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Civi CRM Webinar


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Are you looking for a database, but not sure which one is right? Or do you wish your current database allowed you to track donations, volunteers, emails, and events? CiviCRM may be a tool that is right for your organization.

CiviCRM is a free, libre, and open-source software constituent relationship management (CRM) solution. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, nonprofit, and non-governmental groups. Attend this free webinar and hear from Dave Greenberg from CiviCRM who will explain what tools are available within CiviCRM and some best practices around setup and maintenance. We’ll also learn how Jeff Porter is using CiviCRM at the Prader Willi Foundation.

This webinar is best suited for the database administrator, executive director, or anyone who is responsible to collecting and maintaining the data at your organization.

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