Npc survey 2012


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Survey of the NPC community on needs, interests, activities.

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Npc survey 2012

  1. 1. Survey for Nonprofit Commons Members February -March ,2012 35 Surveys returned 32 complete surveys Completion rate: 91.43%
  2. 2. 1. What is your relationship to the Nonprofit Commons?Response Chart Percentage CountTenant Organization of the 69% 24Nonprofit CommonsRegular Attender of the 49% 17weekly Nonprofit CommonsmeetingNonprofit that occasionally 9% 3interacts with the NPCVolunteer at the NPC 17% 6Other (please specify) 20% 7 Total Responses 351. TechSoup staff.2. Mentor.3. Community friend.4. Attend some meetings.5. I have many friends in NPC.6. Community private practitioner learning about working in virtual environments like SL.
  3. 3. 2. What activities / services at the Nonprofit Commons do you find the most valuable? Essential Somewhat Neutral Somewhat useful Not useful at Total essential allWeekly meetings 15 (43%) 10 (29%) 3 (9%) 6 (17%) 1 (3%) 35Networking opportunities 15 (43%) 13 (37%) 4 (11%) 3 (9%) 0 (0%) 35(CommonGrounds, forexample)Socializing opportunities 11 (31%) 8 (23%) 9 (26%) 5 (14%) 2 (6%) 35(Wharf Ratz, for example)Virtual office space 17 (49%) 6 (17%) 8 (23%) 2 (6%) 2 (6%) 35Virtual meeting and event 16 (46%) 9 (26%) 7 (20%) 2 (6%) 1 (3%) 35hostingTrainings and workshops 18 (51%) 11 (31%) 3 (9%) 3 (9%) 0 (0%) 35(in-world and simulcast)Other conferences and 15 (44%) 11 (32%) 6 (18%) 0 (0%) 2 (6%) 34events at the NPC (in-worldand simulcast)Other (next slide) 3 (75%) 0 (0%) 1 (25%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 4
  4. 4. Other (please specify)1. Understanding what others are doing.2. Knowledge sharing.3. Exchange with other countries.4. Other performing arts events spaces within NPC.5. Activities at NPC (e.g., tours and skydiving).
  5. 5. 3. What services / activities do you wish that the NPC provided more of? [check all that apply.]Response Chart Percentage CountTrainings and workshops on 60% 21virtual world tools and tips(i.e. virtual building,machinima, scripting)Trainings and workshops on 40% 14non-virtual technologies andtips (i.e. social networks,video editing, fundraisingsoftware)Simulcasts of real world 54% 19conferences and other eventsNetworking opportunities 31% 11Socializing opportunities 23% 8Other (see next slide). 9% 3 Total Responses 35
  6. 6. Other (please specify).1. Many activities I would like to take up are not in my time zone. That means I find it possible to be there when the event happens. Please consider events in other time zones.2. Helping nonprofits get more out of SL for their constituents.3. Showing the Co2 footprint of a virtual event or the Co2 footprint of an avatar during one hour.
  7. 7. 4. How often do you visit Second Life?Response Chart Percentage CountOnce a month or less 6% 2Once a week 24% 82-5 times a week 26% 9Once a day 18% 6Several times a day 29% 10 Total Responses 34
  8. 8. 6. How often have you done any of the following in the past year? Never Once 2-5 times More than Total 5-timesAttended a 11 (31%) 6 (17%) 12 (34%) 6 (17%) 35webinarstreamed intothe NPCAttended a 10 (29%) 9 (26%) 11 (31%) 5 (14%) 35conferencesimulcast intothe NPCAttended a real 21 (60%) 7 (20%) 6 (17%) 1 (3%) 35world eventyou learnedabout at theNPCOrganized a 20 (57%) 8 (23%) 4 (11%) 3 (9%) 35public event atthe NPCHeld a meeting 15 (43%) 8 (23%) 5 (14%) 7 (20%) 35at the NPC
  9. 9. 7. How useful to you are the updates from TechSoup during the weekly meeting? Essential Somewhat Neutral Somewhat Not useful Total essential useful at all 9 (26%) 14 (40%) 6 (17%) 6 (17%) 0 (0%) 35
  10. 10. 8. Are you a member of TechSoup or use our services?Response Chart Percentage CountYes 77% 27No 23% 8 Total Responses 35
  11. 11. If not, why not?1. I haven’t explored it enough, plan to though.2. I do not have a 501c3.3. I don’t know the details.4. I guess my focus has been in other areas. I see TechSoup as more oriented towards orgs, though I suspect I could find technical info there that might be useful to me should I take the time to look.5. Planning for when we can afford a computer for the org.’6. I would like to be an organization. Working on it!
  12. 12. 9. What would you like to learn or develop in the coming year, related to your nonprofit?1. How to build successful games.2. In-world workshops and building.3. Time management tools; better fundraising techniques for small, nonprofits; how to find and retain good volunteers.4. More real world publicity.5. I want to make more international connections.6. I’m still trying to figure out what draws people to venues over and over even when there’s not an event going on. No matter how attractive we make our charity venue, people only come for the events.7. Additional tools to present to audiences in SL and build in interactive tools.8. We have upgraded our mission and re-targeted toward a larger audience. We would like to know more about Board issues.9. Mobile apps and badges.10. Would like to better understand how to create a community.11. I would like to learn what it takes to set up shop in the virtual world.12. Mixed reality broadcasting, podcasting, wiki development.13. More about creating public events, machinima, building virtual objects and experiences.
  13. 13. 10. Anything else we should know that we could be doing or providing that might make your participation in the NMPC much more valuable and worthwhile, or that might improve our community overall?1. You’re awesome when you’re a robot and dragon in one.2. I wish there was a way to make more time in RL to spend more time in SL. I plan on scheduling virtual office hours real soon. Thanks for all that you do.3. Send more targeted info about other tenants in NPC and how we could benefit from each other; training for NPC technology and updates; discounted linden$ for NPC members.4. Please consider occasional meetings on days and time those of us in other time zone could attend.5. Doing a fine job. I need to take better advantage of what you are doing.6. Don’t publish our RL/avatar names over the internet for attending a meeting. I end up getting harassed in RL for attending.7. More networking event, outreach to other on profits who use VW; events that draw the whole grid and education.8. More info on how to invite the public and explore interface issues.9. Please ensure that TechSoup SL members are in SL more than once a week for NPC meetings. They need to recognize NPC tenants and other nonprofits working in SL. They need to be familiar with how virtual worlds work.