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Cloud Computing - Further Reading and Resources


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Companion document for the presentation "Cloud Computing - The Opportunity and Challenge for European Foundations and their Grantees"

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Cloud Computing - Further Reading and Resources

  1. 1. 25 May 2011 2011 Annual General Assembly and Conference European Foundation Centre________________________________________________________________________________ Cloud Computing: The Opportunity and Challenge for European Foundations and their GranteesFurther Reading and SourcesTechSoup Global: Cloud Computing for Nonprofits, blog posts and webinars aimed at exploring how the cloud can help organizations meet avariety of technology needs and find the best cloud computing options.Digital Agenda: Commission seeks views on how best to exploit cloud computing in Europe European Commission is seeking views from citizens, businesses, public administrations andother interested parties on how to fully benefit from cloud computing.NGOs overcoming the education curve to embrace cloud! by Nick Eyre, Director Fundacja TechSoup on how the cloud stands to transform the socialsector.How to Develop a Cloud-Based Integrated IT System: ENCLUDE in Ireland post by Eamon Stack, CEO of ENCLUDE in Ireland, which provides hands-on technologysolutions and software donations for Irish charities. Eamon is a software engineer skilled in helpingcharities migrate to various cloud solutions that are appropriate to their IT staffing and budget.Disrupting Online Philanthropy: Technology and the Future of the Social Sector exploring how networked digital technologies – accessible large databases and powerfulnew visualization tools – are transforming philanthropy. By: Lucy Bernholz, with Ed ward Skloot andBarry Varela / Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society at the Sanford School of PublicPolicy, Duke University (May 2010).An Evaluation of Private Foundation Copyright Licensing Policies, Practices and Opportunities to explore how foundations treat the ownership and licensing of copyrights for the works theyfund, either directly or indirectly. By Phil Malone / Berkman Center for Internet & Society at HarvardUniversity (August 2009).What is the Cloud and Why Does it Matter to Nonprofits? computing presentation by Dindo Fernandes for Microsoft NGO Days (February 2011).
  2. 2. The Cloud Dividend: The economic benefits of cloud computing to business and the wider EMEAeconomy EMC sponsored study by Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), to help quantify theimpact of cloud computing in terms of efficiency, productivity and economic growth in Europe(December 2010).Philanthropy in the Cloud post on Philanthropy 2173, featuring NTEN Presentation by Lucy Bernholz (April 2009).Cloud Computing for Small Nonprofits: Lessons Learned from 5 Years in the Cloud post on by Judy Sohn, of the Colorectal Cancer Coalition (March 2010).Singapore Preschools to Receive USD $2 Million Cloud Computing Power from Lien Foundationand Foundation release by Lien Foundation and (May 2010).Foundations Say Technology ‘Lagging’ on Philanthropy Journal about U.S. foundations’ adoption of cloud computing (November2010).2010 Grantmakers Information Technology Survey Report Affinity Group (TAG) survey of grantmakers on how technology is used in thephilanthropic sector (July 2010).Global Washington Directory Map Project: database of the state of Washington’s academic centers, businesses, foundations and non-profit organizations engaged in global development.Cloud for Good with organizations to create and implement strategic solutions based on cloud technology,specifically focused on and Google Apps.Crowdsourcing Industry Landscape by (May 2011).Directory of crowdsourcing/crowdfunding services (typically using online technologies) directory by Many are cloud computing vendors leveraging the powerof mass participation to get things done.Nonprofits & Cloud Computing: A Guide to Navigating the Nonprofit Cloud Computing: The Opportunity and Challenge for European Foundations and their Grantees 2
  3. 3. Announcement of a series of free webinar events by NTEN (June 2011).The Future of Cloud Computing - Opportunities for European Cloud Computing beyond 2010 by the European Commission Information Society (January 2010).Free Cloud Tools (examples)Basecamphttp://basecamphq.comDropboxhttp://dropbox.comFlickr Desktop Share Live Essential and Case StudiesPresentation by TechSoup Global at the 2011 Annual General Assembly and ConferenceEuropean Foundation Centre (May 2011). Computing: The Opportunity and Challenge for European Foundations and their Grantees 3