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Integrating Short Form Video Into Your Content Strategy Type A Parent 2013 Barr/McCoy


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With the rise of Short Form Video apps such as Vine and Instagram Video, this session focuses on how bloggers can leverage this new form of media. Attendees will walk away knowing the basics of getting started on short form video and best practices for integrating it into their content strategy.

What you'll learn:
1) Learn best practices for the use of short form video as a content strategy
2) Gain an understanding of the differences between Vine and Instagram Video
3) Have an opportunity to practice creating short form video

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Integrating Short Form Video Into Your Content Strategy Type A Parent 2013 Barr/McCoy

  1. 1. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy L E T I C I A B A R R J A N E L L E M C C O Y Integrating Short Form Video into Your Content Strategy #TypeACon
  2. 2. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy About —  Leticia Barr ¡  Instagram: TechSavvyMama ¡  Vine: TechSavvyMama ¡  Video I’ve made: LifeProof nüüd case faucet test ¡  Favorite Video: It’s Tricky by RachelRyle —  Janelle McCoy ¡  Instagram: jnelmccoy ¡  Vine: jnelmccoy ¡  Video I’ve made: First Run through Central Park ¡  Favorite Video: Liquid Lunch by Skinny Taste #TypeACon
  3. 3. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy The Rise of Short Form Video #TypeACon —  55% of web traffic is video —  A short form video is shared every second on Twitter —  Users want to consume quickly and it allows us to do that —  Growing space since 2011
  4. 4. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages —  Easy way to make video —  Can show versus photo or writing —  Several (free) apps available ¡  Vine, Instagram, Everlast, Glmps —  Another meaningful way to connect with people #TypeACon Disadvantages —  No embed URLs yet —  Growing space, don’t know what is next —  Some apps have limited social sharing abilities Short
  5. 5. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy Instagram Video &Vine —  Short form video sharing apps and social media community —  Vine and Instagram are similar, tough to choose one —  Instagram has over 130 million users —  Vine has 13 million users —  Vine is 6 seconds; Instagram is 15 seconds —  Instagram has filters and the option to edit —  Vine loops videos and has better search that is limited to only video #TypeACon
  6. 6. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy The Opportunity for Bloggers •  Another platform to grow your online community and presence •  Increase your reach •  Foster engagement and strengthen influence •  Turn your writing and images into a video: •  Tutorials •  Demonstrations •  Teasers •  Opportunity to showcase core goals of your blog #TypeACon
  7. 7. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy Recommendations •  Download the app and explore •  Choose a cover photo that drives clicks •  Use 2 hands to stabilize your phone when shooting or a tripod •  Take advantage of multiple scenes •  Use sound •  Incorporate hashtags, tag users, mentions #TypeACon
  8. 8. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy More Recommendations •  Consistently post and join conversations •  Create a two-way conversation •  Follow, comment, and like •  Share, share, share •  Target audience: what's in it for them •  Incorporate into your offerings to brands #TypeACon
  9. 9. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy Brand Examples for Inspiration —  GE —  Lowe's —  Burberry —  Lululemon #TypeACon Are you inspired to create your own short form video?
  10. 10. @TechSavvyMama @jnelmccoy Questions? #TypeACon