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New File Server Features Of Windows Server 2008


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In this session, we will discuss how the new file server features in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 will help you more easily and reliably share your files on the network. We will review the new features of the File Server Role in Windows Server 2008 as well as talk about the new SMB 2.0 protocol, Transactional File IO, Server Backup, and the Storage Explorer. We will talk about using the new Offline Files feature to keep local and remote folders in sync, as well as taking a look at failover clustering. The session will round off by discussing istributed File System (DFS) and taking a look at the new replication features.

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New File Server Features Of Windows Server 2008

  1. 1. New File Server Features of Windows Server 2008
  2. 2. What Will We Cover? • New File Server Features Overview • Offline Files • Failover Clustering • Distributed File System
  3. 3. Helpful Experience • Experience Supporting Windows Servers • Familiarity with Server Message Block • Familiarity with High-Availability Storage Solutions Level 200
  4. 4. Agenda • Reviewing New Features • Accessing Offline Files • Implementing Failover Clustering • Deploying Distributed File System
  5. 5. The Core IO Model Identity and Access Management Desktop, Device, and Server Management Security and Networking Data Protection and Recovery IT Management and Security Process CROSS-MODEL ENABLERS • Presence •Rights Management •Network Access •Identity
  6. 6. Universal Distributed Storage
  7. 7. Server Message Block (SMB) 2.0 More Greater Secure Scalability Compound Packets Increased Buffer Sizes Symbolic Links Durable File Handles
  8. 8. Transactional File I/O
  9. 9. Services for Network File System Active Directory lookup UNIX UNIX 64-bit support Workstation Server Enhanced server performance Support for UNIX special devices (mknod) Windows Windows Workstation Server
  10. 10. Storage Explorer
  11. 11. Server Backup New, faster backup technology Simplified restoration Simplified operating system recovery Improved scheduling Support for DVD media
  12. 12. demonstration Exploring Server Backup Explore Server Backup  Schedule a Recurring Backup 
  13. 13. Agenda • Reviewing New Features • Accessing Offline Files • Implementing Failover Clustering • Deploying Distributed File System
  14. 14. Offline Files Scenarios
  15. 15. Offline Files New Features Instant Online Open Files Reliable Availability Improved Offline Files Sync Manager Properties
  16. 16. demonstration Working with Offline Files Configure Offline Files  Make a Shared Folder Available Offline 
  17. 17. Agenda • Reviewing New Features • Accessing Offline Files • Implementing Failover Clustering • Deploying Distributed File System
  18. 18. Failover Clustering Improvements • Cluster • Cluster Greater Flexibility More Control Increased Protection • Improved Disk Validation Management Fencing for • Cluster Setup • Geographically Shared Disks • Cluster Dispersed • New Security Clusters Migration Model • Network • New Quorum Enhancements Model • Storage • Auditing Enhancements • Encryption
  19. 19. demonstration Configuring Failover Clustering Validate the Cluster Configuration 
  20. 20. Agenda • Reviewing New Features • Accessing Offline Files • Implementing Failover Clustering • Deploying Distributed File System
  21. 21. Distributed File System Replication Folder Targets Namespace Namespace Server SEA-SVR-01Tools ContosoPublic Namespace Tools Root NYC-SVR-01Tools Folder Software Tools Folders with Tools Targets SEA-SVR-02Training Training Training Guides Guides
  22. 22. demonstration Deploying Distributed File System Create a Namespace  Deploy DFS Replication  Publish Replicated Folders 
  23. 23. Session Summary • Protect files and data • Manage storage more effectively • Simplify complexity and improve performance
  24. 24. For More Information Visit TechNet at: Visit the following site for additional information:
  25. 25. Training Resources Course ID Title Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 5934 2008 Introducing Server Management in 5939 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 For training information and availability
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