Designing and Delivering Technology Workshops


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Join us for this free webinar to find out how to make your training job easier, more fun, and an even better learning experience for your participants. Learn to use a lesson plan to organize your workshops and facilitate sharing with your co-workers and other organizations. Discover how identifying objectives and incorporating activities can help your classes run more smoothly while also providing better learning opportunities. We’ll also share sources for training materials already available for your use. Whether you are new to technology training or a seasoned expert, we’ll have something new for you to use in your job.
Participants will learn training tips from experienced trainers.
Participants will be able to organize, design, and share workshop materi als to create a learning community.
Participants will be able to incorporate hands-on activities that increa se learning, participation, and retention into their workshops.
Do you have a question or comment about delivering training you’d like our hosts to cover? Post it to our Community Forums and we’ll make sure y our question gets addressed!

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  • What are You hoping to get out of this course? Easier, more fun, better experience
  • Ask stupid questions - if you're thinking it, someone else probably is tooCheat - learn from your neighborMake mistakes - we learn a lot from them
  • Technology knowledge isn’t optional anymore Required for work, education, government, politics, cultural, social—technocultural isolationYour library has computers and the people using them ask for helpYour patrons want technology training!Information literacy and evaluationLibraries bring people and knowledge together
  • As you enter a classroom ask yourself this question:If there were no students in the room, could I do what I am planning to do?If your answer to the question is yes, don’t do it.General Ruben Cubero, United States Air Force Academy
  • Let THEM do it: discussions, activities, choices
  • physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization
  • Will be creating a sample workshop in this course.
  • Encourage Lively and Focused Discussion and Questions
  • Set small goals Develop small portions of content Use participant centered activitiesInclude as much hands-on and experiential opportunities as possibleBe flexible and allow participants to achieve their own goals
  • Not just individuals but a community collaboratingLearning is creation, not consumptionFacilitation and organized flexibilityThey can practice, reflect, think, and shareLet THEM do it: discussions, activities, choices
  • Urge Participants to Ask Questions Make the End UnforgettableHelp them connect with each other, the topic and you; engage them
  • Not the sage on the stage
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