q&A 7
  8. 8. About TechSoup Global We are a global network of 63 partner NGOs that provide the best technology resources to over a half-million organizations in 121 countries. 8 We connect organizations and people with the resources, support, and technology they need to change the world. Learn more from our 2014 Year in Review.
  9. 9. 9 We are working toward a time when every social benefit organization on the planet has the technology, resources, and knowledge it needs to operate at its full potential. 121 countries served 63 partner NGOs 41 Net2 local groups 615k NGOs reached Our Reach
  10. 10. Our Impact 10 Together, we build a stronger, more resilient civil society. $4.8B in technology products and grants employed by NGOs for the greater good 35 languages used to provide education and support 100+ corporate and foundation partners connected with the causes and communities they care about 5.9M annual visits to our websites 600,000 newsletter subscribers empowered with actionable knowledge 79% of NGOs have improved organizational efficiency with TechSoup Global's resource offering* *Source: = survey conducted among TechSoup members in 2013.
  11. 11. Our Product Donation Programs Donated technology, education, and community forum resources for NGOs save costs, magnify impact, and extend reach. 11
  12. 12. Participant Poll How often do you use OneNote now? • Daily • Monthly • Only when it’s shared with me • Never • First time I’ve heard of it • Other 12
  13. 13. Participant Poll In what ways do you most want to use OneNote (select any): • Meeting notetaking • Sharing and collaboration • Research and “clipping” • Long-form personal notes • Brainstorming/mind-mapping • Other (comment in chat) 13
  14. 14.      
  15. 15. OneNote helps you stay in control by making it easy to capture anything, automatically enriching and organizing it, and helping you recall it when and where you need it.
  16. 16. 8/19: OneNote for Android tablet, handwriting 4/24: OneNote for Apple Watch 10/28: OneNote for Mac, iPhone, iPad updates – SharePoint Server notebooks, iOS 8 full integration (Share Extension, Document Picker) 2/19: OneNote for iPad handwriting 3/16: Office Lens app for iOS and Android with whiteboard & document scanning 12/8: Office Lens & OneNote Clipper update - business Card scanning, product web clipping & enhancement for shopping lists 1/26: iPhone Today Screen update (recent notes, new note, Pictures) Aug 2014 TODAY 10/7: EDU Push with OneNote Class Notebook for teachers/students 2/24: OneNote Staff Notebook for Education 3/11: OneNote Clipper updates - article clipping, location picker, region mode 2/19: Server-Side OCR, search text in images on any device 5/14: Server-side IA, search handwriting on any device 5/14: OneNote for Mac audio recording 7/2: Microsoft acquires 6Wunderkinder: Wunderlist 6/18: Improved list experience on iPhone 7/16: iOS app is now universal 7/29: New OneNote Universal app for Windows 10 across devices 6/23: Class notebook in O365 app launcher and landing page 7/29: Annotate & clip web from Microsoft Edge browser to OneNote 7/29: Universal app running above lock screen, accessible via pen + Action Center 7/9: Office 2016 for Mac, including OneNote
  17. 17. Free Across Devices at
  18. 18. OneNote with Windows 10 The quickest and best note taking experience  Preinstalled on the Start Menu and Action Center  Get right to OneNote with out the need to unlock your device with just the click of a pen Easily mark up and share web pages with Microsoft Edge  Built-in technology that lets you write or type directly on webpages, with Web Notes.  Add your thoughts on the page and then easily share it with others or save to OneNote.
  19. 19. Find Anything with Searching and Tagging
  20. 20. Student Notebooks OneNote Class Notebook A framework for teaching and learning with OneNote and Office 365 Collaboration space Content Library - “Anything, anywhere” canvas (type, write, clip web, insert files) - Ready-made digital portfolio for any class. - Real-time coaching (“Flip the classroom”) - Natural learning with digital ink to write or annotate - Fits many learning styles with a variety of inputs and uses - One Powerful Notebook for an entire class
  21. 21. Staff Member Notebooks OneNote Staff Notebook To cultivate & manage educator collaboration with OneNote and Office 365 Collaboration space Content Library School Leader/Administrator: Creates staff notebook, adds staff members Sees everything in notebook Staff Member/Teachers: Get link to notebook, opens on their device or browser Sees shared sections and only their personal notebook along with collaboration space and copy-only content library. • School administrators can quickly set up a shared, permissioned OneNote notebook with an easy Office 365 app. Uses include: • Collaboration: Staff meeting notes / Staff initiatives / Shared Lesson Plan Development / Data Chats / Scope and Sequence Across Content and Grades / Fundraisers / Book Studies / PLC’s • Content Library: Policies and procedures / Various school planning and calendar activities • Staff Member Notebooks (Private): Professional development / Classroom observations /Lesson Plans / Parent communication / Evaluations / Classroom data progress
  22. 22. • Building out OneNote ecosystem • 1st and 3rd party apps • Make your own @ • Personal Notebook data in production, O365 in preview • Extract recipes, business cards, products and articles automatically
  23. 23. OneNote Through TechSoup 30
  24. 24. OneNote – Standalone, Office Suite, and Office 365 • OneNote - $6 admin fee for installed standalone software • OneNote with donated Office – Standard ($29) or Professional Plus ($40) • OneNote as part of Office 365 donation for nonprofits • Free online app through 31
  25. 25. OneNote Resources • Microsoft OneNote: Capture Your Creativity • Is Microsoft OneNote the One for You? • What's New in PowerPoint and OneNote 2013? • Microsoft OneNote Gives Kids with Dyslexia a New Learning Experience • What's New in Windows 10 32
  26. 26. Q & A Please type your questions in the chat window. Continue the discussion in our Databases and Software forum. 56
  27. 27. Learn and Share! • Chat in one thing that you learned in today’s webinar that you will try to implement. • Will you share this information with your colleagues and within your network? 34
  28. 28. Upcoming Webinars and Events • 7/30: Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries • 8/6: Accomplishing More with Social Media • 8/19: Technology Planning Tips for Small Libraries Explore our webinar archives for more! 35
  29. 29. Connect with Us! 36
  30. 30. ReadyTalk offers dedicated product demos for TechSoup organizations 4 times per week. For more information: Please complete the post-event survey that will pop up once you close this window. Thank You to Our Webinar Sponsor! 37