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3 Ways Starting a Podcast Can Help Your Nonprofit Grow


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You've likely heard of podcasts or have a few of your own that you subscribe to. But how are nonprofits using podcasts? Podcasts aren't just about growing an audience, they serve many other purposes. In this talk, we will discuss

- How starting a podcast is a surprising way to create deep content
- How to use podcasting to connect with dedicated supporters and meet new audiences
- How you can get your podcast started and what resources you will need

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3 Ways Starting a Podcast Can Help Your Nonprofit Grow

  1. 1. 3 Ways Starting a Podcast Can Help Your Nonprofit Grow December 17, 2019
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  3. 3. A Global Network Bridging Tech Solutions and Services for Good Where are you on the map?
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  5. 5. Explore our Nonprofit Tech Marketplace For more information, please visit "We are an all-volunteer organization with limited professional skills. Adobe's donated technology is helping us present our story to the public and to lenders in the format of a much larger organization. With Adobe, we are able to knock off a few of the "rough edges" so that our story is front and center instead of our technological limitations. Thank you, Adobe!” - Richard de Koster Constitution Island Association, Inc
  6. 6. Presenters Adam Walker Podcast Host of Good People, Good Marketing and Tech Talk Y’all Co-founder of 48in48 and Sideways8 Sima Thakkar Senior Manager, Content TechSoup Assisting with chat: Steven Davidson, TechSoup Steven Davidson Marketing Associate, TechSoup Adam Walker Podcast Host of Good People, Good Marketing and Tech Talk Y’all Sima Thakkar Senior Manager, Content TechSoup
  7. 7. By Adam Walker 3 Ways Starting a Podcast Can Help Your Nonprofit Grow
  8. 8. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker Your Host: Adam Walker ● Husband and Father of 5 (almost 6) ● Growth Coach at Dragon Army ● Co-Founder of 48in48 ● Podcast host at ○ Tech Talk Y’all ○ Inside the Lair (coming soon) ○ RealPink by Susan G. Komen ○ The Slowdown ● Blog - ● Twitter - @ajwalker ● Instagram - @adamwalker
  9. 9. 48in48 Helping Nonprofits that are doing good look good as well. More information at ● A nonprofit serving nonprofits by building 48 FREE nonprofit websites at a 48 hour event.
  10. 10. 01 Podcasting for Growth Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly. Convince and Convert
  11. 11. Who listened to a podcast in the last 48 hours? Last week?
  12. 12. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker The Podcast Resurgence ● The new age of podcasting started with Serial in 2014. Serial eventually drew an audience of 1,000,000 downloads per episode. ● Podcasting will overtake radio because it's on demand, customized to (and by) the user, and able to be enjoyed while doing other activities. ● YouTubers are even moving to Podcasting to expand their audience and grow their communities.
  13. 13. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker The Podcast Resurgence ● 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week. ● Nearly One-Quarter of Americans listen to podcasts weekly. ● Nearly 4X more people listen to podcasts every week than watched the Game of Thrones final season premiere.
  14. 14. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker Where People Listen
  15. 15. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker It’s not about building an audience. When most organizations think about starting a podcast, they think about using it to build an audience. Audiences are great, but there are other (better) reasons to start a podcast, and then the audience can follow. 9
  16. 16. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker Podcasts allow micro-niche targeting. ● Podcasts are easy to micro-target to niche groups ● Make it personal through interviews with people from their niche ● Talk about topics only that niche would care about ● Examples: ○ Good People Good Marketing -> Becoming Inside the Lair ○ All Day Ruck Off ○ Tech Talk Y’all 1. Connect with niche supporters 10
  17. 17. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker 2. Create Loyal Supporters Your organization’s supporters already love podcasts. By creating a podcast they can listen to, you can: ● Keep supporters informed ● Keep supporters engaged ● Provide value they can’t (or won’t) find anywhere else ● Examples: ○ Hubspot’s The Growth Show ○ Shopify’s Vanguard ○ Susan G. Komen’s Real Pink 11
  18. 18. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker 3. Create high-value content quickly Creating long-form written content like white papers, eBooks, and blog posts takes time. Podcasts can speed things up. SEO - Once transcribed (through services like Temi), a podcast becomes a long-form, keyword rich, piece of content, improving SEO performance. Social - One podcast episode can be distilled into 15 - 30 pieces of shareable content for social media platforms. 12
  19. 19. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker ● Podcasts are amazing for: ○ Connecting with niche groups ○ Deepening your relationship with fans ○ Creating long-form content quickly ● Creating a podcast isn’t as hard as you think Podcast Recap 13
  20. 20. 02 How to get started
  21. 21. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker ● Are you trying to connect to a niche group, create supporters, create high-quality content, or something else altogether? ● Once you know why you are creating a podcast, you can determine the best podcast format for that purpose. Decide why are creating a podcast.
  22. 22. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker ● Interview Podcast - Podcasts that have a regular host who interviews a different guest in each episode. ● Hosted or Co-hosted Podcast - These are podcasts that always have the same host(s) and will talk about different topics in each episode. ● Narrative Podcast - This is a podcast that is telling a story. It may be journalistic or fictional. ● Repurposed Content Podcast - Most nonprofits have a lot of content that can be repurposed. Decide on a format for your podcast.
  23. 23. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker ● Think about how you will brand your podcast. ○ What will people call it? ○ Does it need to include your organization's name? ● As podcasts tend to take on a life of their own, I recommend that each one has a unique brand that complements your nonprofit’s overall brand. ○ Example: Real Pink by Susan G. Komen Determine your podcast's brand.
  24. 24. Twitter: @ajwalker | Instagram: adamwalker ● Start with a good mic (Blue Yeti is very popular) ○ If recording inverviews online, I suggest using Zoom for the video interview and making sure your guest has a decent headset mic. ● Determine where you will host the podcast ○ I love and ● Figure out light editing, consider using Garageband or Audacity ● Record 5 episodes, then launch! Record and Launch your Podcast.
  25. 25. What’s your favorite podcast and why?
  26. 26. Surprise! I made you a podcast mixtape playlist!
  27. 27. That’s a wrap Questions?
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