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Serving Faith Based Organizations with TechSoup Product Donationgs


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The slides from our free webinar hosted by TechSoup Account Management Specialists to learn how faith-based organizations can take advantage of product donation programs through TechSoup. On August 19 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern) Damon Horn and Bruce Ackley will lead an online seminar that will assist your organization with TechSoup registration, qualification, and inform you about eligibility for donations.

If your organization is religious or faith-based you will learn tips on registering your organization properly, what documents will be required for you to be qualified quickly, and how to choose the most appropriate organization type in our system. With the helpful information provided, your organization will be able to make best use of TechSoup programs — thereby optimizing the impact on your organization’s programs.

Because religious organizations are restricted by some of our donation partners, many faith-based organizations incorrectly assume that TechSoup cannot help them. However, more than two dozen of our donor partners allow donations to religious organizations; and, if your organization operates a qualifying secular program, you might be eligible for additional donation programs.

Our webinar will help you to set up your account properly the first time, saving your organization time, and optimizing access to our programs. If you are already registered, information we provide will alert you to the options you have and guide you through managing your account to make updates if necessary.

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