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Quick Rent - Startup Weekend Shanghai November 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Quick Rent - Startup Weekend Shanghai November 2011

  1. 1. Quick Rent -- A platform for location-based rental
  2. 2. What`s the problem? -- False information, false photo. -_- If you want to rent an apartment -- I release information, but do not want to release my mobile phone, and so a lot of trouble ~_~ if you had an apartment to rent Real estate web site, agency, has provided us with services …map... But…
  3. 3. Our solutions -- each room must upload photos, Can only upload pictures via cell phone, and open the GPS -- Users can post, comment, send private letter to the publisher. Reporting and feedback Location of the photos must be true Allow users to sent message between
  4. 4. Competitors and the difference Real Estate Website -- Focus on the tenant, the true location of the photos to them -- Users can post, not just a contact
  5. 5. Business model The agency -- Get commission after clicking / make a telephone call -- To provide them with a special account Promotion -- first, promote app and website in specific areas`s office -- Cooperation with the agency, free at the beginning
  6. 6. Quick Rent -- True, accurate