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Webinar - Microsoft OneNote for Beginners - 2016-06-09


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If you're new to using Microsoft OneNote, or use it but feel like a beginner, watch this free, hour-long webinar to walk through basic setup and best practices for collaborative notetaking!

During this course, hear from TechSoup's Wes White and Rosette Nguyen, who work with OneNote every day, on how to get set up, use OneNote to collaborate with colleagues, and capture your notes and creativity!

Published in: Education
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Webinar - Microsoft OneNote for Beginners - 2016-06-09

  1. 1. Microsoft OneNote for Beginners With Rosette Nguyen and Wes White, TechSoup June 9, 2016
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  4. 4. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved Presenters Assisting with chat: Susan Hope Bard, TechSoup Becky Wiegand Webinar Program Manager TechSoup Rosette Nguyen Strategic Communications Director TechSoup Wes White Program Manager TechSoup
  5. 5. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved Learning Objectives 1. Gain some OneNote and notetaking “best practices,” dos and don’ts 2. Create a OneNote notebook, section, and page from scratch 3. Expand comfort with navigating different parts and uses of OneNote
  6. 6. 6 About TechSoup
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  10. 10. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved Live Poll Question How much do you currently use OneNote? - Never (yet) - Once a year or every few months - Once a month - Once a week - Every day
  11. 11. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved11 Who Should Use OneNote  Do a lot of note taking  Want to write, store and search notes easily  Need to integrate with Microsoft Office tools  Share notes with others  Take notes on multiple devices
  12. 12. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved12 • Looks like a digital notebook with tabs • Extracts text from an image • Drops files in as embedded objects • Integrates beautifully with Microsoft products • If integrated with Windows, can create an instant sticky note (Win + N) • Tags parts of pages individually • Includes writing and formatting tools • Has rich collaboration features • Exports notes in different formats • Has simple user interface • Saves image’s text as metadata • More like a database – a digital file cabinet • Clips web page intact, highlight parts of it, specify which notebook it should go into, add multiple tags to the clipping & reminder • Creates, tags, and shares very quickly • Better for collecting random information and retrieving it later • Mobile app more like desktop version • Password-protect selected text in note Conclusion: Not an “either-or” situation.
  13. 13. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved13 OneNote Structure and Design – Client Version
  14. 14. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved14 OneNote Structure and Design – Client Version
  15. 15. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved15 OneNote Structure and Design – Web App
  16. 16. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved16 Getting Started • Open up OneNote • Create a notebook, section, page • Share notebook, section, page • Sync notebook with others, on OneDrive, and on other devices (smart phone)
  17. 17. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved17 More Advanced Tips • Send to OneNote from Outlook – send emails, attachments • Add meeting detail from Outlook invites • Embed Office files within OneNote • Start a new text box anywhere • Tag items within a page • Toggle between personal and enterprise accounts and still have everything in one place • Insert voice recording (record a meeting), video, photo, spreadsheet, etc. • Create, view, hide subpages • Add time dimension with a dating convention on page titles (e.g., 2016-06-09 OneNote Webinar) • See page versions • Password protect a section or notebook
  18. 18. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved18 Poll Question • Which device(s) do or would you mainly use to access OneNote? • Personal computer • Mac • Tablet • iOS phone • Android phone • Other ____
  19. 19. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved19 OneNote on PCs, Macs, Smart Phones Device Differentiating Features PC  Works beautifully with Windows  With touchscreen devices, can write notes with stylus or finger Macs  Fewer tabs (i.e., features) in ribbon across the top of the page Tablets  Works beautifully with Microsoft Surface Pro 3  Can write notes with stylus or finger  Can hand-write an equation, Ink to Math Tool converts that to text iOS phone  No major differentiator  Allows for easy scribbling on the go  Can toggle between personal and enterprise accounts Android phone  Has numerous useful widgets  Can access a list of notes or open a specific command – like drawing – from the home screen Windows phone  OneNote comes pre-installed
  20. 20. 20 OneNote Demo The following are screen shots supporting the live demo and serve as reference materials post webinar.
  21. 21. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved21 Open OneNote on All Your Devices
  22. 22. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved22 Create a Notebook
  23. 23. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved23 Create a Section and a Page
  24. 24. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved24 Share Notebook
  25. 25. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved25 Share Notebook
  26. 26. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved26 Add Meeting Details
  27. 27. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved27 Add Meeting Info and Follow Dating Convention
  28. 28. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved28 Add Tags
  29. 29. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved29 Make or Promote Subpage
  30. 30. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved30 Password Protect a Section or Notebook
  31. 31. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved31 Download Web Clipper Plug In
  32. 32. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved32 Insert Excel Spreadsheet, Audio, Video, Attachments, etc.
  33. 33. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved33 Insert Visio Diagrams
  34. 34. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved34 Use Send to OneNote Feature to Make Screen Clippings
  35. 35. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved35 Use Draw Feature
  36. 36. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved36 Search
  37. 37. 37 OneNote Donations and Training Resources
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  39. 39. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved39 Office Training Resources
  40. 40. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved40 Microsoft Philanthropies
  41. 41. Questions? Please type your questions in the chat window.
  42. 42. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved42 Additional Resources • Microsoft OneNote for Nonprofits and Libraries • What’s New in PowerPoint and OneNote 2013 • 4 Ways to Get More from the Microsoft Donation Program • Why Your Meetings Suck and How to Fix It • 3 OneNote Tips to Keep You Organized • PowerPoint for Beginners • Outlook Tips and Tricks (free webinar coming up on June 30!) • Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits (including access to free e-learning courses)
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  44. 44. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved44 Upcoming Webinars and Events • 6/14: Adobe Premiere for Video Editing and Production • 6/15: The Changing Landscape of Library Privacy • 6/16: Helping Children Build Literacy Skills for the Digital Age • 6/30: Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks • Explore our webinar archives for more!
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